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♥Winter snow♥

Your #1 Fan post on November 30th, 2010
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We got a lot of snow last week, it is snowing right now and the forecast calls for snow.  No one drives slower in the snow than me.  I have to feel in control of the car and driving even slightly fast makes me feel completely out of control.  If you are driving on the highway out to our little town and you are cursing at the person going 35mph, that’s me!  Curse away!  It is not going to make me go any faster.  That is my biggest dislike about the snow.  What I love about the snow it that is is beautiful.  Sometimes I will pass a snow covered tree that is shimmering and sparkling and it is -take my breathe away- beautiful.   I also love shoveling snow.  Love it.  The most fun thing about snow is playing in it!  Despite my severe cold I have been battling (and losing) Novalie and I have played in the snow numerous times.  Lots of laughter happens.  And nothing is better than coming in from the cold snow and snuggling in warm blankets with a movie and hot chocolate. 

I need to get this girl on a snowboard.  Doesn’t she just look like a snowboarder?!

Novalie paying with Simon the cat.

Novalie at the end of the long road she was sledding down.  One of the kid’s dad was driving the kids up the long road dropping them off and then went to wait at the bottom for them to go again.  Novalie loved it!

Here she comes!

Novalie with her friends, Paige and Amanda, in the truck waiting for the ride back up the hill. 

♥♥Happy winter snow!  Enjoy it!♥♥

Thanksgiving Report

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Thanksgiving 2010

We stayed home.

I cooked all day.

Kevin and Novalie played Lego Batman all day.

Novalie and I went sledding.

We had A LOT of yummy food.

We read all our thankful things from our thankful jar.

I watched parts of Sound of Music while Kevin and Novalie played more Lego Batman.

We ate pumpkin and chocolate pie.

Most importantly, we were healthy (except my nasty cold), warm, and HAPPY!

Lego Batman Marathon!

Novalie doing her part of the FEAST.  In my mad rush through Walmart, I grabbed yams instead of sweet potatoes.  I have never had a yam, but we all three agreed we liked them.

Novalie made our name tags, which are mighty cute.

Kevin and Novalie ready for the FEAST!

As soon as Novalie saw this picture she said, “You have got to put that on your blog!”  It is quite funny!

“And they’d feast!  And they’d feast! And they’d FEAST!  FEAST!  FEAST!  FEAST!” -Grinch

I saw a thankful jar on a blog a few weeks ago and decided to add it to our traditions.  Every night during dinner, we would write what we were thankful for on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. (Next year, we will start on November 1st, we got a late start).  The one I saw on the blog was beautiful, fall colors, all decorated perfectly.  I thought an old pickle jar and Novalie’s decorations were just the jar of thanks for us!  Novalie read all the entries during our FEAST.  It turned out to be sweet and funny!

Here is Novalie reading an entry from Kevin.  It said, “Doré’s silky skin.”  Novalie died laughing as did Kevin and I! 

Novalie wrote this letter at school for Thanksgiving!  So sweet!


Let It Snow!

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We had our first big snow storm of the season!  Novalie and I bundled up and headed out to play in it.  It was a very dry snow, so no snowman, but great sledding fun!  Novalie wanted to go on a sled ride which is me pulling her around on the sled.  It was much easier when she was younger.  Even with the help of the slick snow it is a workout when you hit a flat spot. 

We ended up at the Lee’s house after our sled ride, so we got Sonora and they had a good time in the snow.  Pretty soon they were inside and had a fun day together watching “Hamtaro”, drinking hot chocolate, hours of craft making, polar bear adventure game, more snow playing fun and sometimes just running around WILD which they do best!

While the girls played,  I got to whip up this cute Turkey Day dress, put up the Christmas decorations and do a ton of laundry!  Happy first snow fall!


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Strange, but fun things go on at our house.  I am reminded of this when clearing off the camera and organizing pictures in folders on the computer.  We are a bunch of crazies!

I mean, who doesn’t put underwear on their HUGE bat balloons?  Makes total sense to me!  Flyer, the bat’s name, has a story behind her.  The last day of volleyball, Novalie’s awesome coach gave them a balloon with their name on it attached to a box of yummy surprises.  After volleyball, we are driving to a nearby town with the balloon and Novalie wants to spit out her gum.  I look for a scrap of paper and not finding one, I say “just throw it out the window.”  At which time, I rolled down the window and bye bye balloon.  Oh the tears and heartbreak.  Kevin and I tried everything to calm her down.  Everything was met with the response, “but it won’t be special because it won’t be from my coach.”  We even went so far as to say we would call her coach, buy another balloon, drive to her house and have her sign it.  In the end, this bat balloon made up for my horrible, costly, heart breaking choice to roll down the window.  Another point for me in motherhood.

Little Miss Sassy with her fake fingernails.  I got these nails for 10 cents (or was it 5 cents?) on the Halloween clearance rack at Walmart.  Novalie has a surprise box that each Friday she gets to choose something from it if she gets 100% on her spelling.  If you are looking for something fun to motivate your kid to do homework, surprise boxes are awesome!  (Another point for motherhood – a positive one this time).  Last Friday, she chose these nails.  The nails stayed on for a whole night and now they are in an apple sauce container that came from Arby’s which Novalie cleaned out because it was pretty.  Pack rat anyone?!  Hoarders, yes, we will be on your show in 20 years, thanks for the invite.

Crazies!  Novalie LOVES A WILD PARTY!  I am scared.  Kevin, well, I will have to let him speak for himself.

MY ROCKER PRINCESS!  PURE CUTEST! Yes, the girl does often, often say, “that is RAD!”

♥Love me my crazies!♥


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I like to be in control.  I admit it.  That is one of the reasons why I was so good at being a manager.  I got promoted often to a higher level of management.  I am quiet and shy, but I was a completely different person when I walked through the doors at work.

Right now there are so many things that I don’t have control of.  And that is hard for me to deal with.  I am not going to talk about the most serious or most deep things I can’t control because this is not the place for that.

One thing I have so much worry and anxiety over is not being able to control what happens to Novalie at school.  It is so so hard to let go of that control and let your child go everyday to people who spend more time with Novalie now than I do during the day.  The big decision at our house right now is to home school or not.  I see the pros and cons, but really it is a decision only you can make for your own family after much prayer and educating yourself about the decision.  I want to take back control of Novalie’s social life.  Just until she is older and more emotionally developed to deal with social situations.  It is just wrong and sad when my seven year old is sobbing and telling me she just can’t handle it any longer.  I am not naive…I know Novalie adds to the drama as well and says hurtful things in the moment.  Novalie tells me whats happens good and bad.  Now, you might say kids don’t tell their parents everything, but Novalie is really good about it.  She tells me what she says, good or bad and what others say.  Novalie has said some hurtful things which we deal with and she apologizes.  But she has done nothing close to having a friend go and tell another child “so-and-so told me to come and tell you that your friendship is over.”  It shattered her little heart.  And they are 2nd graders!  After this happened, I told Novalie to pull her friend aside away from all the other girls and talk privately.  She was so nervous to do this, but she told me she was brave and did it.  Novalie apologized to her for whatever she has done in the last few weeks to hurt her and asked her if they could just put everything behind them and be friends and have fun again.  I was so proud of her.  Is homeschooling taking away these opportunities to help her through situations and teach her to do the hard things in life like pulling a friend aside to talk one on one to her face or is homeschooling protecting her self esteem from these type of situations until she is older.  I had no idea this “crap” went on so young!  I want the control back.

Another thing I want control of, but lack control of is what I do to by body.  The food I put in my mouth and the exercise or lack there of.  I lay in bed at night and think, what is the world is wrong with me?  It is not hard to eat healthy and exercise.  And yet in the morning, I feel anxious, worried, depressed and I turn to food for the comfort.  BUT, it makes me feel just lousy.  Why oh why do I do this to myself?  I like control, so take control of it, dang it!

The last thing I will talk about openly is control of finances.  Kevin and I have had the same conversation for years.  I just checked out Dave Ramsey’s book for us to read together and take control of our money.  Big sacrifices need to happen in order for us to take control.  Are we too immature?  Are we too superficial?  Are we just lazy?  Scared of hard work?  Am I scared of having to say no to Novalie more often?  I don’t know, but I want control of my money.  I am tired of being controlled by it.

I like to be in control, but I am not very good at controlling myself.  I feel ready to start though.  That is the power of writing and sharing my burdens with others.