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Rain, Rain Stay Away!

Your #1 Fan post on April 20th, 2010
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The sun has been shining on and off for a couple of weeks now.  Sunshine just makes everything better.  Moods especially!  I am happier, Novalie is happier.  We are constantly outside playing and enjoying the warmth both physically and emotionally.  Novaliesees her friend outside in her swimsuit and she bolts in the door and changes into her swimsuit lightening fast and says, “I am going to Sonora’s.  Bye.”  And off she goes.   I love the freedom and adventures of the sunshine.  I love the dirty clothes and sunkissed cheeks!   That means that Novalie has been playing hard and having a blast.  Sunshine please stay!

Loved Spring Break!

Your #1 Fan post on April 6th, 2010
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It’s true. Loved it.  And LOVE this girl!

We started off with a quick trip to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Janell!

Novalie wore Aunt Janell out.  Kevin and I got some much needed R&R!

Novalie usually has a friend or 2 over everyday during breaks.  This time I hogged all her time!

We had a blast!  Bike rides (lots of them), shopping, playing, parks, sewing dresses, going to the movies, going out to lunch, sleep overs.  I soaked her up…it was great!  She told me so many times…. “I love being home with you all day!  I never want to go back to school!” 


Countdown to summer is ON!