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4th of July

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The 4th of July was one of my very most favorite days of the year when we lived in Pullman.  I was really missing it this year.  We had traditions set in place that had been happening for 4 years and I was sad to not be doing them.  I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but it turned out to still be fun.

My Mom had mentioned to me that people had already started setting up their chairs and roping off their spots for the parade the next morning.  What the what?  While we were out running errands, I drove by the area I had in mind to watch the parade and sure enough, every inch of curb was already taken.  Again, what the what?  I don’t even know what to say about this behavior or how to explain it.  It hurts my brain to even try to break it down.  Maybe I need to ask a born and raised person of this fine state to explain it.  Because of this behavior, I wanted to stay home all day and not interact with any of the crazy people.  However, what is the 4th of July without going to a parade?!

Novalie invited a friend since it was the first year not going with cousins.  We got there an hour before the parade started, found a great parking spot, found a great tree to set up our little camp under.  I sat there and still did not understand the need to mark your area the day before.  (I am really baffled by this, can you tell? ;))  We got a perfect spot.  When the parade started the girls walked to the curb and I had a great view of all the parade participants from my shady tree.  All those people in the hot sun on the curb (who set their chairs/blankets there the day before) were missing out on a great spot.

4th of July Cuties!

I double ♥ this picture.  Waiting for the parade to start by reading “Baby Mouse” comic books.

After the parade, we got big yummy snow cones.  So American.  So 4th of Julyish.  So perfect.

We dropped Novalie’s friend off and headed to my brother and sister-in-laws house for some swimming and a barbecue.  Big juicy steaks and Benihana ginger sauce (my brother makes it yum-o) make me happy.  🙂

Novalie and her cousin, Alyssa, swimming.

*Note to self on future 4th of July’s:  Do NOT let your daughter and husband go to the firework stand without adult (as in me) supervision.  They will come home with way over the 4 you said they could get.  However, as your daughter fell asleep that night and I asked her what the best part of the day was, she said…”buying all those fireworks with Daddy.”  SO, you might just have to lighten up a bit and turn a blind eye to the price on that receipt.  Still, next year, you should go with them.*

The rest of the night, we set off our fireworks and Novalie ran and danced around with sparklers.  We set off an aerial firework that our area had banned for this year (I think, I am still not sure where the boundaries were).  Seconds after it finished, a firetruck drove by s.l.o.w.l.y and we thought we were busted.  They kept driving, but we felt too guilty/worried/nervous to set off the other big one, so we are saving it for the 24th.  And that ended our 4th of July.

♥American Girl♥

Setting off her worm daytime fireworks.

It is so hard to catch a little girl who would not stop twirling around with sparklers to snap a picture.  I don’t blame her.

Watching the big (illegal) firework go off!

H~A~P~P~Y 4th of July!

Birthday Camping

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For Novalie’s birthday this year, she wanted to go camping.  It was her first time and she loved it.

Well, loved it minus the bugs.

I picked a campground close to us and easy to get to.  I also picked it because it has a beach area for swimming on the lake.  We went the night before Novalie’s birthday because she wanted to wake up camping and open her presents in the tent.  We were happy to fulfill her request.

We borrowed my brother’s tent, packed some hot dogs and s’mores (the most important thing!) and we were off.

Helping get the tent set up.

Helping set up camp.

After we set up our tent and got organized, we did a little exploring of the campground.  Novalie really wanted to get going on roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, so Kevin got a fire going for us and we got roasting.

Roasting her hot dogs.

After hot dogs, it was on to the marshmallows.

S’mores are so yummy!

After we were full, we went on the bat walk looking for bats.  It was still too light to see any.  When it got darker later though, Kevin and Novalie found some bats skimming the trees for bugs.  We hung up balloons on the ceiling of the tent.  Novalie and I played a game or two of skip-bo.  When it was dark, we told stories around the campfire.

Kevin trying to give Novalie a hug and take a picture.  She was not cooperating.

Birthday balloons!

Beating me at Skip-bo…..again.  I taught her too well.

Then we went to bed.  Well, Novalie went to sleep.  I got maybe an hour total of sleep the whole night.  We had noisy kids next door to us and a train that passed by all, I mean ALL, night long tooting the horns.  It was a looooooong night.

As promised, Novalie got to open her presents right when she woke up in the tent.

So excited to open her presents.  I love that she literally had been awake for all of 30 seconds.

Happy with all her presents.

After presents, Kevin drove the 5 minutes to Subway and brought back breakfast sandwiches.  We really rough it!  Ok, so I brought scrambled eggs and a frying pan, but didn’t think through how I was going to cook them over an open fire.  What can I say, it has been a long time since I last camped.  We sat on a blanket in the shade and ate our Subway sandwiches and watched as people left or took their boats out to the lake.  We then packed up camp and went to the beach area by the lake.  There were a lot of bugs at the lake.  A lot.  So, we stayed for all of 45 minutes.  Novalie made a hot tub in the sand.  She hunted for 9 birthday rocks.  We had her cake (per her request) and then headed home.

Playing in the sand.

Her hot tub as she called it.

She wanted a Puss in Boots cake ever since the movie came out.  I was glad we finally found one at Target.

What it looked like after we made it small enough to take camping.

Back home, we rested for a little while and then we went to see the movie, “Brave.”  Loved the red hair.

Then we ended her birthday with a birthday dinner at Chuck-a-Rama.  I was skeptical as buffets sometimes tend to be….well…nasty, but it was quite good.  We sat by the roll station, so we knew when they were hot out of the oven.  Dangerous for me.  Novalie had free reign since it was her birthday and had 3 desserts.  🙂

It was a full and fun packed birthday celebration for a well deserved, beautiful 9 year old!

H~A~P~P~Y 9th B~I~R~T~H~D~A~Y!

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Dear Novalie,

You are now a beautiful 9 year old.  I am proud of how you handled being an 8 year old.  It was a big year and you experienced a lot of changes.  You were so brave, outgoing, strong and confident through it all.  You learned how to use and rely on the Holy Ghost.  You learned how to use the Atonement.  You had friend drama and you dealt with it and then moved on.  You worked hard in school.  You are continuing to grow into a beautiful and energetic little lady.  I am proud to be your Mommy and excited to see what being 9 years old brings.

At 9 years old:

*You want to be a Dolphin Trainer and a Polar Bear Trainer.  Despite what we tell you about polar bears, you are convinced that they will be your friend and you will train them.   You also want to be an author and write about your training adventures.

* You asked for a Barbie for the first time (ok, second…there was that time that you wanted the Christmas Barbie because of her beautiful dress) for your birthday.  You now play with Barbies.

*You love your stuffed animals just as much as you always have.  You still add to your collection.  You got money for your birthday and the first thing you wanted was a new stuffed animal.  You also got a Build-A-Bear for enduring your surgery recovery and you LOVE that thing.

*You just got your tonsils out and it was a miserable recovery.  You were so brave and fought through it like a champion.

*Your favorite books are the Humphrey series books.  They are stories about a hamster.

*Each night we tell each other our favorite part of the day.  Each Sunday, your answer is taking the sacrament.  You are really learning what it means to have that privilege each week.

*You have made some great friends and you want to play with them every single day.  And you usually do.  Your best friends are Kayla, Hope, Taylor and Mackenzie.

*You love to play card and board games with me.  We usually start each day off or end each day by playing games.  Skip-bo, Monopoly and Scrabble Jr. are your favorites right now.  (and Apples to Apples, although we don’t own a copy and you can’t wait to go back to Grandma and Grandpa’s to play again and I haven’t bought a copy just for that reason.)

* You LOVE….I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (like seriously LOVE) writing stories.  I have piles and piles and piles and some more piles of books that you have written.  I can’t bear to throw one away because I love them all, but we need to figure something out because they are taking over the house.  You are so creative and your stories show that.  Your 3rd grade class voted you the best story writer at the end of the year.  I agree, you are the best story writer.

*You love riding your scooter.

*You love swimming and tennis.

*You love Taylor Swift and Miranda Cosgrove.

*You love family dance each night.

*You love playing your DS each night before bed.

*You are a sassy girl and talk back a little too much.  We are constantly working on that.  If you get overly tired or hungry, aliens invade your body and you are less than pleasant to be around.  We try to avoid that.

*You are still very dependent on me (result of being an only child), but you are showing a lot more independence.  I hear a lot of, “Mom, I can do it myself.”  You are pulling away from me slightly, which is normal and healthy.

*You can not just take a no or yes answer.  You have to understand the “why” behind the decision.  I can’t use the, “No, because I am the Mom, that’s why” with you.  You accept no just fine when you understand the why.  Not many people get this about you, but I do.  I can say no 10 times, but until I explain it, you will keep asking.  As soon as you get an explanation, you don’t ask again.  Same goes with yes, but there is less explaining to do, so it mainly applies to hearing “no.”

*You are very sweet and have a very kind heart.  If someone is hurt, you are the first one there to make sure they are ok.  You are happy for your friends when happy things happen to them.  You are sweet and kind to other kids.

*You are very honest.  I love this about you.  You tell me everything, good or bad.  You hand the cashier the 10 cents you find on the ground without even giving it a thought.

*You are a very fun girl.  You laugh a lot.  You have more energy than you know what to do with.  You are funny.  You are silly.

*You get lost in imaginary play each day.  I have to be busy doing something else (or pretend at least) because you don’t like me to listen to your story line.  But, I secretly do and your imagination is brilliant.  Again, why you are such a good story writer.

*On some days you say you are lonely and want a sibling.  Other days, you say you are happy to be the only child.  Don’t give up hope on a sibling just yet.

*You love to be silly and crazy with your Daddy.  He is a silly guy and he makes you laugh.

*You still won’t wear jeans.  Or any pants with buttons and zippers.

*Your favorite thing to eat is:  at home, mac & cheese and cheese pizza lunchables.  Out to eat, Chick-fil-A or Olive Garden.

*You are very brave.  You try new sports, you walk up to kids and introduce yourself, you do hard things like shots and IV’s and take yucky medicine.

*You can sell lemonade like no one else.  You have no problems saying, “it is 50 cents, but if you have a dollar, we will take that too.”  (maybe that is rude, is it?  I just think it is being a good entrepreneur or saleswoman.)

*You love your guinea pig.

*You have an imaginary hamster named Swirl.  You judge your friendships with other kids based on whether or not they believe in Swirl.  She shows up a lot of places we go to.  You believe with all your heart that she is real.  Who am I to question that.  Believing is powerful.

*You like routines.  You do not like change.  If we have a change of plans, it usually does not go over well.  However, you are learning ways to cope and deal with it a little bit better now.

*You love going to movies.

*You love going to Chuck-E-Cheese.

*You love being with your cousins a lot.

*You love going to Activity Days.

*You love Jesus and Heavenly Father and want to make them happy and proud of you.

*You are a good friend.  You are fiercely loyal to your friends.  You are kind and can be trusted as a friend.  You make your friends laugh.  You really love your friends.

Novalie, sweet 9 year old, these are just some of the things you love and qualities you have.  You are such a ray of sunshine in my life and I love being your Mommy.  It is my favorite thing to be and do.  Thank you for letting me be your Mommy.  Thank you for being such a beautiful person inside and out.

Happy Birthday my Sunshine T-Rex!

Love always 100 infinities around the universe,