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Summertime Fun!

Your #1 Fan post on July 17th, 2009
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Seriously, it has been a long time since I have even thought of my blog. We have had such a busy summer and it will be busy right up until school starts again. (we don’t talk about that… starting……it is a BAD word in our house). I will not do it justice trying to sum it all up. All I know is that we have had a fantastic summer so far! (Novalie asked me why I say “fantastic” all the time. I just think it is a neat underused word.)

I took a quick trip to Stevensville to pick up my nephew, Zane. He stayed with us for 9 days while he went to baseball camp and Novalie went to art camp. They wore me out during that week! Not only did they do their camps (Novalie’s was just an hour, Zane’s was 4 hours) every day, but we went swimming and bowling almost every day as well. They got along so well and had a blast together. One night we were the only ones besides 2 other kids at the pool and Novalie and Zane had to go down the slide about 50 times. They just went up and down, up and down over and over again. Novalie had blistered from her water shoes from going up the stairs so many times.

Novalie had a 3 day birthday celebration this year. I didn’t mean for it to turn into that, but it just did. She had a friend party the day before her birthday. Lots of her friends were able to come and she was so happy. Novalie LOVES her friends. She truly cares so much about them! Novalie wanted a water party, so we had the slip n’ slide going, the sprinklers were on for awhile and we had a smaller pool that did have a fun slide attached, but it popped. I had them decorate their own party bag and we had cupcakes and the rest of the time they were outside. Some of the kids didn’t want to do the water activities, but that is what Novalie wanted to do, so I didn’t plan anything else. Each year I learn more about birthday parties and how to be better prepared. All that mattered was that Novalie had a great time and loved that the day was all about her and she was surrounded by her friends. Novalie really has a good group of friends and we love all of them!

Novalie’s actual birthday we had a special day planned which included getting her ears pierced. She had been saying since school got out that she just won’t go to first grade without her ears pierced. She had to be fancy for 1st grade. We went to the mall and she picked out the earrings so wanted, I filled out all the paperwork and then the lady said, “hop up in the chair and it will be really quick.” Novalie got a terrified look on her face and I thought she was going to cry. She came over to me and whispered that she didn’t want to do it. I loved that she decided that, so no ear piercing yet! As we were walking away she said, “I think 2nd grade will be perfect to have my ears pierced.” Instead we went to the arcade and did the bumper cars with Zane and I let them each have $5 to spend on the games. She just thought that was the greatest!

The next day, we had her family party. My sister and her 3 other boys, my Mom and my niece, Alyssa (older brother’s daughter) came to join us the night before, so we had a house full! Novalie wanted to go swimming with all her cousins, so we went to the pool. Novalie can do everything at the pool now. She even tried the big blow up obstacle course they put out a few days a week and made it all the way across on her first try! After swimming, we came home and had a Bolt themed party for her. Kevin’s parents were able to come and David and Tamsin. She got some really fun presents and has been busy playing with them ever since!

6 years old! I tear up even writing that! What a fantastic little girl she is. She is so sweet and caring and has more energy than any other 6 year old I know! Zane kept saying, “she never stops or gets tired.” Nope, she doesn’t. She is still very strong and excels at anything physical she tries. She has an amazing imagination and plays so well with her toys using that imagination. She loves dophins and littlest pet shop right now and still loves dinosaurs and super heros, although super heros have taken a back seat lately. Her imaginary friends, Baby Monster and Emily, are still around. She doens’t talk about them constantly like she once did, but they still come up and she informs me what is going on in their lives. She tells me almost on a daily basis, that I am the best Mom ever which is just so sweet! I love this little girl to pieces and we are so, so lucky to have her as our daughter.

After the birthday celebration, we did a lot of fun things. We went to Boyer Park, to the pool more times, bowling, we went to the 4th of July firework celebration which has become a tradition now with my Mom and sister and kids. The parade in Albion was cute and fun again this year. We stay at the hotel next to the park that the fireworks are at which is so nice because the kids swam at the hotel pool then we just had a short walk over to the park and we don’t have to deal with the traffic afterwards. Novalie got stung twice by wasps – it was so sad! The firemen fixed her up and Kevin ran to the store for some more supplies and she was ready to rock out to the band after that. Zane, Alyssa, Zach and Novalie were right up next to the stage all night jammin’ out to the band. It was pretty cute. Kevin and I were laughing pretty hard at Novalie because she was shaking her booty. Too cute! We had a lot of fun and were busy, busy! My sister, Mom and I stayed up late, late every night playing cards and laughing. (oh yeah and eating)!

My sister went home with her 2 babies and everyone else stayed. We saw the worst movie EVER, Coraline! Oh, it was bad and scary! We played some more around here, swimming, ect. and then we went to Boise for 4 days for my nephews baseball tournament. All we did there was watch baseball, swim in the hotel pool and eat. It was busy and hot and fun!

Novalie had a good month with her cousins. Everyone got along which was great. Even Novalie and Zachary who are known to have a problem or two in the past!(lol)

Since they left, we have kept busy. Novalie has had tennis lessons and went to a day camp this past week. She has a few more day camps and gymnastics camp and a trip to Seattle coming up! We are having a great summer! I love it! Pictures coming soon!