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Summer 2016 Odds and Ends

Here are some of the little things that happened over the summer that I don’t want to forget:

Novalie did Up With Kids summer camp again. She got to be Maleficent which she loved playing. All the little kids loved her and she just shines so much when she is on stage.

She was the perfect villain.

She had to wear this dragon costume and a bunch of little kids were following her holding it up. Cutest thing.

Taking a very well deserved bow. She said that playing a villain is her favorite person to play.

Off to Girl’s Camp! It was a short (2 nights) ward camp this year. Her favorite part was canoeing.

Olive got her first ever Bark Box. She is a fan. I am a fan of Bark Box.

Archery practice.


And more archery. Lots of practice hours logged over the summer.

Trips to the park.

All the floats in the Pioneer Days parade were on display for the public to go look at. There were some impressive floats. I was slowly getting out and about by mid July. I could handle small outings like this one. Anytime spent with Novalie was healing.

I mean…..those are some massive shakes. So yummy.

Time for braces! She was nervous in this picture, not quite sure what to expect.

She is just the cutest thing in her braces. We have hit full on teenage mode.

A trip to the State Fair. Always a good time. My kind of place to be.

I saw people walking around with these turkey legs and I was on the hunt to find one before we could leave the fair. I found one. It was huge and delicious! These cute girlies didn’t know what to think of that thing!

This was my view many, many, many days during the summer. Novalie got a season pass to Lagoon with a couple friends and it was a lifesaver with the kind of summer we had. She LOVES the ride Wicked. They once went on it 30 something times in a row and were sick. Funny girls. It is nice to have this option of entertainment so close by.

Novalie’s First Girl’s Camp!

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Novalie debated back and forth about whether or not she was going to go to girl’s camp.  She turned 12 six weeks before girl’s camp, so I was okay with her going or not going.  I left the decision up to her.  After she prayed about it a lot and discussed it in detail with me a lot and was in Young Women’s for a few weeks, she decided to go.  I was proud of her for making that hard, brave decision.  She, at first, thought she couldn’t do it.  Couldn’t spend 5 days away from me.  She didn’t feel comfortable enough with the leaders.  She is very particular about bedtime and she was worried that she was going to be lying there wide awake scared out of her mind while everyone else slept.  I was happy she decided to go and knew she would have a great time!


She wanted to make a hat just for girl’s camp.  She is cool like that.  It turned out super cute.


The night before she left, we had a selfie session.  I just soaked that girl up.




She was up bright and early and ready to go.  How cute is my little camper!?!

We dropped her off and she wanted us to stay with her.  Kevin and I noticed other parents just pulling up to the curb, dropping their girls off, some got out and gave them a hug, some just gave a wave out the window.  I couldn’t wrap my head around that.  I guess it is just different with us and Novalie.  I kept telling her we were going to leave, she kept saying, no just stay a little longer.  The separation was rough for both of us.  They gathered the girls up for the bus information and we gave Novalie one last hug and sadly walked back to our car.  Her leader chased after me and gave me a hug and reassured me she would take care of my baby girl.  That meant so much to me.

Here are a bunch of pictures courtesy of Novalie’s leaders…









YW Novalie

ward hike

YW camp groupdeer

YW camp service DaijiaNovlie

YW camp service DaiNovalie

YW camp service group shot

YW service NovalieCaralee

Here are just a few snippets from her journal entries….

~My favorite part of girl’s camp was having the leaders tell stories.

~There was a singer that came and sang to us.  The was the most spiritual moment for me.  We cried and when we sang, I am a Child of God together, I burst.  It was beautiful.  I felt no fear, no sadness.

~We went on a hike and there was this one part that I just felt the spirit.

~We were there for our friends.  We just love each other and during the week I felt they were my family.

~  My second favorite was the zipline.  We sang primary songs to make the girls in our group feel brave.  I screamed.  It was high.

I love that she wore her hat and scarf the whole camp.  She is always true to herself.  She grew by leaps and bounds during girl’s camp.  When I got that glorious call that they were back, I was shaking I was so excited!  I raced to the church to pick her up.  She gave me the longest and tightest hug and said, “I did it! It was hard and I don’t want to do it again for a really really really long time, but I made it all 5 days!” And then I listened while she told me all the ups and downs of the week.  I am so proud of Novalie for doing hard things and coming back a better person!


She was starving and asked for a pizza.  She ate that whole well deserved pizza!

Novalie’s first girl’s camp was a success!