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Craft Playdate

Your #1 Fan post on January 28th, 2012
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Novalie invited two of her friends over for a craft party.  One of the girls went home from school with a fever, so she wasn’t able to make it.  We carried on anyhow because I had things set up at home and even though they just did 3 simple craft projects, it was a lot more work on my part than it looks like.  She has really clicked lately with the friend that was able to come and they had a lot of fun together.  Besides the crafts, they had fun sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag (ouch, but they LOVE it), playing dress up and playing in the snow.  They asked for pizza and because I am awesome, I said sure why not and got them Domino’s at 3:00 in the afternoon.  They missed their other friend, but all in all, I would say it was a success.

Painting little treasure boxes.

Decorating Valentine’s Day boxes.

Novalie’s completed box…now she has two boxes to leave surprises in!

Shaving cream snowmen.  They LOVED this messy project!

 Novalie’s snowmen family in the artic.  The saving cream dries all puffy…it is super cute!

Silly girls….decorating their faces!

 Happy Art Day!

Decorations and Alligators

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While Novalie was at school yesterday, I decorated her room a bit for Valentine’s Day.  A quick trip to the dollar store and $5 later, she had a cute surprise waiting for her after school.

(I had the heart lights, since college actually, this year Novalie gets them in her room!)

Close up of the balloons.

Simple, but fun.

She liked her surprise, especially the balloons.  She promptly took a heart off the wall and put it on her fish tank so Goldie wouldn’t feel left out.  The Valentine Mailbox that she made last year is out and she has found some awesome surprises in it.  Valentine’s Day is under way at our house.

I go to art with Novalie’s class each week.  When I found out that was my volunteer assignment for the year, I thought it was pretty funny.  I can’t even draw a straight line.  It has been fun though and I can help the students with the 3rd grade step by step instructions.  Today, they were between projects so they had free time.  I was busy cutting squares for next weeks project, but I looked up every once in awhile to see what the kids were working on.  The table of girls were either coloring pictures or making pink, dainty hearts or flowers.  And Novalie?  She made this:

A huge alligator with an even huger rectangular head.  She always stays true to who she is.  The moment she comes home with a pink, dainty flower, I will be worried.  I had a good giggle while I was cutting away.  She makes me smile.

Every now and then, I like to snap a picture of Novalie deep in sleep.  I like to be reminded that all this hard work that I put into Novalie is so worth it while she is peacefully, silently sleeping.  There is something so soothing to the soul to watch you child sleep.  It brings an inner peace that is only found in a few things.


Brain Purge

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Shows I am loving lately…..

1.Say Yes to the Dress.  I just started watching this show in the last 2 months.  I never thought I would even make it through 2 minutes of this show because I don’t care one wit about wedding dresses.  I never plan on wearing one again.  I keep mine just cause I feel some obligation (to who knows who) to keep it.  I surprisingly love this show.  I find it interesting how many different styles of dresses there are and how each girl chooses such a different dress.  And I like the family drama and dynamics.  Sometimes I get down right mad at the families because they don’t know when to just shut their mouths.  And I just think it is ridiculous how much money people spend on a wedding dress.  I will probably eat those words one day!

2.  Jersey Couture Oh my good heavens, it would just be silly and idiotic if I liked that show.

3.  House of Anubis.  Family favorite on Nickelodeon.  It is about a group of teenage kids at a boarding school in England.  They have a mystery to solve following clues and having to be sneaky around their caretaker who is after the same thing as the kids.

4.  Revenge.  Oh sweet revenge.  Now, I believe in repentance and forgiveness and all that goodness.  However, the guilty pleasure of Revenge is just that…a guilty pleasure.  I love how Emily (Amanda) goes about getting revenge.  She lets peoples own lies destroy them.  She doesn’t go around killing people to avenge her father’s death, she thinks of clever, oh so clever, ways to ruin their lives.

5.  HGTV.  Anything on that channel.  It blows my mind away with the things that the creative geniuses on that channel come up with.  They turn blank rooms into masterpieces.  I was not born with that part of my brain…it is missing.  But, after I see the final reveal, I think, oh now I get it.  I see how they put that with that and it works.  Could never duplicate it however.

Moving on….

Two favorite moments from this past weekend.  1st, we got to meet Shayla, who is the daughter of a niece and nephew.  They were at our mall having dinner with Shayla’s birthmother.  We didn’t get to soak up her cuteness out of respect for the dinner, but I hope to get together with them soon.  Shayla is so cute!  And I have to say I was jealous of the dinner with their birthmother.  I wish we had that kind of a relationship with Novalie’s birthmother.  2nd, we got a lot of snow and I love playing in the snow with Novalie, but I just wasn’t feeling it this weekend.  Right when I was going to give in (because Novalie is persistent and I do really like playing with her in the snow) her cousins texted to invite Novalie over to play with them in the snow.  A tender mercy at that moment.

I need a new pair of sunglasses and a new pair of jeans.  This is a problem because I have a problem buying things for myself.  Take sunglasses, for example.  I will go into Target, pick some out that I love, then decide not to buy them because I talk myself out of it.  However, I will leave the store having brought something for Novalie.  Repeat 5 or 6 times until I just can’t stand the extremely bright glare of the sunshine reflecting off the snow any longer.  Or if Kevin is with me and he forces the purchase.  By the way, I want jeans with a sparkling bum….I am too old for that, right?

The cost of food is INSANE!  I just need to learn to shop the ads and shop with coupons, I guess.  I hate, hate grocery shopping.  Actually having to spend time planning grocery shopping before I am grocery shopping makes me hate it even more.  I want a golden ticket to eat out for the rest of my life.  No grocery stores ever again would be heavenly bliss.

Novalie is in a group of 3 friends including her.  I am nervous about this.  3 is a bad number.  There is always an odd man (girl) out.  I am encouraging her (daily) to expand her circle of friends.  4 months left of school.  Please no girl drama in those 4 months.  It has been SO nice this year to be free from drama.  I am planning a craft party for Novalie and her 2 friends for this Friday.  You better believe I am going to be a fly on the wall to see how they interact together.

Tomorrow, Novalie’s bedroom is going to get a Valentine’s Day makeover.  I can’t wait until she gets home from school to see the surprise!

Kevin and I decided (ok, I decided, but he loved it so I can pretend like “we” decided) to have a globe/map themed living room that spills over into the kitchen.  He loves it so much, that he is scared I will change my mind down the road.  I won’t.  I can’t wait to start collecting globes and maps.

I am so thankful for time alone in my car.  Warm feet, loud music.  Freedom.

The End.

Four Day Weekend

Your #1 Fan post on January 18th, 2012
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We just got done with a four day weekend.  Novalie had Friday and Monday off of school and we tried to make the best of it.

Here is some of what we did……

We played lots of games over and over and over again.  I lost an embarrassing amount of times (for reals…I don’t do the lose on purpose for my kid thing, I really lost fair and square).

Training the next generation to be a Skip-bo champ like her Mama.

Novalie’s first time playing Yahtzee and she totally WON by a lot.

We decorated clothespins to hang up her art work with.  It was a cheap ($1 cheap) project and Novalie loved it.

They turned out super cute!

 Finished project!

We made chocolate chip cookies to bake in the Easy Bake Oven.

The best part of cookies is the dough.  Yum!

 One of her little decorated cookie cakes!

We went up to Logan to spend the day with cousins!  Yay, Novalie’s favorite thing!  We went to the Fun Park where Novalie roller skated and played laser tag for the first time and played on the big jungle gym.

Tristan, Novalie and AJ

See this sign?  See how it says if you hit 2 targets in a row, you get the extreme bonus tickets of 1,000?  Well, guess who got the extreme bonus??

This girl did!!  1,000 tickets!  What are the chances, huh?  My lucky girl.

I love four day weekends!  And I love my Novalie!

Week One of 2012

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We have been busy playing with our (Novalie’s) new toys.

My Mom has been waiting for Novalie to be 8 to get her an Easy Bake Oven.  Novalie really, really wanted one for Christmas, so it worked out perfectly!  We have tried the red velvet cupcakes (yummy), chocolate chip cookies (good) and the pizza (nasty).   After using it now a few times, I realize you don’t have to go spend like $6 or so on a tiny packet of Easy Bake mix.  Novalie and I can make a batch of regular (.99 cent) brownies, for example, and she can use some of the batter in her Easy Bake.  All the utensils and pans are so tiny and adorable.  It is super fun!

Mixing up some red velvet cupcakes.


We also have been making new crayons, thanks to Novalie’s new crayon maker from Grandma and Grandpa Jolley and Aunt Janell.  They come out all swirly and cool.  Or to use Novalie’s new favorite word, “sweet!”

Need to get better pictures, but here Novalie is getting set up for a new round of making crayons.

We have also been busy practicing, practicing, practicing multiplication facts.  Novalie is doing awesome with it and much better than I was anticipating.  (Novalie and math go together like oil and water).  When she passes off all her multiplication tables we are going to have a big party!  She is working hard.

Novalie has been playing school with her Webkinz a lot lately.  She is teaching them their multiplication tables.  Which is awesome because that means extra practice for her!  Although, sometimes she says, “their math is different than our math.”  Hmmm…maybe that is hindering her progress.

All lined up waiting patiently for their assignment.

Novalie loves writing messages with her Banana Grams.

I left her the above message because she has strep throat (again), ear infection and a fever.  I think it is safe to say, 2012 is the year her tonsils will be coming out.  She was miserably sick Saturday and Sunday, so we camped out in front of the t.v. and watched cartons and movies.  We also went through all 8 worlds of Mario on the Wii two and a half times.  She drank a ridiculous amount of apple juice and barely ate anything.  Usually when Novalie is sick, she carries on as normal.  It doesn’t slow her down.  This time she was sick, sick.  It was so very sad to see and I would have done anything to take her pain away.  I am so thankful the antibiotics kicked in today and she is slowly returning to her normal self.


Happy Disinfecting Day tomorrow!