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Classmate Compliments

Your #1 Fan post on February 16th, 2012
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Novalie’s teacher had all her students write compliments to each class member.  I think this is so great!  It gives kids self confidence and self esteem and lets them know, hey..everyone really does like me!  Here are Novalie’s list of compliments that her classmates said about her:

~You are fun.

~You are so funny.

~You are creative.

~I like your imagination.

~You are so nice.

~You are sooooo nice.

~You’re nice.

~You are very good at writing books.

~You are a great story writer.

~You are a great friend.

~Good friend.

~You have the best stories.

~You are a fun friend and have many ideas.

~You’re cool.

~You are kind.

~Good story teller.

~You tell good stories.

~You are nice.

~You are so nice.

~You are a good worker.

~You tell good stories.

~You are nice.

~You are sweet.

I agree with all of them!  Novalie is all of these things and I love that her friends appreciate all the many, many, many stories she writes and shares with the class.  I am proud of her for being nice and creative at school!


Feel the Love

Your #1 Fan post on February 15th, 2012
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I love Valentine’s Day……as a Mommy.

I love giving Novalie little surprises throughout the day.

I decorated her lunchbox with stickers and yummy treats for lunch.  She loved it and shared her treats with her friends.

Rice Krispie heart for her after school surprise treat.  (don’t judge my heart, I am artistically challenged)

Novalie’s after school surprises.  A letter from Grandpa and Grandma Jolley, a card and small surprise from Grandma Vernier and her heart treat.

Can you say ALL day sugar high?

We got heart shape pizzas for dinner and Novalie’s big surprise was waiting for her at the dinner table.

Her 301st stuffed animal.  What can I say?!  She LOVES any and all stuffed animals.

My favorite part of the day, the Valentine Novalie made for me and her Daddy.  So cute and just filled my heart up close to bursting!

And just so you don’t go thinking we are all perfectly lovey dovey…..we ended the night by my Mom taking us to DQ for treats.  I ordered Novalie’s cookie dough blizzard and they were OUT of cookie dough.  Dear heavens me.  Novalie’s struggle with adapting to change (any kind of change, even ordering something different than cookie dough) plus an all day sugar high plus it being bedtime equaled Novalie making some really bad cranky decisions.  Which earned her a trip straight to bed without her NEW stuffed doggy.  Oh the tears, tears, tears.  Just keeping it real.

Happy heart Day!

p.s.  Novalie’s class Valentine Day party was awesome and a success!  I made those phone calls and delegated everything and everyone showed up.  It was fantastic fun!

February Goals

Your #1 Fan post on February 3rd, 2012
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Goal setting is so last January, but I have never been into trends, so I am making some February goals.

This February I WILL do the following:

*Make Novalie a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 new pair of pants.  She won’t wear jeans or any pants that are not sweatpants or yoga pants.  The girl has to move and can’t be restricted by her pants.  And she waits until the last possible moment to go to the bathroom, so she can’t be botherred with buttons and zippers.  However, her 7/8 are too short now and 10’s don’t fit around her waist.  I am going to solve this problem because I know how to sew and I know how to sew cute pants.

*I am going to exercise 3 days a week for 45 minutes.  My goal is to NOT lose weight, but to feel healthy, to feel more alive and be thankful for a body that moves.

*File our taxes.  They are done, I just need to complete the final step of filing.  Along with this goal is the goal to sit down with Kevin and plan out what we are going to do with our small refund.  What usually ends up happening is we make a big payment somewhere and then we spend 10 here and 10 there thinking, oh it is just $10, but all those small $10’s add up fast and we are left thinking, what happened to all our money?  So, I am going to make us make a very specific list with the exact amount of each item.  We are going to make that money work for us.

*I will make Novalie’s school class Valentine’s Day party fun.  This is more of a to-do, than a goal.  Her teacher asked me in the beginning of the year if I would like to be in charge of the Valentine’s Day party.  I said of course, thinking WA style class party.  Treat, juice and opening Valentine’s.  However, after being to their Halloween and Christmas parties, this is UT people and they are competitive and over the top.  I am talking 5 stations with crafts, treats, games, prizes, stories, movies, ect.  It is so amusing to me and makes me a little crazy that I have to conform to their ways because I am not going to have Novalie be the one with the parent that threw the lame party.  The problem is I have to make phone calls.  Ten phone calls to ten different people.  I do not make phone calls.  The teacher won’t give me e-mail addresses and this school does not give our home addresses either and believe me if they did, I would drive to 10 different houses to talk to them to their face.  I DO NOT MAKE PHONE CALLS.  So, my goal is to make those 10 phone calls on Monday.

*I will get my hair cut this month.  It is 3 months overdue.  I need to find a new place to get my hair cut here.  Small talk with a stranger for an hour….ugh…that is why my hair cut is 3 months overdue.

*I will, will, will buy a new pair of jeans during February.  And maybe a new top if I can find one I like at a price I like.  But, I will get those new jeans.  Those are years overdue.

*Paint a small wall section with chalkboard paint.

*Hire my niece to babysit and go on a date with Kevin.  I miss our Cafe Rio lunch dates where we sat around and analized all the different “Mom” groups lunching together.

*Another goal I am going to work on this month is going to the grocery store and getting everything on my list.  I hate shopping, but I really hate grocery shopping.  I have a limit and when I reach that limit, I am done.  It doesn’t matter if I have 10 items left on my list, if I am done, I am leaving that store without those 10 items.  I AM DONE.  Which is a problem because those 10 items were on my list for a reason, so I have to make another trip to the store to get them.  It is counterproductive because then I have to make 2 trips to the store.  My plan is to get some earphones to listen to music on my cellphone to push me through those last items when I reach my limit.

I just noticed that there is a theme with the majority of my goals.  And that is to be less of an introvert.  I am the definition of introvert.  Oh well.

And now for some pictures!  We got to be apart of my nephew’s 3rd birthday celebration.  He wanted to go bowling and it was super fun.  Jack was adorable bowling and opening his presents.  His reactions were classically cute!

Every time I said, “Jack, smile for a picture,” his eyes would shut and he would smile huge.  Love him!

When it was Jack’s turn, everyone wanted to help him!

Sophie doesn’t like to be away from her mommy!  (Novalie looks good holding a baby)  😉

Cousins!  🙂

It is going to be a happy February!