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The world is coming to an end….

Your #1 Fan post on July 28th, 2011
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…..every night at bedtime when I make my child go to bed.  {{gasp}}  How dare I make my child sleep?  Sweet, heavenly, glorious sleep.  Just the worst thing in the world.  Why do children fight and resist sleep?  Okay, okay, okay…you are saying, my child loves to sleep and I have no problems getting them to bed.  First, I am slapping you.  Second, be ever so grateful. 

Novalie’s bedtime antics are mostly frustrating, but sometimes it is so amusing.  I have to bite my cheek so I don’t laugh because if I laugh there is no chance of sleep.  Every night, every single night, there is a reason why Novalie just simply can’t go to the bed.  “My tummy is empty, you wouldn’t send your daughter to sleep hungry, would you?”  Last night, it was “I will never be able to close my eyes and go to sleep unless I watch a cartoon.”  Just think of the most dramatic way you could say these statements and that is how Novalie delivers them.  Hilarious.  (hilarious when she is peacefully sound asleep) 

Tonight, when she flossed between 2 teeth, her gums started to bleed.  The world was coming to an end because of an 1/8 tsp of blood.  Or surely she was going to die.  So much blood lose and all. 

“I can’t go to sleep because it hurts so bad.”

Me – “If you close your mouth (in other words-STOP talking) and close your eyes and hold still, it will heal right up.”


And the Oscar goes to…..Novalie! 

After that preformance she was simply exhausted and fell asleep and so the world goes on for one more night.  As for me?  I am going to go get 10 fabulous hours of sleep because I have a deep, profound love of sleep. 

Good night.

Sweet Exchange

Your #1 Fan post on July 13th, 2011
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I know I haven’t blogged for awhile and I need to do a big recap blog of the last 2 months.  I would just pick up from today, but some major events occurred in our lives that I do want to have in my blog  journal.   But, that will have to wait just a little longer.  I wanted to just quick jot down a cute exchange that Novalie and I had tonight.  I wish I would write these exchanges down more often because they happen often.

Novalie and I were going through her books seeing if there were a few we could part with.  Novalie has a lot of books.  A LOT.  I should count them.  I am curious, yet terrified of the number I would reach.  As we were going through them, each one she pulled out I could re-sight  at least a page or more of every single book.  Did I mention we have a lot of books?  Have I mentioned before how we would often spend hours reading books when Novalie was 2, 3 and 4?  Well, we did….sometimes all day, no joke.  Sure, we would act out the books and have “active” book reading, but we have always read a lot.  Even now at age 8, we read 3 picture books each night.  (She is on her 6th chapter book this summer….but she reads those in the mornings).  That was a lot of background for this sweet, short exchange.

I said, “I have probably read each one of these books…..”  I pause.

Novalie jumped in and said, “a million times!”

Me:  “Yup and that makes me a pretty cool Mom.”

Novalie gives me a total disapproving look.  I had no idea what was going to come out of her mouth.  But, my sweet girl never disappoints me.

“Mom, that does not make you a cool Mom, that makes you an AMAZING Mom!”  she said with so much enthusiasm.

I am glad she still likes me.

  And just for fun….