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St. Patrick’s Day Recap

Your #1 Fan post on March 18th, 2011
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I love holidays, but I really love holidays with a child.  Do I tend to go overboard?  Yes!  I am a little crazy, but it is all in the name of fun!

When Novalie is in college, you better believe she will receive a package of fun, silly, awesome toys and trinkets for each holiday.

Novalie requested green eggs for breakfast.  However, she doesn’t like scrambled eggs.  She likes sunnyside up or over easy eggs, which are difficult to color.  I did try and the result was a less than appealing egg.  Novalie loved it still!

Novalie picked out her green outfit and I gathered some new ribbons for her hair.

While Novalie was at school, a little leprechaun snuck in and hide chocolate gold coins all over the house.  I made a treasure hunt with 7 clues, the last one ending with a rainbow zooble set.  Got to stick with the theme of the holiday.  Rainbows and pots of gold, right?   I went to the school yesterday to do math games with the kids, but all I could think about was the fun waiting for Novalie at home.  She had so much fun when we finally did get home!  She gathered a few of the gold coins, but she was much too excited to go on the treasure hunt.  She LOVED it!  And she loved her rainbow of Zoobles that was the treasure at the end.  We ended the night with green mashed potatoes and Novalie finding a ton more gold coins hidden in her bedroom.  Which was fun, but made it near to impossible to settle down for bed.

This was the first clue to get the treasure hunt started!

Playing with her old and new Zoobles.  Zoobles are fun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Rockin’ Her Skort

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♥♥There is a lot going on in this outfit, but she chose it and she ROCKED it!♥♥

Good Job Me!

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Novalie has 4 skorts that she loves.  I mean, who doesn’t love a skort?  The skirt is adorable and yet you can stand on your head in them because of the shorts.  Love skorts!  Novalie’s 4 skorts, however, are much much too short for her to wear.  Which if you know Novalie, she is big about modesty.  Her Grandpa sent her a Tinkerbell toy and the first thing she said was that she wouldn’t play with it because it was immodest.  She frequently tells her friends that what they are wearing is immodest.  I hope she still thinks that when she is 13!  Anyway, I got creative today and pulled out a piece of fabric.  I wondered what it would look like if I sewed the fabric on the bottom of her skort.  Luckily, for my frustration, it turned out super cute.  It looks even cuter on.  I was proud of myself and can’t wait to hit the fabric store (not hit like rob) to get some cute fabric to sew onto the three remaining skorts!

p.s.  Not all rainy days are gloomy.

March Thus Far

Your #1 Fan post on March 13th, 2011
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Oh March.  You have been dark, gloomy, rainy, snowy, windy and cold.  March used to equal spring.  Not in this place.  (Side note:  I am listening to Ozzy Osbourne as I write this, surprised?  Me too.)

We have had a busy March thus far.  I didn’t really think that we had done much, but then I did a photo purge off my phone and realized we have.  Our truck broke, so I spent a week being a taxi driver.  It also happened to be the same week that Novalie had 1/2 days at school.  Which would have made things a whole lot easier, but she went to an art camp on her afternoons off.  My schedule was:  Leave at 8, drop Kevin at work, Novalie at school.  Pick Novalie up at noon, go out to lunch, drop her off at art at 1, pick her up at 3, pick Kevin up at 4:45 to make it back into town for basketball practice at 5:15.  When you live 10 miles outside of town, it made for a lot of driving.  But, we survived and good old Obama paid for our truck repairs.  Which Kevin wept because it was finally going to be his time to get a 20th century t.v. with high definition and blue-ray.  Thanks you Mr. President for keeping my purple truck alive and not thank you for breaking my husbands heart.  Next time, just give us more money back, k?

Let’s see…..Novalie’s basketball season ended, thank goodness!  Now, normally I love watching Novalie do any and all sports.  However, this basketball season was painful to watch.  Novalie’s team had 2 ball hogs.  During games they would not pass nor did her coach yell at them too.  She didn’t make a peep during games.  Even the girl’s parents were yelling at them to pass the ball.  I had to wonder at times if the coach was sleeping during games.  I was a frequent caller to the parks and rec. department during this basketball season.  Yes, IT WAS ME!  I can be annoying like that when it comes to Novalie.  Novalie still had fun and did manage to score in one game, not that it matters, oh okay, yes it does matter.  She made a basket!!  Out of 8 girls on her team, 3 made baskets during games and Novalie was one of them.

Novalie’s best friend, Lily, moved.  It was hard and sad.  Novalie was strong and brave.  And just cause Heavenly Father is awesome and knows and cares about sweet Novalie, he sent a new girl to Novalie’s class the day after Lily’s last day.  Miracles, I tell you.  They are true and real.  Heavenly Father knows and loves Novalie.  The new girl is Taylor.  Her and Novalie became fast friends.  We have had her over to play and she is such a nice girl.  Tender mercies that I have thanked God for every single day since.  Novalie gets to play with Lily in a couple of weeks and she can’t wait!

I went with the 2nd graders on a field trip to the dentist (really the orthodontic, but they treated it like the dentist).  Stepping onto a school bus made me want to run and hide, but I toughed it out.  The dentist and his staff were totally awesome.  The creative things they came up with for kids to understand was cool.  Like floss, they put the kids together tight in a line and then stuck “food” (nylons full of fluff) in between the kids and had a giant rope, the floss, to get the “food” out.  Cool, right?  Then, they let them take an impression of their thumb so they could know what it would feel like to get an impression of your teeth.  In the x-ray station, I was the volunteer for taking an x-ray.  Geesh, I have a lot of cavities.  It was a fun field trip!

Novalie and Taylor on the school bus!

WSU has had some great kid activities lately.  Last Saturday we went to the Kid’s Science and Engineering Fair.  There were 15 stations, each from a different WSU student club, with hands-on activities for the kids.  Novalie loved it.  I had my Decagon jacket on, so I got a lot of comments like, “oh, Decagon, you probably already know all about this stuff.”, like really no.  I did get an A in college chemistry (yes, Kevin, I threw that in there just for you), but engineering.  Nothing could be more foreign to me than engineering.

Learning how to make a paper airplane.  Novalie came home and made about 100, no joke.  They are hanging across her room on a string.

Sling shot she made.  There was a guy down the hall trying to catch the marshmallows.

Her slime.

Yesterday, WSU had an Insect Expo.  They had insect crafts, face fainting, lots of insects and facts.  The WSU volunteers had hissing cockroaches crawling all over them.  While we were waiting in line (forever) for the face painting, a girl came by with a tarantula.  EEEKKK, gross.  Not a fan, not even slightly.  Novalie invited a friend and afterwards we went out to lunch and then to “Rango.”  Let me just say, “Rango” is up there among the worst kid’s movies ever made.  It was painful to sit through, I tried so hard to sleep.  Not to mention it made me want to drink water during the whole movie.  Novalie and Suzie had a lot of giggling fun.

The face painter was extremely talented!

All day long yesterday, I kept asking Novalie how her throat was feeling.  Friday she complained about her throat hurting.  All day long she said it was fine, it didn’t hurt.  About an hour after we dropped her friend off from their fun day together, she was crying from throat pain.  I looked at her throat and thought that there was no way that wasn’t strep throat again.  So, off the the doctor’s we went, but we were too late as they were just closing, so we were sent down to the ER.  Fine and dandy, but probably around $200 compared to the $20.  Oh well, such is life.  Sure enough, the strep test came back positive for the 3rd time!  I felt like a loser Mom with my daughter’s face painted as if I dragged her around all day to do fun things while she had strep throat.  I didn’t know, I had no idea!!  Note to self:  Novalie is sneaky and a typical kid who didn’t want to miss out on the fun.  I apologize greatly to her friend and any other kids she came in contact with yesterday.  I hope you don’t get strep throat.

Perk of going to the ER, a cute seahorse!  Yes, she is out in the cold with no jacket and strep throat.  And I made her pose for a picture.  I am a rockstar.

Snow Day Fun!

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We got a ton of snow in a 24 hour period and as a result, school was cancelled today.  I love snow days!  Our friends called to see if Novalie wanted to come play in the snow and we were all ready for lots of snow fun.  I was kinda grumpy about the snow because I love heat and summer, but I have to say, the snow provided a lot of fun today.  I pulled Novalie on her sled to our friends which is always a lot of fun for her.  Everyone came out to play in the snow.  Liz and I took turns making a huge pile of snow for a snow fort.  Novalie and Sonora went sledding.  It didn’t take long at all for Novalie’s snow gear to be wet because it was a really wet snow.  So, Sonora, Novalie and I headed to our house for lunch and for all the snow gear to be dried.  They did crafts for awhile and had lunch.  Then, we headed back outside and I built them a snow fort at our house.  It was a good workout and I probably won’t be able to move tomorrow!  While I was building their fort, they got out the sand toys and played “restaurant.”  As soon as I was done with the fort, they turned into polar bears and were off in their imaginations.  Hooray for snow days with good friends!

Novalie and Sonora sledding!

Sonora had these pj's on under her snow pants and Novalie said, "I have those jammies!" She changed into them so they could match.

Playing restaurant! They were grating cheese (snow) in this picture.

All done! Novalie is in the main fort room and Sonora is in the tunnel! They loved it!

Polar bear, aka Novalie, in the fort!

Novalie in the tunnel. She is as beautiful and amazing as a polar bear! (well, way more, but she would fit in with polar bears nicely)

Novalie asked me if we could turn the snow pink. We had some pink hair spray left over from Halloween, so we decorated their snow fort castle.

What a fun day!