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Good Friends

Your #1 Fan post on February 22nd, 2011
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We went ice skating and out to lunch yesterday with our good friends.  Novalie had a blast and I just love when she gets to play with good friends and I know there isn’t going to be any “bad” drama.  Adam and Novalie reconnected.  It has been awhile since they have played together and they are usually shy and Novalie gravitates towards Bella, but yesterday they all 3 played so well together.  Their friendship was right back where it used to be.  School and distance makes it tricky for these 2 to get together, but after yesterday, I need to make a better effort to see that so much time doesn’t pass between play dates again.  Novalie needs these good friendships in her life now more than ever.  I am so thankful that we have good friends in our lives.

Stuffed Animal Tea Party

Your #1 Fan post on February 19th, 2011
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Novalie has wanted to have a stuffed animal tea party (as she named it) ever since she brought home a fairy cookbook from school on library day.  There were fancy treats and fancy drinks all pink, pretty and sparkley in the cookbook.  I originally told her she could invite 3 friends from school because it is not a birthday party after all and because it needed to be little work for me! 🙂   And I specifically told her not to talk about it at school.  What did she do the very next day?  She told her best friend Lily on the school bus.  Not school, right?  And what did Lily do the very next day at school?  Talked about it in front of all their friends.  Novalie came home crying, “Lily talked about it and I told her she wasn’t supposed to and now so and so wants to come, but I had to tell them they weren’t invited.”  Holy hot mess Batman!  Ugh…feelings were hurt, a lot of talk like, “well this person does not like this person, so there is no way she is invited.”  I told Novalie she was absolutely under no circumstance to talk about it again at school.  If one of her friends came up to her and asked about it she was to say, “I will not talk about it at school.”  Period.  So, she did.  However, I got bombarded at basketball practice and on my volunteer days at the school with, “I heard Novalie is having a party, when is it?”  Remember, holy hot mess Batman!  Finally, I had to just put an end to it and tell Novalie she could do it with her best friend and no one else.  It had gotten too out of hand.   I told her to put the blame on me if anyone asked about it.  “My Mom told me I couldn’t have a party anymore.”  I think she learned her lesson about what it means when I tell her to NOT TALK ABOUT IT AT SCHOOL (or school bus – I have to throw that one in next time too).  That was a really long explanation, but since Novalie’s best friend is moving next week (tear), yesterday I threw together a little party for her, her best friend and her best friends little sister.   One quick trip to the dollar store and voila, a cute little stuffed animal tea party.  They were to dress in pretty dresses and bring a stuffed animal.  These three little girls had so much fun!  I loved listening to their little giggles all afternoon!

Novalie setting everything up!

Novalie worked hard on getting everything in place just right.

All ready for the guests to arrive! (3 hours early mind you - it was a LONG 3 hours)

Tea party goodies!

Decorating their wands!

Sugary goodness!

The princesses! Aren't they beautiful!

Love All Around

Your #1 Fan post on February 16th, 2011
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I am not big on Valentine’s Day.  I go along with the whole idea that you tell and show the important people in your life that you love them everyday.  However, I have a daughter who loves holidays and I do have to say that it was fun to do cutesy, lovey things all day.  Here is all that we did to celebrate Valentine’s Day in pictures:

A breakfast of pink heart shaped pancakes and little surprises.

Valentine lunchbox! I think this was my favorite thing to do. Novalie said she loved it!

My sweet little Valentine ready to go to school in her Valentine dress and new Valentine dog.

Valentine party at school.

Novalie and her BFF, Lily, enjoying their Valentine treats.

Reading their Valentine's from classmates.

Huge pink rice krispy heart treat was waiting as a surprise after school snack.

Novalie dumping a bag of Hershey kisses in the truck.

Novalie and I being sneaky while Kevin was working. She loved doing this for her Daddy.

It was a great, fun day!  We ended it with eating a heart shape pizza while watching “House of Anubis.”  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Mailbox

Your #1 Fan post on February 4th, 2011
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I saw this cute kit for a Valentine Mailbox at Michael’s and knew it was just the thing Novalie would love both to decorate and participate in.  I was right.  She had a lot of fun decorating it and it turned out super cute.  I try to remember to put a little surprise in the mailbox everyday, mostly just cute Valentine Day cards.  She loves to come home from school and see if the flag is raised.  I am excited for Valentine’s Day this year because I have a few ideas in mind for cute, fun and sweet new traditions to start.  Starting with this cute mailbox idea which has been fun so far.  I have gotten sweet little notes from Novalie too.  If you want to send Novalie a surprise (grandparents..ha!) I will put it in the mailbox for her.  She will be delighted! 

Novalie holding the finished mailbox in front of our cute traditional Valentine’s tree.  (I couldn’t get a picture with her eyes open because of our camera’s flash, but it is still a super cute smile!)