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Merry Christmas

Your #1 Fan post on December 24th, 2009
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Here it is Christmas Eve and those Christmas cards that I kept thinking, I’ll get to them tomorrow….well I have run out of tomorrows. Luckily I have this blog so…..I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you all find JOY this Christmas. I hope Santa Clause finds you because I still BELIEVE!

Kids and Coats

Your #1 Fan post on December 7th, 2009
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What is it with kids and their winter coats? This is the scene everyday at the bus stop or when I pick Novalie up from school. Kids looking worn out with their coats dragging on the ground behind them. Today my temperature widget said it was 8 degrees when I went to meet Novalie at the bus. She had her coat on today, but she is usually one of the kids dragging it behind her. But, half the kids still had their coats dragging and it is 8 degrees! I just don’t understand it, but think it is interesting all the same. I have asked Novalie about it on several occasions and here are some of her answers: “It was hot on the bus, I didn’t have time to put it on, my backpack wouldn’t fit over it, I thought it was funny to just put the hood on, I was being silly, it gets in the way and I forgot to put it on.” Usually the majority have their coats off, so I wonder if they get together and boycott the coats. Or if they have a dragging the coat assembly at school. I know they don’t, but it is just one of those things I want to understand, but probably never will.

It reminds me of the scene in Christmas Vacation when Rusty is walking through the mall with his coat hanging down around his arms. Now that I understand. I think everyone has been in the mall sweating bullets and walked around with their coats like that. I never take my off, I would rather just suffer and make everyone around me grumpy because I am so grumpy from being so hot. Why not just take the coat off? So, I can’t get a coat on my child and I won’t take my off.

On another subject, I am so thankful today that I have a home to keep me warm from the bitter cold. I pray for those who aren’t so lucky.

Thanksgiving Break

Your #1 Fan post on December 1st, 2009
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Novalie had all of last week off school. I was so grateful and happy to have her home with me. I also had forgotten (how little time it takes) how much work and energy it takes to keep her entertained all of her waking hours. That made me be thankful for school and keeping her busy for the majority of the day even if I wish I could be at school with her. We did have a fun time and stayed up much too late every night which made Monday morning this week a challenge.

We decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. I just needed a break and didn’t feel like traveling anywhere. It was quiet and nice and we spent a lot of time together just the three of us. Here is a run down of what we did. Novalie had 3 playdates, we went swimming twice (once with friends and once as a family), saw Planet 51 which was cute, went to 2 WSU volleyball games which I got instantly addicted to, the library twice, many craft projects, arcade, park several times, played lots of card games (Novalie and I did), played various games such as Sonic, Super Mario, Wii (I don’t know what else…this was mostly Kevin and Novalie). One of the greatest things was that Novalie actually slept in until anywhere from 8:45 to 9:45. She never does that even if she goes to bed late so it was a real treat to sleep in.

Monday morning came much too quickly for me. Now it is back to schedules and craziness for the next three weeks! It is going to be a busy busy month for me, but I can’t wait to have Novalie home with me again for 2 weeks this time! Joyous!