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Thanksgiving 2008

Your #1 Fan post on November 30th, 2008
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We went to Richland for Thanksgiving this year to spend with the Jolley side of the family.  We had a nice and relaxing time.  Highlights:  spending time with family, yummy Thanksgiving dinner, the best rolls on the planet, hearing what everyone was thankful for (even though this is my least favorite thing to do because I don’t like talking to a group of people even if they are family), Novalie said, “I am thankful for Thanksgiving and I am thankful that I got to be a vampire for Halloween.” a warm fire, Tamsin’s pies, playing Life with Novalie, playing chess with Kevin, taking Novalie to see “Bolt” (cute movie, the hamster rocks), David and Tamsin taking Novalie for a few hours while Kevin and I roamed around Target and Fred Meyer (we actually made it out of both stores with only spending $12.99), Novalie going ice blocking with David and Tamsin, 7-11 Mt. Dew slurpees, eating pie for breakfast, digging carrots out of the garden with Novalie, the Olive Garden.  Thank you to Mom and Dad J. and Janell!

Someone wanted to see her cousins and eat Thanksgiving dinner.


Treadmill Bed

Your #1 Fan post on November 25th, 2008
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Yesterday while I was cleaning the bathroom, Novalie entertained herself by making a bed on the treadmill.  It consisted of the rocking chair cushion, all of the pillows in the house, blankets and her sleeping bag.  She tucked in a few of her animals and curled up in her treadmill bed and watched a cartoon while I finished the bathroom.  Last night, when it was getting close to bedtime, Novalie said she wanted to sleep on her treadmill bed.  Now, when Novalie gets an idea in her head, you have to prepare yourself for a battle and fight to the bitter end if you are going to say no.  (It is part of her being a spirited child.)  To me, it wasn’t worth a battle over this (especially at bedtime), so I said yes.  So, she surrendered 2 pillows for me and Kevin to sleep on and she slept on it.  All night, not falling off once.  After she fell asleep, Kevin and I snuck in and snapped a picture of her.  So sweet.

Last night, Kevin and I played Chess and I won – again.  I have to brag about it while I can because he is reading strategy books, so pretty soon I won’t be able to beat him.  Strategy books bore me so now he has the advantage.


Your #1 Fan post on November 19th, 2008
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Next week, everyone is going to be posting a Thanksgiving post, so I thought I would get mine done early.  I have many things to be thankful for, too many to list, but here are a few.

  • My testimony of the gospel.
  • Kevin for…..working hard, not getting mad when the house isn’t cleaned or dinner isn’t made, playing with Novalie every night, loving ping pong, taking out the trash, teaching me chess(so I can beat him), putting up with me period, changing light bulbs, letting Novalie sleep with me occasionally, getting the mail everyday, rubbing my feet and back when they hurt, LOVING ME even though I am a little crazy and can’t sit still.
  • Novalie for….making me laugh, teaching ME, blowing me kisses everyday when she gets out of the car for school, being a good student, her imagination, her prayers, playing games with me everyday, letting me put bows in her hair every single day, helping me with house work and cooking, making me a proud mommy, being caring and loving, her kindness and her sweet, sweet spirit.
  • My Mom coming to visit lots and always spoiling us.
  • My family for letting us invade during the holidays.
  • My calling and getting to work with amazing women.
  • My home with no neighbors.
  • My heater and my Wall-e blanket to keep me warm.
  • My friends who make my day without even knowing it.
  • Novalie’s friends.
  • E-mail!  I wouldn’t communicate without it.
  • Diet Coke (I know I shouldn’t be thankful for this, but some mornings, I am so so so thankful for this).
  • My truck that my Dad bought for me 14 years ago and is still running.  I love that thing!
  • For all the children in the world that get the chance to be adopted(and the people who adopt them).
  • My dishwasher (my friend-who doesn’t have a dishwasher- and I were talking about this yesterday and it made me so thankful for mine).
  • The Albion library.
  • Summertime-how I miss summer!
  • Novalie’s Aunt Janell, they have a special bond and I love watching how excited Novalie gets being around her.
  • E-bay, so I can buy cute jumpers for $.99.
  • Books – I read a lot of books.
  • DVR, so I can watch T.V. with Kevin when Novalie goes to bed without commercials.
  • Our new aerobics class.
  • My sister living closer, so I can see her more than once a year now. (Remind me of that when she is here:) -j/k-love ya!)
  • All of you for reading my blog!

Okay, I seriously could go on and on and on.  But, that list will have to be good for this year.  I truly have so much goodness in my life and much, much to be thankful for!

Things on my mind

Your #1 Fan post on November 17th, 2008
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If you get offended easily, stop reading now.  This is an angry post, that I will probably take down later when I have come to my senses.  And please do not lecture me.

I get that marriage is between a man and a woman.  It is what I have been taught my whole life, it is what I believe.  Gay people (some, just like some non-gay people) are good, nice people.  I have known some.  I honestly feel for those people who fight their gayness their whole life and then they just can’t bear it any longer and make the choice.  Is it something in their brain or for every gay person is it a choice?  Do I think that they should be allowed to have a marriage recognized by God?  No, I do not.  Marriage is for man and woman.  Do I think we should offer them something?  Yes, I do.  I feel for the gay couple that spends their life together and then one of them dies and their bitter family doesn’t let the partner that they have loved and spent their life with have a dang thing.  I don’t think that is right.  What does that say about me?  I am trying to figure that out.  And these states that banned gay couples from adopting.  There are so many children in this world living without love.  If a child can feel loved, safe, warm at night, taken care of, should that be stopped just because they live with 2 women or 2 men?  I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.  I am trying to figure that out as well.  If gay couples can’t adopt, I don’t think single people should be allowed to either.  Fair is fair.  The world is a mess, isn’t it?

Trials – we had a lesson in R.S. yesterday about trials.  And all those women in that room are way better and more faithful than me.  The question was asked, “How do you deal with your trials?”  All the answers were so good and faithful and testimony building.  I felt like I didn’t belong in that room at that moment.  It was very emotional.  How do I make it through my trials?  I endure, whatever it takes.  After the trial is over, sure I can look back and see how it blessed me, changed me, made my testimony stronger.  But, during it, are you kidding me?  I am anger, bitter, I daydream of drinking a bottle of vodka to forget the pain if only for a second.  I guarantee you didn’t hear that answer in R.S.  Somedays (like today) I am grateful that I even make it out of bed in the morning.  I endured for one more day by getting out of bed.  I have a trial in my life that will never go away until I die.  Every single day when I wake up, I know that at some point during the day, I will be faced with that trial and have to find some way to overcome it, deal with it, endure it.  Some days are better than others.  Have I been blessed because of this trial?  Absolutely, I have a beautiful daughter, who I wouldn’t trade for the world, therefore, I wouldn’t trade my trial for anything.  Does that make it easy?  I can’t think of an appropriate way to say no.  So, no it does not make it easy.  Every time someone tells me they are pregnant, it feels like someone stabbed a knife in my body and carved a jack o’ lantern.  (After that passes, I truly, sincerely, honestly, couldn’t be happier for you, I PROMISE!!)  How does a person endure a life long trial?  I don’t have the answer.  But, it is not all peaches and roses and prayers and scriptures.  Somedays, yes that is the answer.  Most days, it is endured with a smile on my face and a heart ready to give and the knowledge that Heavenly Father knows me and loves me.  Other days, I am staring at that bottle of vodka.  I wish I could be like all those women in that room and face my trials like them.

One more thought…I read on a LDS message board the other day, someone who was struggling with their testimony and said that he was absolutely satisfied and at peace with going to the terrestrial kingdom.  It was good enough for him.  What is wrong with living for all eternity with Jesus Christ?, he asked.  It is something I have never thought about.  Would I be happy just living with Jesus Christ?  No, I wouldn’t.  So, I need to figure all the above stuff out before it is too late.

November so far….

Your #1 Fan post on November 10th, 2008
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Novalie does not have school tomorrow and when I told her after dinner tonight, I so wish I had a video camera to capture her “not having school tomorrow” dance.  It was so fantastic and what you picture any child doing to celebrate a week day off of school.

Novalie started basketball.  She is doing really well.  Whenever she gets the ball, she will dribble it 2 or 3 times and then pass it to a teammate.  However, the teammate is usually very close and Novalie throws the ball with all her strength.  I am waiting for her to give someone a bloody nose.  She has only had one practice and one game and I keep reminding her, so I am sure it will get better.  She is really cute on defense.  She sticks her hands out and shuffles back and forth across the court.  I think it is cute.  I have yet to take any pictures, but will post one when I remember my camera.

We rented the movie, “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and we all enjoyed it.  Novalie wanted to watch it again today, but we had already sent it back to Netflix.  She then asked if we could go to the store and buy it and here is our conversation about it:

I say, “Not today.  Daddy and I will talk about it and we will budget a time that we will be able to buy it.”

“How much does it cost?”  Novalie asked.

“$20”, I respond.

“Do I have $20?”  she asked.

“Yes, you have $20.  Would you like to spend your $20 on the movie?” I asked.

Novalie’s sweet thoughtful reply, “No, I want to give all my money to tithing to help the missionaries.”

How precious is that!?!  It made me very proud!

One more thing…Novalie had been looking forward to pajama day at school since her teacher told the class it was coming up.  Everyday she would ask me if today was pajama day until it was close enough to start counting down the days.  She loved wearing her pajama’s to school.  Two winters ago, Novalie went through a pajama phase, a rather long pajama phase.  She did not want to take them off EVER!  It didn’t bother me and it wasn’t something I thought necessary to fight her on every single day, so she wore them everywhere.  I just put her tennis shoes or snow boats over the footies and away we went.  One morning, after about 6 weeks, she woke up and said “I want to wear clothes today.”  And that was that.  She still loves staying in her jammies all day when we are just home.  She is like her mommy.  We love our jammies!