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My Princess

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Beautiful Princess Nova!

What I did today….

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The blue one is sparkly blue and the pink one is corduroy.  They are so cute and so easy!  Total cost to make….$7.23.   AND I made zucchini bread.  Novalie is going to be happy when she gets home from school!

Back To School

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Novalie started 2nd grade today.  Wait?  Second grade?  That isn’t possible!  Seriously, time goes by too fast.  She looked beautiful today and lived up to her nickname.  Her hair was wild and unmanageable like a t-rex and her clothes were bright like sunshine.  My little sunshine t-rex. 

Let’s back up a day.  Novalie had several invites for playdates yesterday, but she was so cute in saying, “no thanks, I am going to have a special day with my mom.”  She is so sweet and she loves her mommy.  We had an incredible summer and yesterday was a great ending to it. 

We went to the movies and saw Nanny McPhee Returns.  It was a good, cute movie.  As you can see, Chill joined us. 

Went out to lunch at Costco.  Novalie loves, loves their cheese pizza.  Did some shopping too.  It is the only store Novalie enjoys shopping at.

We got our traditional day before school manicures.  The last 2 years, we have just done them at home.  This year we went and had someone else do them.  Novalie loved it.  She has already asked to go again and get both a pedicure and a manicure and we just had it done yesterday!  I think I started her on the joy of pampering yourself.  Just another fun thing we can do together!  Just a side note that I have been thankful for today…..having one child makes it possible for us to do all that we do together.  I realize if we had several children, this post would be dramatically different.  I feel extremely lucky for all the one on one time Novalie and I get with one another.  We have a truly unique relationship that I thank Heavenly Father for every single day. 

We carried on our tradition of last year.  Novalie helped me make her favorite dinner which this year consisted of macaroni salad and green beans.  Kevin gave her a beautiful and comforting father’s blessing.  We went to back to school night and then ended the night with ice cream! 

Novalie and Alexis at back to school night.  I told Kevin to switch the magnets on the lockers so they could share a locker this year.  He did much to their squealing delight. 

 I could not sleep last night.  I just didn’t want today to be here already.  This year was so much better than last year.  Novalie cried for the past several nights that she didn’t want to be away from me.  I waspreparing for a repeat of last year where her teacher had to drag her away crying.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen.  She didn’t want to go, but as soon as she saw her friends, she was fine.  She told me I could go when I wanted to just hang on a little bit longer.  When she got home, she was full of stories about her day.  She liked her teacher and thought she was nice.  It took her about 30 mins to calm down enough to go to sleep tonight.  I know she had a great first day of 2nd grade!  HOWEVER, as she was falling asleep, she said, “I don’t feel so well, I think I need to stay home from school tomorrow.”  Day 2, I tell ya!  Little stinker.

Now really, let’s get to what today was really about….me!  I didn’t cry when I left Novalie at school.  That is HUGE!  HUGE!  I have not had a moment to myself since summer began.  Well, okay, I took a nice long nap when I was visiting my sister on a Sunday afternoon which was heavenly.  Minus that, my little energizer bunny has kept me running to and fro this summer.  It was a blast, but I am tired!  So, today I was actually looking forward to sitting in a quiet house doing nothing.  I still had the nervous stomach and anxiety of Novalie being at school, but that never went away last year, so I imagine I will live with it again this year.  I was doing fine.  Enjoying my sitting, then I got a google alert that my niece posted a new blog post (thanks Erin :)).  That cute little Carly!  Everything she wrote about Carly I could have written about Novalie at that age.  The similarities are crazy!  So, I got sad and missed Novalie something awful, had myself a good cry, looked at old pictures and marveled at how fast she grew, then got back to my sitting.  Pretty good for me….pretty darn good!



 2nd grade.  Unbelievable.

Diving lessons

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Novalie is currently taking diving lessons.  Another step to being on a swim team.  When she puts her arms up above her ears, I am amazed at how defined her arms are.  She is one strong powerful girl.  I hope I am helping her to use that strength and power that Heavenly Father has blessed her with in a good way. 

The amazing thing about diving lessons???  The other 2 kids (one girl, one boy) were adopted AND the instructor was adopted.  How cool is that??!!!!  I love that Novalie has experiences like this.  Where she can feel the same.  Where I can hear her say, “I was adopted too, isn’t that cool?  My Mom is the best, is yours too?”  Warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes.  Novalie and the other girl became fast friends and they have a playdate tomorrow. 

I had Novalie signed up for a different session of diving lessons, but at the time felt like we should just wait until the last session.  So, I changed our schedule and look at the blessing we have received.  I have an extremely grateful heart. 

Novalie is very hesitant about diving.  She says she feels like she is going to flip and hit the wall.  I told her in the car today that she would get it  as she keeps practicing.    We then had a much deeper conversation about how Heavenly Father guides our choices sometimes even if we don’t understand why right away.  But, blessings come when we choose to follow the inspiration Heavenly Father has given us.  I don’t care if she never dives again because right now at this time in our life, she needed so badly to be among a group of adopted kids. 

Pure awesomeness!

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SUMMER……It doesn’t get better than this!