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Summer 2016 Odds and Ends

Here are some of the little things that happened over the summer that I don’t want to forget:

Novalie did Up With Kids summer camp again. She got to be Maleficent which she loved playing. All the little kids loved her and she just shines so much when she is on stage.

She was the perfect villain.

She had to wear this dragon costume and a bunch of little kids were following her holding it up. Cutest thing.

Taking a very well deserved bow. She said that playing a villain is her favorite person to play.

Off to Girl’s Camp! It was a short (2 nights) ward camp this year. Her favorite part was canoeing.

Olive got her first ever Bark Box. She is a fan. I am a fan of Bark Box.

Archery practice.


And more archery. Lots of practice hours logged over the summer.

Trips to the park.

All the floats in the Pioneer Days parade were on display for the public to go look at. There were some impressive floats. I was slowly getting out and about by mid July. I could handle small outings like this one. Anytime spent with Novalie was healing.

I mean…..those are some massive shakes. So yummy.

Time for braces! She was nervous in this picture, not quite sure what to expect.

She is just the cutest thing in her braces. We have hit full on teenage mode.

A trip to the State Fair. Always a good time. My kind of place to be.

I saw people walking around with these turkey legs and I was on the hunt to find one before we could leave the fair. I found one. It was huge and delicious! These cute girlies didn’t know what to think of that thing!

This was my view many, many, many days during the summer. Novalie got a season pass to Lagoon with a couple friends and it was a lifesaver with the kind of summer we had. She LOVES the ride Wicked. They once went on it 30 something times in a row and were sick. Funny girls. It is nice to have this option of entertainment so close by.

Spring Break 2016

Spring Break has become one of my favorite weeks of the year. Novalie and I get to spend quality time doing fun stuff together we love. Our Spring Break staycation has become a treasured tradition.

Like I have mentioned before, our car rides to and from our activities are my favorite. We talk about anything and everything. History, politics, social situations, what we love, what we don’t love, goals, hopes, dreams, funny stories. I love it all. It is my favorite.

Her traditional Spring Break Build-a-Bear. This year she went with Supergirl since we have been watching the new Supergirl series and love it.

We spent one day at the aquarium. It is definitely Novalie’s happy place. I love the peace and calm that comes from sitting in the shark tank watching them swim by.

Her beloved great white shark. Many people commented on her all shark outfit, it was fun! I hope my unique shark loving girl never changes.

Enjoying her shark tail sucker!

My sister and kids came over one of the days to go skating. They had a sweaty good time.

Our traditional meal at our favorite place, Benihana’s! It was dreamy and delicious like always.

Spring Break Beauty

Our traditional, yearly visit to paint a porcelain figurine. Novalie pained this beautiful angel and I painted a bowl.

We got some walks in with Olive.

It was a fabulous week and we were sad to see it end.

~Happy Spring Break!~

Dancing With the Stars

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My brother got us tickets to the Dancing With the Stars tour.  He got us really, really, really good seats!  We were so close and it was so fun to see the pros we have watched on TV for so long.  Novalie was so excited and thought it was so totally, seriously amazing.  She did roll her eyes and say, “what is wrong with people?” when all the men pros came out with their shirts off and every lady in the audience went c~r~a~z~y.  So funny.  I noticed some of the pros really excel at Latin dances while others excel at ballroom.  There were some beautiful ballroom numbers and some fun/sassy Latin dances.  Our favorite dancers were Peta and Val overall and Lindsey for ballroom dancing.  I loved sharing this experience with Novalie.  It will be a forever memory for her and I!




Thanks for the tickets Jeff!

Scary Hill Tradition

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Novalie and I have a tradition each October to go to Scary Hill.  I look forward to it and we always have fun!


Love my baby (not so baby) girl!


Mini-golf fun!  We love how they transform the course to add s~p~o~o~k~y fun.


Novalie wouldn’t let me take a picture at each hole like I have done in the past.  It was so busy, so we kinda had to keep things moving.  I did make her pose for one though.


Then it was on to the haunted tractor ride.  Which during the day isn’t so haunted, but all their skeleton displays are awesome and we love seeing what is new.


This was our favorite new one this year!

We skipped all the other activities they offer this year because they are for littler kids.  We still had a spooky good time mini-golfing together and going on the tractor ride.

Mommy/daughter traditions are my favorite!

7th Grade

The summer flew by and before we knew it, 7th grade was upon us.  It was such a hard thing for my mind to try and process that little fact.  It seemed impossible, yet here we were.  Getting ready to send our baby girl to Junior High. C~r~a~z~i~n~e~s~s!  Novalie is not someone who is scared to try new things.  She is also someone who likes to know exactly what to expect.  Those two things do not go hand in hand, but she makes it work somehow.  I gathered as much information as I could from my sister-in-law and other parents so she could have an idea in her head what to expect. Novalie and Adira

Novalie and one of her good friends from our ward.  They get to be locker buddies and I was pretty happy about that fact.  They had a half day camp for all the new 7th graders to show them around and help them know what to expect.  Novalie said it was fun, helpful and boring.


Heading out on our traditional mommy/daughter back to school date.buildabear

Her traditional back to school Build-a-Bear.  I will do this tradition as long as she wants!  Even when she goes to college!  😉


Benihana’s.  Another back to school tradition.

I have to include this little piece of history in this record.  We walked into Benihana’s and immediately noticed something was very different.  They got new plates!  We were sad.  Quite sad.  They have had the same green plates since I was a little girl.  The waitress and I had a conversation (rare for me to talk to waitresses, but I was a little traumatized) about the plates and she was upset about them too.  She has worked there for as long as I remember and we mourned the old plates together.  We still love Benihana’s, it will take time to get used to the plates however.


We shopped and shopped and shopped looking for ONE back to school outfit for the first day of school.  We shopped for school supplies and locker decorations.  Locker decorations, that was a new one! She got a manicure and we ended the day with FroYo.  As always, my favorite part of these days is the conversations we had in the car driving from place to place.  We talked and talked about Junior High.  I gave her all the motherly advice I had to give, all the warnings about new things she would encounter. We went through all the safety things I could think of…if you miss the bus, if someone asks you to come outside the school, ect, ect… I listened to her concerns and the things she was excited for.  Golden moments of conversation that I love.  She was ready.

Decorating locker

Decorating her locker.

Back to school night to practice her locker combination, decorate her locker and meet her teachers.  Her cougar gear was popular, well…a lot of comments from teachers about her wearing the wrong cougars, but her science teacher went to WSU and went wild over Novalie’s WSU gear.  Novalie was over the moon about that!  She told Novalie she was her favorite 7th grade student and seeing her would be the highlight of her day.  That made Novalie feel so much more comfortable and so excited for Junior High.  Tender mercies.

1st day

First day of 7th grade!20150824_074404

So excited to learn the flute!


My 7th grade beauty.

She was nervous.

She was excited.

She was beyond ready to make new friends.

She asked over and over, “what if I get lost?  What if I am late?  Will I get in trouble?”

I knew she would be fine. More than fine, I knew she would shine.  I knew she would do awesome because she has proven she can do hard things over and over again during her short life.  We prayed and prayed and prayed.  The car ride to school was more silent than usual.  All those emotions being felt in our hearts and tummies.  It was weird dropping her off, I wanted to go inside with her……so bad.  I put on a brave face and was confident in her.  I watched her go inside with my heart.  She was ready.  She was confident as well. My heart swelled with pride.


She survived.  She had fun.  She had someone to eat lunch with.  She didn’t get lost.  She was tired.  She met new friends.  She did it.

It actual felt so good to be there…we anticipated it all summer, it was nice to finally get that first day done with.

I have a 7th grader.  A pretty darn fantastic one.

~Happy 7th Grade!~