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Last 4 weeks in pictures

Your #1 Fan post on June 12th, 2010
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The last 4 weeks FLEW by!  Novalie is on summer vacation!  Oh, how I cried happy, joyous tears!  LOVE,  LOVE, LOVE having her home all day.  Please enjoy what she has been up to in the past 4 weeks.

Bbq with friends. Novalie hearts Stuart!

School music concert. The theme was "oceans" so Novalie's dolphin dress was a hit!

Novalie is on the top row. Her music teacher is fantastic!

With her friend Alexis after the concert.

Kevin had a birthday. Handsome @% year old.

Waiting to go on a field trip with her class!


At Science Center. Novalie loved this guinea pig!

Novalie hit the jackpot two times in a row on this game at the arcade. She was on cloud nine!

She has been trying for 4 years now to win enough tickets to get a stuffed animal at the arcade. Because of her 2 jackpots, she won a stuffed animal. You can see her excitement! LOVE IT!

We said good-bye to our Taurus. Simon snuck into the picture. Our Taurus was good to us. Always got us where we needed to go safely.

The poor Taurus just couldn't make it on its' last trip. Kevin and Novalie waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

This picture was taken on my phone at night with no flash. However, you can see the smile on Novalie's face as well as Bolt. She needed Bolt to keep her safe because she was a little nervous at first, but ended up loving the tow truck ride. Thank you Bruce!

We did finally make it to MT. Swimming at the hotel with her cousins!

Playing at a park in MT with cousins. She is so sweet!

Her 1st grade class had an author's night. Here she is reading her creative writing story, "Unicorns" to her class and parents. It was fantastic!

Reader's Theater. Novalie was the 2nd billy goat in "Three Billy Goats Gruff." Super cute!

Novalie's school desk with the 3 creative writing stories she wrote this year. "Cats," "Unicorns," and "My Hamster."

Novalie's 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Nelson. Fantastic teacher, Novalie just loved her.

Celebrating her summer birthday at school!

With one of her best friends, Alexis!

Cupcakes and punch! Yummy!

Novalie won a bike at school! All the kids that read for 20 minutes each day in the month of May were entered into a drawing for this bike. Novalie was the lucky winner! She deserved it!

Novalie and Alexis caught a mouse they named Lucky. Novalie is feeding it cheese. Later it was a tasty meal for the cat.

YAHOO! Last day of school!

Celebrating the start of summer vacation with her best friend, Adam!

Anna, Adam, Novalie and Bella! Love them!