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Just what did the doctor order?

Your #1 Fan post on May 17th, 2010
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I really like my new doctor.   He took the time to listen to me and order the test that I knew I needed, but dreaded….MRI on my brain.  After my second visit to him when he couldn’t put his finger on my symptoms, he asked me what has been going on in my life besides the physically symptoms.  I did the whole, “my life is really good, nothing too much going on.”  But, somehow he got it out of me and when I started, I couldn’t stop.  At the end of my life summary of the last few months, I thought to myself…”WOW, that is a lot of CRAP!”  (couldn’t think of a nicer word)  And the doctor thought the same thing.  He said, “now it is all coming together”.  Only took me 2 weeks of having zero balance and a TON of headaches (one that lasted for 6 days with no relief…not fun) to go see the doctor.  But, hey…I am fine right?

So, the MRI results were good.  I didn’t have a tumor, swelling or infection in my brain.  I didn’t have a stroke which if you read the symptoms of a stroke, I had every last one of them.  I did have a small bright spot show up in the front part of my brain that shows up in people who get migraines.  I don’t get migraines, which is what I told my doctor on visit #2.  At my appointment, he said, “yes, you don’t get migraines, instead you get stress/tension/migraine headaches.  All three wrapped up in one!  Oh come on, my life is not that stressful….which my doctor replied with, “did you just hear all the things you spouted out to me.”  Ummm, okay, I will be quiet now. 

He gave me 2 medications which got rid of my 6 day headache.  Thank goodness!  And thank you Doctor!  He asked me how much caffenine I drink.  I down played it with a couple of cans of diet coke a day….hey, at least I don’t drink coffee!  He said, no more diet coke!  I quit diet coke in December and started again in March when things just weren’t going my way.  It is now day 4 with no diet coke and it is all that I can think about.   The heat doesn’t help because I want a perfect diet coke from McDonald’s for only $1 and they fill the cup with ice just like I ask.  Anyway….that is not going to happen because I will not give in.  The doctor said no foods that induce headaches, especially chocolate.  That one is easy for me.  Exercise 5 times a week.  My appointment was on Thursday and I did the treadmill Friday and this morning and bike ride Saturday.  Doing good there and I know I have to keep it up.  The doctor also told me to eliminate as much stress as possible from my life.  Can’t do much about that one because life is life and I function better under high stress, but I have been doing a lot of reading and praying to react differently to things that happen. 

Basically, I am trying to make some big life changes without the changes being stressful.  I will be healthier and I won’t have a stroke or a brain aneurysm.  I can do that.  I will do just what the doctor ordered. 

3 things I am thankful for today

Your #1 Fan post on May 12th, 2010
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1.  Warm sunshine!

2.  Good friends!

3.  Doctors and Surgeons – Kevin’s surgeon did a picture perfect knee surgery on him.  My doctor who will hopefully have some answers. (No pictures of that – thank goodness!)


Another one come and gone!

Your #1 Fan post on May 9th, 2010
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I really should be not allowed to blog on Mother’s Day.  It is a bitter/sweet day.  One where my feelings are very raw and on the surface.  This is why I shouldn’t blog today.   But, I promise not to go into the depths of my soul and burden you with all my sadness that I feel on this day.  Instead I will share the happiness that I have felt on this day. 

All that happiness stems from her….

Last night Novalie wanted to have a sleepover with me.  We camped out in the living room and watched “Jurassic Park” and broke out the Mother’s Day cake that Novalie insisted on getting me in Safeway.  We stayed up late and I was hoping that meant we would sleep in, but instead we woke up early and snuggled up watching cartoons.   We did some puzzles and played some games.   We gave each other manicures and pedicures.  We got ready for church whichNovalie was so mad we had to go to church.  She said, “Mother’s Day should be on Saturday so I could spend all day with you.”  She thought it was unfair to me that she had to leave me to go to Primary.  She told me all day long “Happy Mother’s Day” and “you are the best Mom in the whole world” and “I love you.”  Lucky for me, I get to hear that everyday minus the Happy Mother’s Day part.  Novalie is very high energy all the time, but today was times 10 on the energy.  After church she was bouncing off the walls, so we went on a bike ride which is one of our favorite things to do together.  She was very excited because she found good treasures on our bike ride.  We are always on the lookout fortreasures.  It was a good and happy Mother’s Day!  I love being Novalie’s Mommy more than I could ever express!  She is fabulous! 


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