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The Marshmallow by Novalie Jolley

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Once upon a time there lived a marshmallow that had a dream.

The dream was to be like the other animals.

So the marshmallow went to the golden river and said,

“Golden river, I wish to be an animal.”

It didn’t flow.

The marshmallow threw a pebble into the river, but it took a few days to work.

That first morning, the marshmallow went to Piranha and said,

“Piranha, I want to be like you.”

“But you’re a gooey thing?”

“I know.”

“Go to the cat,” he said.

Cat said, “go to Dog.”

Dog said, “go to Bird.”

Bird said, “go to Monkey.”

Monkey said, “go to panda.”

Panda said, “go to Fox.”

Fox said, “go to Porcupine.”

Porcupine said, “go to the golden river and find a yellow marble.”

Marshmallow dropped a yellow marble into the river.

She said, “I wish to be a mouse!”

So she became a mouse.

“I can run!”

“I can eat!”

“I can play!”

She ran and jumped and pounced,

but the thing she loved most was to snuggle and love


The Marshmallow written by Novalie Jolley on 10/17/2011.  Sweetest, cutest story ever written.  (I am allowed to be bias)

My 3rd Grader!

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If you know me than you know that the day Novalie has to return to school after summer vacation is the WORST day of the year.  On the outside I am, “3rd grade, WOW, that is so exciting.  Think of all the fun things you are going to learn this year.  You are getting so big, you are going to do so great, I am so proud of you!  Horray back to school time ROCKS!”  On in the inside I am, “I HATE HATE HATE school, why oh why did it have to come so fast.  All day with my baby girl away in the world, don’t go!  Don’t leave me!  Stay with Mommy!  Back to school STINKS!”  I want Novalie home all year round, but homeschool is not for us (no matter how many times I try to make it be, the answer is always no….boo) and I don’t want her to become an uneducated bum (which she wouldn’t because she can ALWAYS live with me and Daddy!), so off to school she has to go.

This year she was going to a new school.  As soon as we got into town, we went to the school.  We filled out all the paperwork and then helped ourselves to the inside of the school.  We found her classroom(it was locked, darn it), art room, computer room, library, gym, bathrooms, her Aunt’s classroom.  We took our time and I talked it up something BIG to her.  She was excited, but so nervous of course.  The school here has a back to school morning the first morning of school.  Stupid.  Novalie had to start the first day of school without meeting her teacher or getting a sense of her classroom.  I disagree with that method.  We rode our bikes every night to the school the week before it started.  We got a letter from her teacher saying she supplies everything except a pocket folder.  Easiest back to school shopping ever.  Novalie picked out a pink sparkly folder with animals on it.  Perfect.  We went to church so she could hopefully meet some kids that were going to be in here class.  Three boys in her primary class.  No girls.  I was sad, panicking, thinking this was going to be a disaster.  Was someone going to be nice to her the first day?  What if she has no one to sit by during lunch?  What if she gets lost on the way to the bathroom or on the way back from the bathroom?  What if the girl clicks are already in full swing?  Will she have friends?  One good think I knew was that Novalie had the best 3rd grade teacher and word on the street is that she is the best teacher in the whole school (I do have a sister in law working at the school with connections after all).  Novalie and I had our special back to school day that has become a tradition.  Novalie picked out exactly what she wanted to wear.  We were all ready, so bring on the new school!

My beautiful 3rd grader!

Walking to school for the first day!

In the letters I had received from the school, it said that you are to NOT take your child to their classroom.  They were to line up outside with their class and the parents were to go into the gym for a meeting.  Ummm… have never met me.  There was no way I was not going to go to her classroom with her.  Nice try.  I was a nervous wreck on the inside.  I tried to be so annoyingly excited for Novalie.  We found her teacher’s name outside and Novalie got in line.  She immediately started turning to different girls saying, “I’m Novalie, what’s your name?”  Then she would pay them a complement about what they were wearing or their hair or their jewelry.  That was the moment I realized I forgot my sunglasses because I was crying.  I was so proud of my brave brave daughter.  I knew I had nothing to worry about.  This is Novalie we are talking about.  Her teacher came out and went down the line of kids giving them hugs and asking their name.  The bell rang and I went in with Novalie.  Her teacher had put a stuffed monkey on each child’s desk and Novalie was busy finding out where to put stuff.  I helped her for a minute and then knew I needed to leave.  She was fine.  She was more than fine, she was doing awesome and happy.

I made my way to the gym to listen in on the parent’s meeting.  I stood in the back and put some glue on my shoes so I wouldn’t run down the hallway just to make sure Novalie really was ok, even though I knew she was.  I don’t remember a word the principle or PTA president said.  I wanted to pace and throw up really.  A new school, I wasn’t ready to embrace it.  It all came way too fast.  When the meeting was over, I had 20 minutes before the back to school morning in the classroom started.  I sat outside on a bench and bit the heck out of my cheek to keep from crying.  I was so anxious to get back into Novalie’s classroom.  It was time and I went in and gave Novalie a big hug and then they sent the kids out of the classroom.  What?  Stupid.  I sat at Novalie’s desk as her teacher went over everything.  When it was over, I waited to be last to talk to her teacher.  As soon as I did, I started crying.  She gave me a hug and told me she would take very good care of Novalie.  The kid’s came back and Novalie saw me crying, darn it.  I had done so good.  So, I left her classroom hugging her, crying, telling her what a wonderful day she would have.

The day was long, I was nervous, I was worried.  I paced back and forth all day.  I was way early to pick her up.  I paced the blacktop on the playground just waiting for the bell to ring.  Finally, it did and she came out all smiles.  Chatting my ear off the whole way home about her day, about kids she met, she did eat lunch with a new friend.  She did have a new friend to play with at all 3 recesses.  She is a champ at the monkey bars and she wanted to show me how she did all 5 sets in a row.  Her teacher is super nice, we love her.  I felt so much relief and gratitude.

I am so so happy she had such a great day, but not as happy as I felt when she was back home with me.  Novalie is an amazing child and she is going to rock 3rd grade!

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Novalie’s Baptism

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The greatest thing about turning 8 is that Novalie made the choice to be baptized.  She actually made that choice when she was around 6 and waited a looooooong time for 8 to come.  She talked about getting baptized on a daily basis.  She was SUPER excited to be baptized.  When I first asked Novalie why she wanted to get baptized, she said because it looked fun to be dunked under the water.  Yes, it is fun, but I wanted her to understand the choice she had before her and the real “why” to baptism.  We spent a year talking about baptism a lot, talking about the covenants she would be making, talking about Joseph Smith, the Holy Ghost and what it means to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She soaked it all up and wanted more than ever to be baptized.  The bishop was very impressed with her during her interview because he said very few children can name both covenants and Novalie knew them both and understand them.  She also knew all the answers to his other questions.  It was important to me for her to know those things and not get baptized because “Mommy and Daddy said so.”

It was such a sweet day.  Novalie understood the importance of that day and what she was doing by being baptized.  Her normal super hyper, silly self was calm and aware of everyone there and thankful that they were all there for her.  She sat still and listened to the talks, given by Grandpa Jolley and Aunt Janell.  As much family that could come, came.  Three of her close friends were able to come.  We missed the Lees and Cornwalls (both out of town) who are very important to Novalie.  And of course, I missed my Dad something terrible.  I missed his presence, yet felt it at the same time.

Novalie got baptized without any problems.  Only one dunk –  good job Kevin!  One of the highlights for me was when I was helping Novalie get changed, she said, “My heart feels really, really warm right now.”   Mine too, Novalie, mine too.   The confirmation and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost was beautiful and Kevin did such an awesome job.  He is a good Daddy.

First important day in white.

Second important day in white.

I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of Novalie.  How thankful I am to Heavenly Father for letting me be Novalie’s mother.  How thankful I am that this is Novalie’s plan.  I am so thankful for Novalie’s sweet spirit and for how see loves Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  How she wants to make them happy.  I have failed Novalie in many ways, but I have taught her how to pray and to pray anytime, anywhere, for any reason.  When Novalie was small, we would pray a lot everyday for any reason.  If she was having a hard time, we would say a prayer to help calm her down.  If she lost something, we would pray.  If she was scared or sick, we would pray.  If we took a walk and observed how beautiful the earth was, we would pray.  We have prayed in stores, parks, cars, on walks, and in our home.  If I am worried or sick, Novalie is the one to tell me to just pray and it will be okay.  If she isn’t feeling good, I do everything I know to make her feel better, then say, well, let’s pray about it.  Novalie always says, I already have said 10 prayers.  I taught her the importance and now she is the example to me.  Love her so much.  I love that she loves everything that she has learned so far about the gospel.  I am so proud of her for getting baptized.  Novalie, my sweet daughter, I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the earth and I am so happy that you made the best choice.  More importantly, Heavenly Father and Jesus are so proud of you and love you.  They will always hear those sweet, often prayers.

After the baptism, we had a family lunch and birthday party for Novalie.  That girl is spoiled.  She received her first set of scriptures, a special book about baptism, a beautiful necklace, a CTR ring, $$$$, a coach purse…yes, you read that right….a coach purse from her Aunt Janell.  It is darling and Novalie is under strict instructions from me when she can use it.  Remember I said she was spoiled.

She wanted a polar bear cake to celebrate her baptism.  It was perfect for her.

The scripture bag I got for Novalie.

Kevin made a comment about Paris Hilton joining the church and using that scripture bag.  Funny.  I was hesitant about getting it, but it fits Novalie so perfectly and she loves it.

It was such a beautiful day and one that Novalie will look back on forever and feel that warm feeling in her heart again and again.

I ♥ Novalie Forever




Novalie had a birthday!

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Back on June 30th, that is. (Let’s play catch up)

Novalie is 8 years old.  She is a fun, sassy 8 year old.  Oh my goodness, can that girl sass with the best of them.

At 8 years old, Novalie’s favorite things are polar bears, dolphins, swimming, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, playing with friends, riding her bike, reading, sassing  hanging out with Mommy, playing Littlest Pet Shops with Daddy and going to movies.  I have to add that at 8 years old, she still would rather be with Mommy than anybody else.  I am holding onto that for as long as it will last.  Novalie is a beautiful child of God, who has a kind heart and spunky attitude.  She loves being outside doing anything active.  Her imagination is so amazing.  Currently, we have Swirl, the imaginary hamster, living inside our Guinea pig’s cage.  When Novalie’s friend Sonora comes over, they get Swirl out and play with her.  How we love Sonora, she too has an amazing imagination and sees Swirl just as Novalie does.  Novalie tells me stories very often about her adventures with imaginary things.  I love her simple innocence.

This year for her birthday, I needed something easy.  I started looking around at places that do the whole birthday party for you.  Gymnastics party, perfect.  And it was so perfect and so much fun.  They did everything, even the invitations!  All I did was show up with the cake and the birthday girl.  Brilliant!  A few of her best friends were out of town and couldn’t make it (the curse of the summer birthday), but she had a complete BLAST!

Birthday girl ready for some gymnastics fun!

Suzie, Novalie and Bella

The foam pit, her favorite!

Fun with the balance beams!

She picked a “Rio” cake.

Birthday Beauty!

I love my baby girl!

On Novalie’s actual birthday, her cousin Zane was staying with us for a week.  She was so happy to have Zane there to spend her birthday with!  When asked what she wanted to do, she knew exactly what she wanted.  That is another cool thing about Novalie that I admire.  She knows what she wants and she tells you.  I can’t make a decision to save my life, so I admire that God given talent that Novalie has to make a decision.  What did she choose?

Chinese food and going to the movies to see “Cars 2.”  My kind of girl, dinner and a movie!

This is a first and a last.  We brought her birthday presents with us to take into the restaurant for her to open.  I made her wait all day so Kevin could see her open her presents as well.  She asked umpteen million times on the way to the restaurant (as well as all day long, she is persistent….very very persistent.)  Finally, we let her just open them in the car in the restaurant parking lot.  So very strange.  Next time we are opening them during breakfast.

Look at all that yummy food!  Happy girl!

Novalie and Zane at the movies!