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Stuffed Animals

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……and the girl thinks she needs more stuffed animals. 

Oh how she LOVES her stuffed animals.  She always has one with her.  She usually has 2 in seat belts in the back seat with her.  She says she is going to take them all to college with her.  They all have names and a story which she remembers.  Two or three of them have a birthday every single day.  They have some pretty awesome birthdays.  Novalie LOVES them!  I can’t imagine our life without them.

Cougar Football

Your #1 Fan post on September 26th, 2010
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We went to the WSU football game yesterday.  We thought it was going to be a good game when WSU scored a touchdown with their first possession of the ball.  We were wrong.  They got creamed.  We got sunburned and blisters on feet (note to self:  next time make sure Novalie isn’t wearing dress shoes for the hike back to the car).  It was all part of the experience.  And experiences are what make life great.  I think we will stick to volleyball games for the rest of the season.  They ROCK!  Better luck next time cougs. 

Yearning Of My Heart

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I love babies and toddlers.  Three year olds, well let’s be honest, I could skip that age.  Novalie went through a pushing phase when she was 3.  Didn’t matter the size of the human being, she pushed them.  She had her first full on meltdown tantrum in the library when she was 3.  I loved every minute of it though.  I really did.  (she wasn’t THAT bad, just out of all her 7 short years on earth, 3 was my least favorite)  Back to the point, I want to be able to experience the baby and toddler years again.  To fully savor every moment.  I thought I savored every moment with Novalie (and I am sure I did) but it has been a long time and I want to do it all again.  I don’t know if I will be given that chance.  I am 100% ok with never experiencing it again, but I do pray everyday for another little miracle from God.  In the meantime, I will keep loving on my friends little ones. 

So tired.

I want to do this all again!

Bath time!


Yes, my carpet was dirty. I was working 50 hours a week, so don’t judge.

"helping" with the laundry









Novalie loved playing in this drawer. One night while I was at work, Kevin brought it out into the front room. She would take all the clothes out, put all the clothes in while climbing in and out herself.


Getting into everything and anything and taking a bite of it first.


Walking with help.

1st Christmas. Nice outfit Doré.


Not sure of the walking thing yet.


She would fight horribly with this basket, but loved it all the same.


I think a baby with a bottle is cute and cozy!

LOVE my baby!

Great Grandma

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Novalie and I were looking at some old pictures and we came across a picture of her and her great Grandpa Wittwer.  She had the privilege of meeting him several times before he died.  Novalie asked about her great Grandma Wittwer.  I told her that she didn’t get to meet her in this life because she died before she was born.  Novalie didn’t hesitate one second before responding,

“I know her Mom because T-Rex, me and my great Grandma went on lots of exciting advertures together before I came to earth.”

Novalie believes it with all her heart.


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The fair this year was a lot of fun again.  We have made it a tradition now for my Mom to come and we spend all day Saturday at the fair.  This is the third year we have done this.  Novalie’s entries this year were a polar bear made out of a milk jug that she entered into the recycling category and a nature gallery that she entered into the creative arts category.  Novalie was so excited to get first place ribbons!  She is very creative and the fair is just one fun way to show off that creativity.  I love the fair.  The animals, rides, food, rodeo and the arts and crafts.  Love it all!  Novalie rode the rides for hours as my Mom and I watched her.  She occasionally made a friend and they would go on a couple of rides together and then part ways.  Next year, I think we will invite a friend so she has someone to go on the rides with.  We made it through an hour and a half of the rodeo and then just got too cold to make it through the rest.  It was a fun day! 

This is the day we went to drop off our entries.

Novalie with her milk jug polar bear!

Novalie with her nature gallery. So creative! Love it!

Ready to take off on the swings!

Please notice the cute pig dress I made Novalie just for the fair. She got a lot of comments on it. She was CUTE!