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Snake River

Your #1 Fan post on May 19th, 2008
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Novalie’s most favorite place to go in the summer time is Boyer Park, which we just call snake river.  Saturday was Kevin’s birthday (happy birthday you STILL young hunk of a husband!) and it was hot, so we decided to go to Snake River because Kevin has never been with us.  It was fantastic and relaxing!  The river was freezing cold!  It was actually painful to stick my feet in, but that didn’t stop Novalie!  She didn’t stay in, but she would run into the river and then run out and dig in the sand some more.  She really wanted us to go swimming with her, but there was no way either Kevin or I was getting in!

We got Kevin a lava lamp for his birthday and it is really cool.  It puts you in a trance if you stare at it and it is a great de-stresser to sit and watch it.  Kevin and Novalie wanted to take a picture of it with “mean” faces:

My cute little family!  I love them!

Half way there!

Your #1 Fan post on May 16th, 2008
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We have made it to the half way point of not eating out for the month of May!  I am not going to lie and say it has been easy because there have been certain days (like today) that life would have been easier if we just ate out.  But, we didn’t and we didn’t go hungry either.  The biggest temptation so far for me was seeing a new Long John Silver’s in Richland last weekend.  I love their hush puppies!  I haven’t eaten at a Long John Silver’s since Kevin and I went to New Mexico years and years ago.  That was hard to pass up.  15 more days to go!  Hopefully by then I will just want to keep going!  Anyway, who needs a restaurant when I can make our own pizza and make it just the way we all like.  Pepperoni for Kevin, ham for Novalie and green peppers, onions and fresh tomatoes for me!  Yummy!

We finally have warm weather!  Novalie is such an outside baby (I know, she is almost 5, but still my baby), so we are so happy for the warmth!  We spent 2 1/2 hours at the park today with our good friends and Novalie’s best friend Adam.

Novalie has been asking me questions that have more depth to them, if that makes sense.  For example, we were are a walk yesterday and she asked me, “Mom, who was your best friend when you were a little girl?”  And she really wanted to know and listened as I told her stories of me and Karen Jespersen.  How grown up is that!  And she laughed so hard when I told her that Karen lived on a street named Fry street.  I love these moments with Novalie!

Aren’t Mondays always crazy?!

Your #1 Fan post on May 12th, 2008
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Geesh!  So, I knew today was going to be a little busy, but it was insane and I didn’t feel all that great all day.  The best part of the day was waking up and playing trains with Novalie for an hour.  We had to do it first thing because I knew I would be busy!  I love watching her imagination at work and playing the story lines she thinks up.

After trains, I asked her to get dressed and she came out like this:

Too cute!  I registered Novalie for kindergarten this morning and the school nurse said she needed another chicken pox vaccine before she could go to kindergarten.  She has only had one dose and she needs two.  I just took her to the doctor in April for her kindergarten shots and she got 5 shots!  So, at this point I don’t really care that she needs another dose!  I had the chicken pox, I survived!  Are they really not going to let her go to kindergarten if she doesn’t get the second dose?  Her doctor said she could get it at her 6 year old check up.  I am just annoyed, that’s all.

Novalie started T-ball today.  Her team name is the Blue Jays and there are 9 boys and Novalie.  Just the thing she loves.

I have been teaching Novalie to read for some time now.  She knows a ton of sight words and the sounds all the letters make, but she was having a hard time getting the concept of sounding out the words.  My mom bought her the “Bob” books and they are amazing!  She can now sound out words and is reading!  She is so smart and I am so proud of her!

Back to my Monday after I was done in town, I somehow managed to clean the house(no small task), go for an exercise walk, take Novalie to the park, make dinner, paid some bills, make some phone calls I needed to make, answered some e-mails and now I am going to watch “The Bachelor.”  Silly, I know, but I love that show!  They never stay together, but I always think they will! (We didn’t have FHE because we are having it on Tues. for the next 6 weeks because of our schedule!)

One more thing on my mind, since this has become sort of a journal for me and I don’t want to forget yesterday.  Novalie loves rocks, she loves collecting them, we have well over a hundred rocks in our house.  Not only does she collect them, but they all have a purpose or a certain person they belong to and somehow she remembers what that purpose is.  So, yesterday for Mother’s Day, she didn’t go out and pick me flowers, she went out and picked out very special Mother’s Day rocks.  I love it!  I will keep them forever!  She is so AWESOME and I am the luckiest woman in the world to be her mommy!  I love you, Novalie!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your #1 Fan post on May 11th, 2008
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Today is a significant day.  First, it is Mother’s Day.  Second, 5 years ago today, Kevin and I left on our journey to become parents.  Being Novalie’s mother is up among the greatest gifts Heavenly Father has given to me.  What an honor to have a day that celebrates motherhood.  Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!  Have joy in the wonderful blessings our sweet children bring into our lives!

Teaching Independence

Your #1 Fan post on May 4th, 2008
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For the past week, I have been trying to teach Novalie that she can do SO many things by herself.  Having only one child, I tend to do everything for her because I am accessible to her pretty much all of the time.  I never thought anything of it until one morning she was watching cartoons and yelled at me to come put her juice cup on the counter.  I thought, what in the world, she can do that!  And then on one of our daily trips to the park, she wanted to push her baby in the play stroller and I told her she was going to have to push it up the hill on the way home or carry it, I was not going to do it for her.  But, on the way home, half way up the hill, I felt so sad for her and carried it the rest of the way.  I am teaching her the exact opposite of what I want!  I want to teach her independence, responsibility and the confidence that she can do things herself.

So, this last week, I started the change slowly and positively for her.  After all, she is this way because of me, so there is lots of encouragement and then celebration when she does it by herself.  We are making baby steps.  I now make sure there is plenty of time before we leave somewhere for her to put her own shoes on.  Our bedtime routine starts with potty, brush your teeth, jammies on, pick out 3 books, in bed.  This past week, all those steps she has been doing by herself and loved it!  She will close her door and say “don’t see me until I am ready” and she is so proud when she is in bed with her 3 books ready for me to read to her.  It is so great to see.  This morning, she came running into my bedroom and said, “my bed is already made, come see, come see.”  She was excited!  Now, I know these things should have been happening 2 years ago, but better to make the change now rather than later.

I think another problem is that I think to myself, she is my baby and the more things she does by herself, the less she will need me.  It is hard to let go of that.  But, I found that I am still very much needed, the needs just change.  So, horray for independence!  I am so proud of you, Novalie!  Keep up the good work!