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Tree Decorating

Your #1 Fan post on November 23rd, 2009
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The time came to put up the Christmas tree. There are certain traditions that go along with putting up our Christmas tree. And you know what? This year Novalie remembered every single detail of that tradition even better than Kevin or I remembered. Sometimes I think, oh we don’t need to do that this year. But, this experience reminded me how important traditions are especially to children. Think back to your childhood and I bet the traditions you did year after year are some of your fondest memories. They are special, you hold them close to your heart and when you are a grown up you carry on those traditions and create some of your own. Children count on them, they look forward to them and I am creating those same fond memories in Novalie right now. I love traditions. They keep you close to your family even if you are miles and miles apart. Even if it seems tedious or pointless at the time, you got to get it right because children depend on it and it is important. Not to mention, so much fun!

This is our Christmas tree decorating tradition. We have a Hickory Farms cheese, beef and crackers platter. Novalie calls it the snack platter, but it HAS to be Hickory Farms. We snack on it the whole time we are decorating the tree. Christmas music is playing. The lights have to be all out except the Christmas tree lights which Novalie reminded us of. We were all set to start and Novalie said, “wait, the lights all have to be out. That is how we did it last year.” Kevin and I looked at each other and said, “wow, she really gets what a tradition is and how important it is to have everything the same.” This year we added taking the carousel out. I LOVE my carousel. My in-laws bought it for me last year (after me wanting it for a couple of years) and it was such a struggle to put it away at the end of the season. I wanted to keep it up all year, but then I thought everyone has that one special Christmas decoration that they wait all year to take out and it is exciting and magical when it comes out for the season. As a child, my favorite was always our advent calendar that my Mom made where everyday you get to pull out a mini ornament and hang it above on the felt tree. You were the lucky one if your turn fell on the 24th because it was Santa Clause. My carousel is now my magical treasure that I look forward to getting out. Novalie was so excited to see every decoration and every ornament, so I don’t know if the carousel had any special effect on her, but it was magical and exciting to me to put it out.

We got the first tradition of the season done and many more to come in the next month. I love the Christmas season!

If you want to see pictures you will have to go to Facebook because I haven’t figured out how to shrink my pictures to work with my blog since we have updated windows and programs.