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Your #1 Fan post on June 13th, 2009
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Novalie went fishing for the first time today! Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife put on a Fishing Kids day at a local pond where they put 1500 fish in the pond. It was really fun and a great activity. Putting the worm on the hook brought back lots of fishing memories for me. We were given 30 minutes to fish before they brought in the next group and we had to leave. It was getting down to minutes before we had to leave and Novalie caught a fish. I was so glad that she caught one because the kids on either side of us had caught one, so she was feeling a little sad. It was very exciting for her, but I think I got more excited. We had a lot of fun together.





Kindergarten Graduation

Your #1 Fan post on June 6th, 2009
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novaliewithcertificateNovalie with her teacher and principal.

novalieandlilyLily and Novalie