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Summer 2016 Odds and Ends

Here are some of the little things that happened over the summer that I don’t want to forget:

Novalie did Up With Kids summer camp again. She got to be Maleficent which she loved playing. All the little kids loved her and she just shines so much when she is on stage.

She was the perfect villain.

She had to wear this dragon costume and a bunch of little kids were following her holding it up. Cutest thing.

Taking a very well deserved bow. She said that playing a villain is her favorite person to play.

Off to Girl’s Camp! It was a short (2 nights) ward camp this year. Her favorite part was canoeing.

Olive got her first ever Bark Box. She is a fan. I am a fan of Bark Box.

Archery practice.


And more archery. Lots of practice hours logged over the summer.

Trips to the park.

All the floats in the Pioneer Days parade were on display for the public to go look at. There were some impressive floats. I was slowly getting out and about by mid July. I could handle small outings like this one. Anytime spent with Novalie was healing.

I mean…..those are some massive shakes. So yummy.

Time for braces! She was nervous in this picture, not quite sure what to expect.

She is just the cutest thing in her braces. We have hit full on teenage mode.

A trip to the State Fair. Always a good time. My kind of place to be.

I saw people walking around with these turkey legs and I was on the hunt to find one before we could leave the fair. I found one. It was huge and delicious! These cute girlies didn’t know what to think of that thing!

This was my view many, many, many days during the summer. Novalie got a season pass to Lagoon with a couple friends and it was a lifesaver with the kind of summer we had. She LOVES the ride Wicked. They once went on it 30 something times in a row and were sick. Funny girls. It is nice to have this option of entertainment so close by.

Annual Trip to Lagoon

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Kevin’s company has their summer picnic at Lagoon each year and we can get tickets for dirt cheap.  Kevin was feeling pretty ill the day of the picnic, so Novalie and I went.  I can go on only certain rides because I get horrible motion sickness now (something that has developed in the last few years) and I was noticing that Novalie was feeling kinda down having to go on rides by herself.  Times like this is when Novalie being an only child really tugs on my heart strings.  I asked her if she wanted to text her BFF and see if she could come to use Kevin’s ticket.  Luckily, she could and that made us both happy.


Before Kayla arrived, I let Novalie play those ridiculously rigged, expensive games.  She had her eye on this Hello Kitty cheetah print since she is in love with cheetahs lately and she collects Hello Kitty stuffed animals (what kind of stuffed animal does she not collect?…I mean really!).  She played 4 times in order to win it.  It was worth it for that thrill of winning a stuffed animal at an amusement park.


Fun, tame ride that you get wet on to cool off.


One thing that I was hoping with Kayla coming was that peer pressure would work in a positive way.  Novalie is not a daredevil when it comes to rides.  She did go on 4 different roller coasters, so it worked.  I kept telling her, just try the ride once and if you don’t like it you don’t ever have to go on it again and it will be over in 20 seconds!  All the rides she tried, she loved and went on over and over again.  Proud of her.


This picture is blurry, but let me just tell you about it.  That is Novalie and Kayla upside down in an airplane.  Upside down.  They talked about going on it and finally got in line towards the end of the night.  When it was their turn, Novalie turned to me and said, “I don’t want to do it!”  I told her to just try it and then it was time to load and she couldn’t turn back.  I was so (soooo) nervous for her.  I thought I was going to throw up and I couldn’t watch her go upside down.  I thought she was going to come off crying.  It seemed like the ride lasted an hour when really it was less than 2 minutes.  They came off (and survived) and they said, “WE LOVED IT!”  And you better believe they got in line to go again before they closed the ride for the night.  Phew.


Their favorite ride was this roller coaster called The Bat.  They went on it 5 times in a row at 10 pm because the ride operator let them when it was past closing time.  They didn’t want it to end!


They had so much fun and I had so much fun going on a few roller coasters with them before my balance was just too out of whack.  Then I super enjoyed watching them and was smiling and laughing at them the whole time.  Amusement parks are such a fun part of childhood.

They can’t wait to go again.