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Summer Vacation is Here!

Your #1 Fan post on May 31st, 2012
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Tomorrow is Novalie’s last day of school.  I am extremely, extremely overjoyed about  having Novalie home all day.  I just don’t feel ready like I have in years past.  By this time, I usually have a pretty good map of how our summer is going to go.  This summer, I just don’t know what it is going to be like.  This is our first summer here.  We need to feel out what is going to work for us and what is not.  All the places and activities we have tried here have SO MANY people.  I have to just find a way to get used to that.  I don’t like people.  Wait…I mean I like people, I just don’t like them near me.  😉

I am on the ball and have this little cuteness ready to send to school with Novalie tomorrow for her teacher (who is the absolute best and I would be ok with Novalie flunking 3rd grade just to have her again):

Thanks to Pinterest for the cute ideas.

Speaking of Pinterest, let’s talk about it for a moment.  I am banning it for the summer.  Well, I will look up specific things if I get stumped on creative art projects for Novalie, but that’s it.  With summer approaching and all the “100 things to do with your kids this summer” lists circulating, it made me start to think I was a “bad” or “not fun” mother if I didn’t have a similar list.  I started one on a post-it note on my laptop desktop.  It has 48 really fun, cool things on it.  But, come on….I have never had a list before and Novalie and I have really fun, awesome summers.  I don’t need a list.  And I don’t need to feel bad about myself because it works for some families.  I also don’t need to put together a beautiful food display with perfectly themed birthday cupcakes with perfect decorations for Novalie’s birthday.  Kids don’t care about that stuff, so why do parents run themselves ragged to put it together?   I get it if it is your passion or if you like to make things beautiful, but it is not mine and I am not about to start because of Pinterest.  Because I let it influence me, I am going to stay off it this summer and not read about all the home summer camps you can put together for your kids because I will think Novalie is missing out and she is sooo not missing out.  That girl has a blessed, rich life.  My happy pinning days are behind me for awhile.  (there are so many fun summer ideas out there in Pinterest land and I love so many of them, but I am going to only go there if I need a specific idea)  I think I need therapy.

Now that that is out of my system……where was I?  Oh yes, summer vacation.  I did manage to organize what Novalie’s morning daily chores are because if I don’t start them on Monday morning, I am toast if I want them to happen.  In the past two summers that we have done this, Novalie has been a champ at it.  If I establish the routine right off the bat, she gets it that she has to do the things on the list before anything else can happen.  And also, if the routine is set, when we miss a day she knows she has to go right back to it the next day.  I give her the flexibility to do the list in any order she chooses.  She likes that because it puts her in charge and she is much more cooperative.  The only thing she doesn’t have a say in is our 2 miles of exercise.  It has to be done first thing because it gets too hot.

Let the summer vacation begin.  I know it is going to be great, I am just feeling a little nervous about the unknown’s.  Whatever we end up filling our fun time with, it will be fun and fantastic because how could it not be with Novalie as my daughter?!

Happy Summer Vacation!

Field Day

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When I was in elementary school in New York, we had a field day.  I don’t remember if we had them in Texas or not.  But, 5th and 6th grade I remember.  There was a red team and a blue team.  You had official field day tee-shirts in either red or blue.  It was an all day event.  All the parents came to watch.  There were winners.  There were losers.  There was 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place in relay races, three legged races, sprint races, tug of war, ect.  It was serious business.  With ribbons and awards.

I had this scene in my mind when I showed up to man my station that I volunteered for at Novalie’s field day.  It was drastically different.  It was a lot of fun for the kids, but it was basically a water party.  I think calling it a field day threw me off because of my childhood experience.  Like I said, it was a lot of fun, just different.

I was in charge of the sponge relay for two hours and then the drip, drip, drench game for the next two hours.  Drip, drip, drench is duck, duck, goose but with a sponge and when you say “drench” you ring the sponge out on the persons head.  1st graders did NOT like this.  2nd and up thought it was great fun and loved drenching their friends.  Sponge relay is passing a sponge over your head or under your legs and the last person in line wrings out the water in the bucket.  I was exhausted from yelling over loud kids all day to explain the games and to cheer them on.  The funniest and most frustrating part of the day?  When I would tell the kids to form a circle for drip, drip, drench, they could not make a circle.  It was hilarious and maddening all at the same time.

Novalie in action during the sponge relay.

Loving field day!

I was glad that I could go and help out.  Novalie loves it anytime that I am at the school.  Her class went out for P.E. when the 1st graders were doing their field day.  She saw me and sprinted towards me and jumped on me in a huge, excited hug.  I love that so much!

Happy Field Day!

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

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Novalie, my Mom, my niece Jessica and I drove up to Montana for the long weekend.

We went to visit Danielle and her family, my nephew Gary Allen and to visit my Dad’s grave site.

It rained the entire time.

Well, it rained that is until it was time for us to leave.  Then the sun decided to shine.

Being stuck inside all day long with different age kids with different interests was nerve wracking.  I pictured them playing outside all day while I chatted away with my sister inside.  However, the rain did not stop.  We changed our plans.

We went to the carousel.  Which was the day to go because it was their birthday, so the kids got to ride for free.  I don’t feel like we took full advantage of that because they only went on it twice.  Twice?  It was free, come on kids!  That’s ok because it goes fast and I was totally nauseous just watching it go round and round.  I’m old.

We went bowling.  It was awesome.  I had 97 points going into the last frame.  Gary Allen thought he had his win in the bag with a 133.  I step up and get a spare.  Then a strike.  My final score?  A 133.  Totally tied him.  I am cool like that.

Second game, he totally beat us all with a 188.  I call him 188 now.

We went to the park.  For 5 minutes.  It was raining and cold.  Ok, it was more like 20 minutes.

On Memorial Day, the sun was shining and we went to my Dad’s grave site.  He doesn’t have a headstone yet, so we put flowers in the ground where a headstone will go in the future.

Sweet Jessica, 188 & my Mom

Danielle and her boys

I miss my Dad.  Novalie misses her Grandpa.

Despite all the rain, it was a fun time.

Happy Memorial Day!

p.s.  I saw my hair bows that are being sold at Three Mile Store.  I am pretty much famous.

Arctic Island

Your #1 Fan post on May 24th, 2012
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We have had a pile of empty gallon water jugs getting bigger and bigger.  This past weekend, we decided to put them to use.  We didn’t have enough to build an igloo big enough for Novalie to play in, so we decided to make an igloo for her stuffed polar bears.  Arctic Island started to form.

I got out my handy little hot glue gun and glued them together.  While I was busy doing that, Novalie got out her bag of stuffing she uses to make stuffed creatures and started spreading it out for snow.  She is so creative…I wouldn’t have thought to use that.  We made a sled out of the few water bottles left over to give her arctic animals rides.  We put it all together and the adventures on Arctic Island began.

Snuggling in with her polar bears for some fun!

Snowball fight anyone?

So cute.  So fun.

♥Happy Arctic Island!♥

Thirty Something

Your #1 Fan post on May 21st, 2012
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Kevin had a birthday and he is now thirty something.  Like the last thirty number there is.  There is no, no, no, NO way that we are that old.  We act like we are 20 still.  We still make carefree and irresponsible decisions.  We just refuse to grow up and be adults.  I think we are feeling it this year and we need to knock it off.


Novalie wanted to make him a soccer cake.  His favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting.  Novalie did a great job decorating it to look somewhat like a soccer ball.

On our way to getting dinner, we made a spontaneous decision to check out Hobby Lobby.  Finally.  We have wanted to go into this store since we moved here, but for whatever reason, we just never have.  It is an awesome craft store.  The funniest part was seeing Kevin walk up to us with a doll head and doll body parts.  Creepy.  Doll parts are creepy on their own, it was extra funny, creepy for a grown man to be walking in a store carrying them.  Maybe we just thought it was funny.

Happy Birthday Kevin!