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Christmas 2010

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Santa brought Novalie a guinea pig this Christmas!  She wasn’t sure what to think for the first few seconds, I think she was in shock.  When she saw Guinea hiding under her couch, she yelled, “It’s a hamster, it’s a guinea pig!  I got a new pet!”  Guinea, as we call her, has spent most of the last 4 days sitting on Novalie’s lap.  They are perfect pals as Santa Claus knew they would be.  Her official name is Crystal Carmel Fluffy Jolley, but her nickname is Guinea and is what we all seem to call her.  If you can read this letter from Santa Claus, it tells how Guinea came to be Novalie’s.

We had a nice Christmas with lots of new toys to play with all day.  I got my slippers…yay!  Novalie was spoiled nice and good by Santa, Aunts/Uncle and Grandpa and Grandma’s.  She spent all day just going from one thing to the next until she had played with each one of her new things.  Well, except her new sled because there was no snow.  Actually, now that I am remembering….Kevin did pull Novalie around on it inside, so it got played with too!  Thank you to family for making our Christmas so special!

Squinkies from Santa!

The new dog sled and his precious cargo!  (It was bound to happen sooner or later…..)

Cool new drawing pad!

Taking a break from all that playing!  Relaxing on her new gigantic cat while watching “Toy Story 3.”

Our traditional big Christmas breakfast!  It was yummy!

And just because this is my favorite picture, it is going in this post too!  The picture of Christmas!  It was a great one!

Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve 2010

I set up crafts for Novalie and I to do in the morning.  She made a snow globe, I made a few hair bows and we both decorated a felt Christmas tree. 

My parents arrived in the afternoon and my Mom, Novalie and I sat at the kitchen table finishing up our crafts, playing lots of games and snacking! 

We had our traditional meal of lasagna and then our Christmas Eve program went like this:  We watched “Joy to the World” which told the story of Jesus’ birth.  Novalie told us the story of Marles (how she spelled it) Christmas.  It was adorable.  Novalie opened her traditional new Christmas jammies and immediately got in them.  Then we snapped light glow sticks and turned off all the lights and Kevin read “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and Novalie read “The Snow Angel.”  Novalie let my parents open her gift to them.  We put out cookies and milk and Novalie’s letter to Santa outlined in the glow sticks so Santa could see. 


Then we tried to go to sleep.

Early Christmas Present

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Novalie has strep throat again.  Second time in three weeks.  Unbelievable sad.  Novalie did not move in bed yesterday morning until 11 a.m. when I had to get her up to go to the doctor.  That is one sick Novalie for a girl who is usually in constant motion.  Thank goodness for that yummy pink amoxicillin.  Works like a charm and fast.  Yesterday, I was sick with sadness that one, she was in so much pain and two, I had to cancel ice skating and a playdate.  What better way to cheer her up (and let’s face it, make me feel better too) than opening a Christmas present?!  What better present to open than a big stuffed pink hamster to snuggle to help her feel better?! 

 Novalie and Jilly.  Just makes your heart smile, doesn’t it?!

Gingerbread Creations

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Here are some pictures from our gingerbread house decorating party.  I went with the traditional house with a fish pond and a forest with bears.  Novalie made a swimming pool with a ton of details.  She had fish as diving boards with candy people jumping off.  She made a parking lot with almond joy cars lined up.  She had a baby pool with candy structures to play on.  In her mind every piece of candy has a specific purpose and only she can tell you what that is.  It is simply amazing listening her to describe in detail each piece of candy.  She fascinates me.  Kevin’s is a winter lodge in the middle of a stream so the fish have to go over it, covered with an entryway.  It was a fun project on a cold, snowy day with Christmas music by The Carpenter’s in the background. 

Merry Christmas!

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