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The Weekend

Your #1 Fan post on April 20th, 2008
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I always know when it is the weekend because our house is always a mess!  Something about it being Saturday and Sunday makes me not want to do any house work or cleaning.  When Monday morning comes it is so much work to get the house back in order.  Maybe someday I will get out of this habit.

We had a fun weekend.  My Mom is here visiting so that added to the fun.  I laughed a lot at Kevin (I don’t know that he appreciated it, but he did some pretty funny stuff).  Yesterday, Novalie did really good at soccer in her cute soccer bows.  Usually, she is more concerned about the other kids than about actually doing anything to do with soccer.  She sees it as social time with friends.  But, Kevin and I talked to her before going this time and she listened to the coach the whole time and did awesome!  She will be really good at sports once she gets the focus and concentration thing down.  She has such a strong body and extremely strong legs.  After soccer we went to Costco and my Mom stocked us up on a ton of stuff which is such a blessing!  When we got home Novalie made a car out of the box they packed some of our stuff in and has had a blast playing in it!

We had a family “fight” as Novalie calls it, though we aren’t fighting.  We wrestle and tickle and chase each other around the house and laugh and Novalie LOVES it!  We had crepes for dinner!  I had never made them before, but we got nutella at Costco and couldn’t wait to eat it with something!  They turned out so good and were delicious!!

Today was stake conference and it was excellent!  I left uplifted and feeling stronger which is always a good thing.  Novalie wore her cute new Chinese dress that my Mom had Darcie get for Novalie while she was in China.  She looked so cute!

We ended our weekend with having the missionaries over for dinner which was fantastic!  Novalie was really shy at first, but she warmed up and had fun playing with the missionaries.  It felt great to feed them-they work so hard!

New Calling

Your #1 Fan post on April 15th, 2008
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Sunday I was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society presidency.  Deep breath.  Another deep breath.  (those are for me)

No one, I mean NO ONE was as shocked as I was when the bishop extended the calling to me.  I have attended maybe, MAYBE 12 Enrichments in the 14 years I have been in the Relief Society organizations.  I have so much to learn.  I feel inadequate and incompetent, but I am excited.  I am truly genuinely excited.  I have faith and trust the Lord 100% that He will provide me with the inspiration I need to know what talents and abilities I have to share to make Enrichment what these sisters in this ward need at this time.  And it is because of that faith and that trust that I know I will be okay and do a good job.

I love to serve other people.  I love to do things for other people.  Ask me something and I will not say no.  I love listening to people and usually people have an easy time talking to me.  But, I am shy.  Very shy and I know very little sisters in this ward.  But, I know again that the Lord will make this weakness a strength for me.  It is amazing how when you are in a calling like this, that through the Lord you just feel overwhelmed with love for the sisters.  I feel like I am being filled with the Lord’s love for these sisters and that makes it possible for me to feel the same love for them.  I am extremely humbled by this calling.  I know great blessings will come out of it.  I am excited to begin this journey in my life.

Albion clean up days!

Your #1 Fan post on April 12th, 2008
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It was a beautiful day today with sunshine and warmth.  We spent the afternoon outside and we all have rosy cheeks tonight.  It felt great to soak up some sunshine.  Novalie and I planted some flowers.  Novalie also “washed” our cars with a muddy wet towel.  I told her she was doing a great job and she said, “well, it is Albion clean up days.”  She is right, it is Albion clean up days.  For a week, the people of Albion are asked to clean up their yards and then at the end of it someone comes and hauls everything away.  She heard Kevin and I talking about it on our way home today and she picked right up on it and was doing her part.  Novalie loves to make things beautiful.  I love that about her.

More hair bows

Your #1 Fan post on April 11th, 2008
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I made these hair bows today and I just had to share because they are too cute!  The soccer bows are going to be so cute and fun tomorrow when Novalie has soccer.  I am so excited about them!  The green and yellow one just turned out so cute!

Hair Bows

Your #1 Fan post on April 9th, 2008
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I don’t think Novalie has ever left the house without a hair bow of some sort in her hair(from the time she had hair!).  I am fanatic about it.  I give her a choice with most things in her life and I am very laid back (last winter she would not take her footie jammies off, so I put shoes on her and she wore them everywhere!), but her hair bows, she is NOT ALLOWED to choose them.  I laugh as I write that thinking, “this lady is nuts!”, but it is too true.  A girl who lived in our old apartments taught me how to make them.  I am not very good at them yet, but I have had LOTS of practice!  As soon as I learned, I made 10 in one night.  I was hooked and I am still very much hooked!  I had to slow down the bow making because of 2 reasons: 1st, my Michaels budget was causing suspicion from my husband and 2nd, Novalie had too many bows that matched one outfit that the decision of which one to wear was too much for me to handle.  Needless to say, I still sneak in a couple a week.

Here are some that I have made: