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Summer 2016 Odds and Ends

Here are some of the little things that happened over the summer that I don’t want to forget:

Novalie did Up With Kids summer camp again. She got to be Maleficent which she loved playing. All the little kids loved her and she just shines so much when she is on stage.

She was the perfect villain.

She had to wear this dragon costume and a bunch of little kids were following her holding it up. Cutest thing.

Taking a very well deserved bow. She said that playing a villain is her favorite person to play.

Off to Girl’s Camp! It was a short (2 nights) ward camp this year. Her favorite part was canoeing.

Olive got her first ever Bark Box. She is a fan. I am a fan of Bark Box.

Archery practice.


And more archery. Lots of practice hours logged over the summer.

Trips to the park.

All the floats in the Pioneer Days parade were on display for the public to go look at. There were some impressive floats. I was slowly getting out and about by mid July. I could handle small outings like this one. Anytime spent with Novalie was healing.

I mean…..those are some massive shakes. So yummy.

Time for braces! She was nervous in this picture, not quite sure what to expect.

She is just the cutest thing in her braces. We have hit full on teenage mode.

A trip to the State Fair. Always a good time. My kind of place to be.

I saw people walking around with these turkey legs and I was on the hunt to find one before we could leave the fair. I found one. It was huge and delicious! These cute girlies didn’t know what to think of that thing!

This was my view many, many, many days during the summer. Novalie got a season pass to Lagoon with a couple friends and it was a lifesaver with the kind of summer we had. She LOVES the ride Wicked. They once went on it 30 something times in a row and were sick. Funny girls. It is nice to have this option of entertainment so close by.

Latest Adventures


We decided it would be fun to go ice skating in the city at the outdoor rink.  It was a warmer day and not crowded at all.  We had fun until Novalie fell in a puddle and was wet, my toes starting cramping every time I tried to skate and Novalie’s BFF fell and hurt her knee.  However, it was a fun adventure to try something new and Novalie always feels fancy when we go into the city.  And how cute is this picture of Novalie? Very. Seriously cute.



They were trying to do all sorts of tricks out there and often ended up on the ground.


Novalie and her BFF skating in the city.


Me and my baby girl.


So in love with this picture!


After ice skating we walked around to find somewhere to have dinner.  We walked by this bakery and Novalie and I were so excited!  It was in a Christmas Hallmark movie where the characters met frequently.  Kevin said he walks by it often, but we kinda felt famous for a second.


In all the pretty city lights.  I love these girls.


We went to see Zootopia which was cute and funny.


 If you look closely at Novalie’s legs, you will see JEANS on them.  We were in the store and she said she wanted to try these jeans, so I practically ran to the register before she could change her mind.  She wore them to school and she said all her friends were screaming…”Novalie, you have jeans on!”  She has not worn jeans since she was five.  It is a big deal y’all.


Our new home away from home.  Novalie got invited to be in a JOAD (junior olympic archery development) program.  The coaches say she has raw talent.  They say she will go far.  They say they have big plans for her.  She LOVES it.  It has been fun to learn all about the sport of archery.  We went to watch our first national competition and it is cool. It is all new and exciting.  I love watching her shoot.



Painting with another great friend.


Painting…another one of Novalie’s talents.  She does it often and always impresses me with what she can do.  She just sits down and creates beautiful things.


A beautiful Sunday walk.  It is so nice to get outside again after the cold snowy winter.


With the snow melted, I get this look everyday.  “Aren’t you going to play with me?”  Which I do.  Because look at that puppy.



These two love walking to my work on Fridays if I am working.  School gets out early on Fridays, so they walk to my work and order fancy drinks and pastries and work on their novels.  They want to be authors and want to be published sooooooooooooooooo badly.  They are working on a series right now and I am kinda in love with that fact.  Archery, art and writing which are not only Novalie’s talents but passions and she is deep into all of them at the moment.


Novalie and her BFF are into all things The Maze Runner series.  They have seen the first two movies countless times and she seems to have one of the 3 books in front of her face these days.  They talk about it all.the.time.  She has her Maze Runner birthday party all planned out with every detail covered… is not for 4 more months.  They are fans.

Besides all these adventures, they volunteer at the local food pantry twice a month. (I mean, how awesome is my daughter!?!)  They go roller blading each week on $1 skating night (her BFF’s mom takes them, so no pics) where they are working on all sorts of tricks on their blades including the karate kick.  Novalie has had a sleep over twice at her BFF’s house.  That is a big deal too.  I always said no sleep overs until someone comes along that reminds me of Britnie (my BFF in high school) and I felt 100% comfortable with her being at their house.  She has found that and her BFF’s family just loves Novalie and I feel safe about her being there.

All this and she has remained on the honor roll at school all year long.  I am so proud of her.

I am so in love with Novalie these days.  Even with her eye rolls and her….I am so annoyed with you, mom, attitude, she is 90% of the time laughing, happy and enjoying life.  I thank God everyday for sending her to me.  She makes my world go round.

Valentine’s Day 2016

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Valentine’s Day was extremely low key this year.



Traditional Valentine’s Day mailbox surprises.


She LOVED her arrow necklace!  Perfect for her since she is now doing archery full-time.


Nothing says love in our little family like cheese-y things do.


Traditional heart shaped rice krispie treat.

We finished the night off by eating brownie sundaes.

Valentine’s Day was simple, quiet and full of love.

Recap of November 2015

November came and went so quickly, I had to look at pictures to even remember what happened…….


Novalie started taking archery lessons.  Her coach is ranked something (I can’t remember) and won a bunch of stuff (I can’t remember) and has sent and currently has junior olympians.  After her first lesson, he said Novalie was a natural and was a good listener which is what it takes to succeed.  He wanted to put her in the 12 year old girl junior olympian training group and I was like whoa…hold your horseys.  Her second lesson he said, “just let me know and we will talk specifics.” I don’t know a thing about archery, but it sure it cool watching her shoot.  She loves it and wants to do it, so I think our future will have quite a bit of archery in it.


Fred the turkey got brought out.  He is my most favorite holiday decoration I have. Novalie and I made Fred 4 years ago and I just love it when he comes out!


Novalie got the new Build-a-Bear catalog (dang those catalogs!) with all the new holiday animals in it.  We had 2 coupons from our frequent buyer habits, so this cute green brachiosaurus was pennies.  She named her Spruce.  And we HAD to have a Build-a-Bear stuffed Christmas ornament to commence her years of obsession and collection.


Novalie asked me everyday several times a day if we could decorate for Christmas.  I kept telling her it was way too early, but I did finally let her decorate her room.


Who needs holiday window clings when you have an artist in the house?  I love my artistic cutie!


I got strep throat.  What the heck?  It was m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e with a capital M.  Years of Novalie getting strep throat every other month and I never got it once.  No clue where I picked it up from, but it was horrible.  The last time and only other time I have had strep throat was when I was a teenager on a family vacation on a yacht off the coast of Florida. We had to go to shore where my dad took me to a clinic and I got a shot of penicillin in my butt. I do not remember a thing from that yacht vacation except I can see my room vividly and me sitting on the side of the bed wishing the rocking would stop and crying from pain.  This time around the Dr. asked me if I wanted to do the 10 days of medicine or get a shot of penicillin and be done with it.  I practically screamed shot thinking it would work faster.  Nope. When Novalie used to get strep, she would feel better in 4 hours after her first dose of medicine.  It took 2 days, TWO! for my pain to start to ease.  Four days until the throat pain was gone all together.  I am a pretty tough cookie, but throat pain does me in.  Sure hope it is another 25 years before I experience that again.


We woke up Thanksgiving morning to snow!  Novalie and Olive were both pretty excited about that.


Olive LOVES the snow!


Playing fetch was a little difficult.


I love everything about this picture!


This is one of my favorite all time photos!


After playing in the snow, we got busy making rolls for our Thanksgiving feast at my brother’s.


Novalie is getting to be a good roll maker.  We love homemade rolls!


Our feast was super yummy.  We played Scattergories which is one of my most favorite games with some of my favorite people.  Then we had pie and Thanksgiving 2015 was a wrap.


Some of my family members at a brunch for my niece’s missionary farewell.  My niece, Ashley Doré, got called to serve in the San Diego mission and her farewell was so nice.  She is a fantastic missionary and I love reading about her experiences.


Novalie with two of her cousins, miss Sophie and Tristan.


Me and my nephew, Austin.  (he’s my favorite, but don’t tell!!)


Novalie does a lot of chillin’ like this in her room.  Cracks me up.  She is such a tween, but such a little girl as evident in this photo with pigtails vs. headphones.  Wouldn’t have it any other way…I love my unique beauty.

This November, we had so much to be thankful for.  For Novalie, I was most thankful for her humor to keep me laughing when life just didn’t seem funny.  I am so thankful that she has found a nice group of friends that she really likes and are just nice.  She went through a rough, rough, rough heartbreaking breakup with her best friend of 4 years, so I am so grateful she has bounced back and found friends to laugh with again.  I am thankful that she is healthy and stayed healthy during my two bad illnesses within weeks of each other.  I am thankful for her energy and spirit.  I am thankful for her testimony is the gospel and how simple, pure and perfect it is.  She continues to be my bright shining star and I am so thankful for her every single day.  Even with her preteen attitude of eye rolls, door slams and talking back.  I love my sassy energetic Sunshine T-Rex!

~Happy November 2015!~