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4th of July 2016

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The 4th of July was one month and two days after my double mastectomy. I was still very much in recovery, but I love the 4th of July. I was going to make it work. It was low key and quiet. Filled with a few of my favorite things. Family. Snowcones. BBQ. Fireworks.

My all American baby girl.

I made Novalie take a picture with me because I got dressed, did my hair and put makeup on. Big accomplishments for me this 4th of July.

Our snowcone flavors just happened to be red and blue…not on purpose.

Can’t leave Olive out of the 4th of July celebration. She had a red bandana on at one point, but fought endlessly to get it off.

BBQ chicken with grilled onions and peppers, avocado and tomatoes. It was delicious. 

I lined our table with fireworks for our table decorations. 

We got a big multi pack of fireworks. I was cozy and warm bundled up in a camp chair happily watching Kevin and Novalie set off fireworks.

Sparkler fun.

It was quieter than our usual traditions of going to the parade and swimming. We did get in our traditional snowcone, bbq and fireworks. Considering the circumstances I was under, I will call our 4th of July 2016 a definite success!

~Happy 4th of July!~

End of 7th Grade

7th grade came and went so fast. So fast. Novalie had a great year. She made honor roll all four quarters. She has a great group of friends that have managed to stay drama free all year. She joined band and learned to play the flute. She found archery and fell in love with it. She is funny, smart, creative and just a joy to be around. 7th grade was such a great year for her. We were sad to see it end.

End of the year band concert. The beginning band sounded amazing! Novalie looked so pretty and poised. She was nervous, but did great! My heart swells so big watching her in band. It brings me so much joy.

Novalie and two of her best friends, Brooklyn and Faith. They all learned the flute together.


After the band concert. This is Novalie’s group of great friends minus one who didn’t make it to the concert. They have spent their 7th grade year together laughing together each day at lunch, in classes, hanging out after school, texting. They are the sweetest. It is such a blessing for Novalie to have had these good friends during 7th grade. Everything in Novalie’s life goes smoother when she is happy with her friend situations.

Novalie and her BFF, Emily, at the end of 7th grade. It is our tradition to get snow cones the last day of school. Since I was going to be in the hospital on the last day of 7th grade, we went 2 days earlier.

Last day of 7th grade!

This was a stressful time for Novalie with me having cancer, a major surgery and in the hospital. This picture just warmed my heart and let me know that while all this other stuff is going on, she is laughing and happy. On the last day of 7th grade, she went home with Emily and did their tradition of rootbeer floats with her family. Those two are always laughing together and I was so happy to see her laughing on the last day of 7th grade. This picture sums up 7th grade perfectly. It was full of joy and laughter.

She had a fantastic 7th grade year!

Summer 2015 Recap

The rest of the summer was filled with swimming, roller skating, relaxing and Novalie and her BFF coming up with all sorts of creative things to do.  I worked just 2 days a week except for a couple of weeks that I had to fill in for my fellow retail girl who was out with kidney stones.

A few summer pics~


Roller girl


We went to this water park a few times.  I loved these pink water slides when I was a girl and it is such fun to see Novalie love them too.


Writing stories in the backyard.  She writes everyday.


Cheap summer kid movies with popcorn for breakfast.  The best.


This picture screams summer happiness!


All snuggled up getting warm.


We made several trips to the snowcone shack!


I love so much that she still goes into her room for an hour or two and gets lost in her imaginary stories with her toys.  I sometimes stop outside her door and listen because she fascinates me.


Pool ring crowns for their pretend Coronation Day.  Love their imaginations.


My two baby girls relaxing.  We did this a lot and that is okay with me!  Love this sight.


My happy place.


We practically had this reservoir to ourselves because it was a cooler, cloudy day.  Novalie and her BFF had so much fun playing in the water and sand.  My favorite summer activity~water and sand.


Playing “Chopped.”  They laughed so hard at their creations and presentations.


Her happy place.


We came home with a container of rocks~of course!!


My sister and her family came home from their year living in France.  Love little Sophie and missed them all!


Novalie was super excited to see her cousins again after a year!  We met them at In-n-Out Burger because that is what all the kids wanted to eat first after being home.


We have a beautiful path where we live that we visited a few times for long walks/scooter rides/roller skating.


Pancake Wars.  We had pancakes for dinner one night and they wanted to do a version of Pancake Wars.  They are always creating things, laughing and laughing.


Bright sunny summer girl!

~We love summer!~

Sarah Came to Visit!

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I really want to catch up with this blog.  Novalie loves reading old posts and so do I, so I know it is important.  Summer vacation came and went.  I hope to highlight some of the fun times.

On the first weekend of summer break, one of Novalie’s best friend that moved away came for a visit.  We bent the rules so she could sleepover.  We haven’t allowed Novalie to have sleepovers, so she was beyond excited to have Sarah sleepover.  Sarah’s family took Novalie to a local fun park place while I worked on Saturday.  We love Sarah and was so happy that got to spend some time together.


They were trying to have as many chins as possible in this picture.

Yes, I had to go in about 5 times over 2 hours to get them to settle down to go to sleep.  It didn’t annoy me, it made me happy.  It made me happy to hear the talk, laughter and silliness from them.


We started the morning off going out for breakfast.  We talked about the day and decided what they wanted to do.  They chose the zoo.  We made a quick stop at the dollar store for hats and sunglasses.  They really wanted best friend necklaces, so we ran into the mall for them to pick one out.


Aren’t they cuties!

We went to the zoo and they had dinosaurs up all over the zoo.  It was the zoo’s second year to have Zoorassic.  It was awesome and these two girlies wanted their picture taken in front of every single dinosaur.  I love pictures, so of course I agreed.


They laughed hysterically at the guy on the right!









Sarah barely fit into our selfie!  She is short, but we love her to pieces!


Rizzo was out and eating a bucket of fish.  She would eat the whole fish except the head.  It was interesting.  We love when Rizzo is out.  She is Novalie’s friend!


They put designs on the window with a syrup and Novalie was in heaven being up close to Rizzo while she licked the glass.


It was a busy day at the zoo, so Novalie was doubtful that she would get to ride on her polar bear, but it was available when it was her turn.  She is serious about her traditions.  Always the polar bear.


After the zoo, we got snowcones and went home.  And they played and played.  They kept asking for a later time until I set a firm time that wasn’t going to be changed again.  It is so hard to stop playing with good friends especially when we don’t know when they will see each other again.

We adore Sarah and she is such a good friend for Novalie.  Can’t wait to see them together again.

Fun in July

We did a lot of fun things in July, but we also had fun in day to day daily life.  I want to record those moments too.


This was around midnight late one night.  It was hilarious.  These 2 were dancing around, laughing and having a blast wrapping blankets around themselves different ways.  It doesn’t make much sense now, but at the time it was so entertaining and funny. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Novalie working on her model face and pose.  So funny.


These 3 spent a lot of nights in the tent in the backyard.  They would set up movie theaters, spas and bakeries.  Super love this.


Imaginary game they came up with.  They played for hours.  H.o.u.r.s.


Novalie’s polar bear slippers were a huge hit among the boys!  They fought over them….again, so funny.


All the kids wanted to go on a hike again.  It was hot which made the hike seem so much harder and Olive had had enough after about 10 minutes in the heat so I carried her.  That just made the ending destination that much sweeter.


At first they just put their feet in the water .  Then Zach laid down in the river because they all were so hot and drenched in sweat.  Everyone else followed him and before I knew it, they were all wet from head to toe.  A sweet, fun reward after a long, HOT hike.




Olive enjoyed the river too and did much better going down the mountain.


A trip to the park.  We took many, many of these.


Three crazy fun cousins.


Novalie and I snuck away for some mommy/daughter pampering.  July was hard.  Very hard.  These moments away together were precious and I soaked them up.


Our new pretty toes.


Making breakfast interesting.  While the boys were at my brother’s, they colored their eggs for breakfast.  Kameron asked every single morning if we could do it and I finally agreed.  Novalie did aqua and Kameron did black.  Those eggs sure look neat, but it took them a long (long) time to finish them.


Zach went to Novalie and Kayla’s spa and got a manicure and pedicure.  🙂


Since we had so much fun on the previous hikes, we were all pumped up to go again.  This was a big hike fail.  We did a smaller hike to a lower waterfall and there were hundreds of wasps.  Hundreds.  Kameron got stung, but all the rest of us made it out untouched.  They all said they NEVER wanted to go on another hike.  We got snowcones because it was hot and we survived the worst hike.


Olive got a plain snowcone and sure enjoyed it!  She survived the failed hike too.


Surf n’ Swim.  These 2 didn’t stop all day.


Super love diving board shots.  Novalie is my favorite.