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My Feet Hurt So Bad!

Doré post on July 27th, 2007
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We just spent the day at Silverwood Theme Park. My feet have a lovely pounding sensation in them, all I can say is….pedicure! I guess I will settle for the hot tub here at the hotel. I went on 3 roller coasters with Ashley, the last one left me spinning. I haven’t been on a roller coaster for 10 years. Novalie didn’t want to go on anything at first, but once she finally tried a ride out, she was bonkers all day. It was more fun watching her have fun than anything. She went on the log ride with me and I didn’t tell her about the slide at the end, but she loved it. She said, it was so fast and I loved it! I have to say that now I am 30, almost 31, (how did that happen?) my favorite thing (besides watching Novalie) was the cotton candy and the frozen lemonade.