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Thinking of others

Your #1 Fan post on January 24th, 2010
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President Monson’s talk from last General Conference, “What Have I Done For Someone Today?”, was among my top favorite talks from last conference. It was a talk that I really took what I heard and applied it to my daily life. What a great question to ask yourself every morning….What can I do for someone else today? Not only did I apply it to my daily routine, but I was able to encourage Novalie to look for something kind that she could do for someone everyday at school. I drive Novalie to school for several reasons, but one of them is to say the same phrases as she is getting ready to go into school……be a good friend, be a good student for her teacher, choose the right, stand up for yourself, walk away from bad situations, don’t follow friends that are making bad choices…..YES I basically say these things every single morning. Annoying right, but it will be so ingrained in her brain that my voice saying one of these things just might save her one day. I added to this list, look for ways to do something kind for someone else. Then, during her bedtime routine, we talk about if she found anything kind to do for someone else during the day and she never says no. She truely has a kind heart.

We got out of the habit after Christmas break of this. (Not all the other things, I still say all of them). Today in Relief Society, we had a lesson on this talk and I was so happy! I can’t wait to start again tomorrow and get back in the habit. Even with me not reminding Novalie for the past month, she still does kind things.

On Friday, she told me about a choice she had to make at school and she felt happy that she made the right choice. Her best friend, Lily, got hurt during recess and had to sit out the rest of recess. Novalie said she was in between Lily and another friend, Nicholas, and Nicholas was wanting to keep playing the game. Novalie said she went back and forth in her head, stay with Lily or play with Nicholas, stay with Lily or play with Nicholas. (This is exactly how she told it to me.) She said she knew it was the right thing to stay with her hurt friend so she wouldn’t be all alone during recess, so that is just what she did. Then she said Nicholas followed her and sat with them too. So, she was doing something kind, being a good friend, being a good example and choosing the right. I was very proud of her. She tells me stories like this often, but I thought I would share one here.

This next week is going to be a LONG week for me, so I was so thankful for the reminder today to look for ways to serve others. If I do that, then hopefully this week will fly by which I need it to do. I already have a list in my head of things I will do tomorrow for others. I am grateful.