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4th of July 2016

Your #1 Fan post on February 20th, 2017
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The 4th of July was one month and two days after my double mastectomy. I was still very much in recovery, but I love the 4th of July. I was going to make it work. It was low key and quiet. Filled with a few of my favorite things. Family. Snowcones. BBQ. Fireworks.

My all American baby girl.

I made Novalie take a picture with me because I got dressed, did my hair and put makeup on. Big accomplishments for me this 4th of July.

Our snowcone flavors just happened to be red and blue…not on purpose.

Can’t leave Olive out of the 4th of July celebration. She had a red bandana on at one point, but fought endlessly to get it off.

BBQ chicken with grilled onions and peppers, avocado and tomatoes. It was delicious. 

I lined our table with fireworks for our table decorations. 

We got a big multi pack of fireworks. I was cozy and warm bundled up in a camp chair happily watching Kevin and Novalie set off fireworks.

Sparkler fun.

It was quieter than our usual traditions of going to the parade and swimming. We did get in our traditional snowcone, bbq and fireworks. Considering the circumstances I was under, I will call our 4th of July 2016 a definite success!

~Happy 4th of July!~

4th of July

Your #1 Fan post on August 11th, 2014
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I love the 4th of July.

I love the red, white and blue.

I love the pride I feel celebrating the freedoms of America.

I cry every time I hear any patriotic song.

I love the parades.

I love the heat.

I love the swimming.

I love the bbq’s.

I love the fireworks.

I love the American food.

I love the snow cones.

I love being with my little family.


We got a bucket of Einstein bagels and found a nice shady spot to watch the parade.


Zach and Kameron


Hanging out, waiting for the parade to start.


My American beauty.


The rest of the day, the kids swam in my brother’s pool and ate a yummy bbq while Kevin and I snuck off to the movies.  🙂


They played inside for awhile too and watched a movie.


Olive went for her first swim on the 4th of July.

My brother bought a ton of fireworks for them to set off and set up the tent in his backyard.  Novalie said she was going to sleepover with the boys.  She made it until 11ish and called me to come get her.  It was her first attempt to sleep away from home.  I was hopeful she would make it all night, but she likes to be home knowing I am close by.  And I am just fine with that.  I like her home too.

~Happy 4th of July~

4th of July in Richland

Your #1 Fan post on July 21st, 2013
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My in-laws where having a 4th of July gathering at their house, so as soon as Kevin found out he had the 4th and 5th off of work, we decided to drive to Richland for the long weekend.

We drove all day the 4th.  (I definitely missed going to the 4th of July parade!)

It took us a long time, maybe because of this:


This little pit stop at the Twin Falls Barnes and Noble sure took up some time.


As did this pit stop for some ice cream.

We arrived just in time for the picnic and to do some fireworks.


Roman candles!IMG_20130704_214711_332


Sparklers with Grandma!



Kevin’s backyard was the place to be to watch fireworks.  All the neighbors around us put on a great show!

The rest of the trip was spent playing with cousins, swimming, having a game night, playing tennis, going to the movies and out to eat.


Novalie pushing her cousin, Will, on the swings.


Going down the slide with her cousin, Myra.


Novalie has been going to this park for 10 years now!



Swimming at Uncle Keith’s pool.


Playing legos with cousins, Shelby and Erin.  These two took Novalie to swim for a few hours on Saturday and Novalie loved it!



Game night.  I was on the two winning teams.  (just sayin’)


Her lego city.



Red Robin dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Janell.


We saw Despicable Me 2.  It was funny!  (and clearly Novalie was SICK of me taking her picture!)


Kevin and I were walking through Fred Meyer before our tennis date and we saw this WSU pillow pet.  We didn’t even have to think twice, we knew it belonged to Novalie.  She wants to be a WSU cougar and she has wanted a college pillow pet ever since we got her Grandpa a BYU one.


I got in some relaxation too.

It was a quick trip, but we are so happy we went.


4th of July

Your #1 Fan post on July 15th, 2012
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The 4th of July was one of my very most favorite days of the year when we lived in Pullman.  I was really missing it this year.  We had traditions set in place that had been happening for 4 years and I was sad to not be doing them.  I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but it turned out to still be fun.

My Mom had mentioned to me that people had already started setting up their chairs and roping off their spots for the parade the next morning.  What the what?  While we were out running errands, I drove by the area I had in mind to watch the parade and sure enough, every inch of curb was already taken.  Again, what the what?  I don’t even know what to say about this behavior or how to explain it.  It hurts my brain to even try to break it down.  Maybe I need to ask a born and raised person of this fine state to explain it.  Because of this behavior, I wanted to stay home all day and not interact with any of the crazy people.  However, what is the 4th of July without going to a parade?!

Novalie invited a friend since it was the first year not going with cousins.  We got there an hour before the parade started, found a great parking spot, found a great tree to set up our little camp under.  I sat there and still did not understand the need to mark your area the day before.  (I am really baffled by this, can you tell? ;))  We got a perfect spot.  When the parade started the girls walked to the curb and I had a great view of all the parade participants from my shady tree.  All those people in the hot sun on the curb (who set their chairs/blankets there the day before) were missing out on a great spot.

4th of July Cuties!

I double ♥ this picture.  Waiting for the parade to start by reading “Baby Mouse” comic books.

After the parade, we got big yummy snow cones.  So American.  So 4th of Julyish.  So perfect.

We dropped Novalie’s friend off and headed to my brother and sister-in-laws house for some swimming and a barbecue.  Big juicy steaks and Benihana ginger sauce (my brother makes it yum-o) make me happy.  🙂

Novalie and her cousin, Alyssa, swimming.

*Note to self on future 4th of July’s:  Do NOT let your daughter and husband go to the firework stand without adult (as in me) supervision.  They will come home with way over the 4 you said they could get.  However, as your daughter fell asleep that night and I asked her what the best part of the day was, she said…”buying all those fireworks with Daddy.”  SO, you might just have to lighten up a bit and turn a blind eye to the price on that receipt.  Still, next year, you should go with them.*

The rest of the night, we set off our fireworks and Novalie ran and danced around with sparklers.  We set off an aerial firework that our area had banned for this year (I think, I am still not sure where the boundaries were).  Seconds after it finished, a firetruck drove by s.l.o.w.l.y and we thought we were busted.  They kept driving, but we felt too guilty/worried/nervous to set off the other big one, so we are saving it for the 24th.  And that ended our 4th of July.

♥American Girl♥

Setting off her worm daytime fireworks.

It is so hard to catch a little girl who would not stop twirling around with sparklers to snap a picture.  I don’t blame her.

Watching the big (illegal) firework go off!

H~A~P~P~Y 4th of July!