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Seattle, Day 2

Your #1 Fan post on August 22nd, 2009
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We went to the aquarium first thing this morning. The aquarium was the reason we decided to make a trip to Seattle. Novalie loves ocean animals! The aquarium was cool. Novalie was a little overwhelmed at first, so we just walked through fast and saw everything once and then we spent the morning there exploring and enjoying all the creatures. Looking at some of the fish, the jellyfish and definitely the octopus, I kept thinking…how could someone not believe in God? Looking at how magnificent, beautiful and creative these animals are made me know even more that there is a God. In the midst of the crowds and noise, it was a spiritual experience for me.

Novalie’s favorite thing at the aquarium was touching the starfish and the otters. It was neat touching the starfish and anemone. My favorite was watching the sea otters. We saw them several times, but the last time we went to watch them they had just been fed. They were so funny and cute cruisin around on their backs while they put a pile of shrimp in their food pouch and snacked away. Kevin’s favorite was the jellyfish arch. They did put you in a trance watching them. We got to see several divers in the tanks feeding the fish. We watched the octopus get fed, but she was sneaky and grabbed the fish really fast with one of her suctions, so we never fully saw the octopus out, but enough of it to be amazed. It was all fantastic fun!

Novalie saw the ocean for the first time! Kevin and Novalie were running up and down the piers taking it all in. We couldn’t find a beach area to let her touch the ocean, but she was happy just seeing it. We took a cruise around the harbor which oddly made me a little sick. I finally found a nice comfortable spot with lots of wind on my face and a less crowded spot where Novalie could run around.

After the cruise, we went to Pike’s Market Place. Everyone said we just had to go there and I really, really disliked it! It was so crowded and smelly and I got extremely claustrophobic and I don’t care for shopping much. So we walked through it for as long as I could stand (and breathe). No, we didn’t see the flying fish. I couldn’t stand it any longer to find where they were.

We were going to go to the Space Needle after that, but Novalie fell asleep in the car and Kevin and I were having a hard time finding parking that didn’t cost just a ridiculous amount.

We headed back to the hotel which took a long time to find. I guess not the hotel, but the road it was on. We didn’t have a good map and it was just impossible to get on our road. We eventually found our way and once again I was reminded that I am a small town girl. We had dinner and relaxed and swam for an hour or so and we were very exhausted! It was a fun day!

Seattle, Day 1

Your #1 Fan post on August 18th, 2009
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My eyes are stinging from the chlorine in the hotel pool, so I am going to make this short.

Some might think I am just silly for being so excited to go on a 3 day vacation to Seattle. But, it is a big deal for my little family because it is the first time we have gone to a city by ourselves and had a little vacation. Whenever Kevin takes time off work we either go to Richland or we go to UT to visit our family, so we have been looking forward to this trip and our first day didn’t disappoint.

Our car trip was uneventful which is a good thing. Novalie was so good besides asking every 2 minutes if we were in Seattle yet or if we were close to Seattle. What is it with kids and asking are we there yet? They just know that it will drive their parents crazy! I had 2 favorite moments during the trip. The first and the best was seeing Novalie’s face when she saw Mt. Reiner. Pure joy and amazement at seeing a real volocano! Novalie had always been fascinated by volocano’s, so it was fun for her to see a real one. I wish I could have captured the look at her face. It was priceless. The second was seeing a semi-truck filled with apples and then one filled with corn. It doesn’t take much to amuse me, but what a sight it was to see all that corn and all those apples. That fascinated me! I am a simple girl!

We got into Seattle and nothing about a big city do I enjoy. I wasn’t even driving, but I was a nervous wreck. All the people and all the cars and traffic. Kevin did a good job though and we found the zoo without any problems. We were all feeling quite excited at that moment because we felt like we accomplised something. We actually did it and we were in Seattle at our first attraction. And seeing your child so excited makes you feel more excitement. It was a fairly decent Zoo. They had baby snow leapords which were very cute. Novalie’s favorite were the baby snow leapords and the ocelot. My favorite were the hippos which are always my favorite. And Kevin’s favorite were the penguins which were fun to watch swim. We spent a good 3 and 1/2 hours at the Zoo.

We found our hotel without much problem as well. As soon as we were in our room, we didn’t want to leave again and face the traffic of Seattle. We had pizza delivered from Good Guys Pizza which was yummy after having not eaten all day. We had so much fun at the Zoo we forgot to stop and eat lunch. After dinner, we all swam in the pool and then zonked out for 10 hours of sleep! That is vacation right there! I have a lot of cute cute pictures at the Zoo, but forgot our attachment to the laptop, so I will post some when we get home. We are here, we are safe, and we are having a fantastic time together!