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Spring Break Here We Come!

Your #1 Fan post on March 29th, 2012
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There is only 1 day now until spring break begins, but we are excited!

Visiting family, visiting friends, no homework, General Conference, Easter, no homework, no alarm clocks, mini overnight hotel vacation and no homework!  I am so glad and thankful there is such a thing as spring break!

Kevin surprised Novalie with a new 3D DS video game doohickey.  Forget gameboys, this bad boy is fancy.  Internet, netflix, camera and a whole ton of other stuff besides video games.  It will definitely help in keeping her entertained for our 9/10 hour car trip.

♥Happy Spring Break!♥

We Have Movement

Your #1 Fan post on March 25th, 2012
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Yesterday, Novalie did not move from the couch.  While on the couch, she did not move.  She went to the bathroom twice and I carried her to and from.  I can count on 1/2 of one hand how many times she has been sick to the point of no movement.  She was sick, sick, sick.  SICK with all capitals sick.

I don’t really know what she had.  Besides the strep throat, her stomach hurt very badly.  She didn’t eat all day.  She didn’t want me to touch her because if she moved even slightly the pain was too much.  She never threw up.  About 8 o’clock last night, she wanted to finally eat.  She ate 2 bowls of cereal and then when to bed.  Around 11:30 p.m. she woke up and coughed and coughed and coughed.  At around 3 a.m. she was burning up.  I gave her some ibuprofen and she went right back to sleep.  Whatever was in her body, her fever was trying to burn it out of her body.

She woke up this morning at 9 and was healed.  Whatever it was is gone and she is back to her moving self today.  I am so glad, but it is a mystery!

Strep Throat – Take 8

Your #1 Fan post on March 23rd, 2012
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Today marks the eight time Novalie has had strep throat since late December 2010.

I took her to the ENT doctor last week for some pressure in her left ear that she hasn’t been able to relieve.  While there, we talked about the strep throat and her tonsils.  He said that he 100% recommends they come out.  I wasn’t 100% sold on it, but as we sit here together licking fudge pops, I am convinced.

The tonsils (and adenoids, what do they do anyways?) are coming out in June.  (so she doesn’t miss 10 days of school) I am terrified.  Not of the tonsillectomy, but of the putting her to sleep part.  TERRIFIED.  And knowing that I can’t be there holding her hand while they put her to sleep is just mean (to her and a little bit mean to me).  She will be fine because she is such a brave and strong girl, but I don’t have to like it!

Until then, we will keep pumping the yummy pink amoxicillin in her and pray this is the last time she has to suffer through this until June.  I will miss the excuse to have ice cream for dinner though.  I will just have to think up a new (and less painful) excuse.  😉

St. Patrick’s Day Recap

Your #1 Fan post on March 19th, 2012
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One of our St. Patrick’s Day traditions is for the leprechaun to hide gold coins all over the house.  This leprechaun could not find gold coins anywhere near here.  I was nervous about how no gold coins was going to go over, but all the candy hidden made up for it.  I just told Novalie that the leprechaun must have ran out of gold coins this year.  I gave Daddy leprechaun the task of hiding the candy before morning and he sure did deliver.  Novalie woke up to her basket of fruit that she keeps in front of her door all split out down the hallway and she knew that pesky leprechaun was here.  She started collecting the candy and had a nice breakfast of candy.  The leprechaun even left her an awesome letter this year!

Novalie spent the day eating candy and going swimming with a friend to an indoor wave pool.  We ended the day with our traditional treasure hunt.  Novalie had 12 clues with her treasure waiting at the end.  She was really sweet at the end and wanted to immediately send me on a treasure hunt.  I have to say that her clues were great and my treasure was a sweet flower she made out of clay.  We all wore green, so no one got pinched.  It was a successful St. Patrick’s Day.


Your #1 Fan post on March 13th, 2012
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We have spent the last 3 days outside in the sunshine!  Novalie has ended the days tired, dirty and with freckled, rosy cheeks.  I have said it a million times before and I will say it a million more times, we are summer sunshine girls.  I am sure we will have more winter to come, so we are soaking up the sun and enjoying it while it lasts.

After school snack and reading time outside in the sun.

Novalie has been glued to her scooter or roller skates or bike.  Her and her friends have been in and out of our house.  They have acted out “House of Anubis” stories, made up a circus act, danced, laughed, jumped on trampolines, biked, roller skated and lots and lots of scootering.

Happy Sunshine!