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Summer Days

Your #1 Fan post on August 31st, 2012
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11-The approximate number of blog posts I need to write about summer.

253-The approximate number of photos on my phone that I need to go through and edit for said blog posts.

4-The number of summer days left.

92-The number of mornings we have slept in.  (like 10 o’clock slept in-love)

15-The number of days we wasted spent recovering from tonsillectomy.

18-The number of days we spent vacationing away from home.

44-The number of days Novalie has had a friend over.

34-The number of days we were swimming.

112-The approximate number of lunchables consumed by Novalie and friends.

356-The approximate number of juice boxes/water bottles drunk by Novalie and her friends.

30-The number of activities we crossed off our summer list.

0-The number of times I visited Pinterest.

0-The number of times Novalie got sick!  (huge-thanks tonsillectomy)

3-The number of things we found out Novalie is severely allergic to.

14-The number of books I read.

8-The number of books Novalie read.

1,283-The number of zucchini’s we have grown in our garden.

7-The number of pumpkins Novalie has growing in her pumpkin garden.  (it makes me giddy-favorite thing to grow in garden ever)

97-The number of the average temperature all summer long.  (bliss)

5-The number of shades Novalie’s skin has turned.  (dark, darker, darker, darker, darkest)

1-The number of sunscreen (50 spf) bottles I used on Novalie.

81-The number of Sonic diet cokes or diet dr. peppers I have consumed.

37-The number of snowcones Novalie and her friends have consumed.

5-The number of times we have been to the movies.

20-The approximate number of hours I spent watching the Olympics.

4-The number of times Novalie and her friends created a water obstacle Olympic event in the backyard.

0-The number of cavities Novalie had.

1,654,870-The number of dollars Novalie’s tonsillectomy cost.  (I kid)

1-The number of bee stings I endured.

9-The number my baby girl turned. (What the what?)

36-The number I turned. 

34-The number of times I washed towels.

92-The number of days I heard Novalie laugh and be happy.

Infinity-The number that explains how much I love summer.

100 x infinity-The number that sort of starts to explain how much I love Novalie.

2,872-The number of tears I am going to shed to mourn the end of summer.

July With Friends

Your #1 Fan post on August 2nd, 2012
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The month of July went by in a flash.  Isn’t that how it always is?

This summer has been the summer of friends for Novalie.  During July, she woke up and either did her chores or went to tennis lessons.  My rule is that she can’t call any friends until 11:00 and not until her chores are done.  You better believe she gets them done everyday before 11 and right on the dot she has my phone in hand calling around.  Her best friend is here 3-4 days a week, all day and a lot of the times, into the night.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I wish I could have friends sleep over.”  (We are still on the fence about sleepovers, but for now, the answer is no).  If it is not her very best friend, then it is one of her other 3 best friends.

Here is the schedule:  play toys, go swimming (either at my brother’s pool, a local pool or the slip n’slide), come home, get in jammies, play Wii or watch a movie, play toys again.  And eat A LOT of food.  Occasionally, I will take them to do something else, but for the most part that is what they do every single day.  Novalie is loving every minute of it.

Swimming at my brother’s pool.  These two LOVE mermaids and dolphins and they have an on-going mermaid story they play out each time they swim.  Novalie’s mermaid name is Nature.

After swimming, in their jammies playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  Love this action shot!

We had a pass for a fun center, so I took them.  They did miniature golfing, bowling and laser tag.  They both thought laser tag was the most fun.

Stopping for lunch at Chick-fil-A while out doing errands.

Eating at In-N-Out burger on the way to the rodeo.  (Kevin snuck into the picture)

At the rodeo.  My brother works for the Maverik Center and was able to get us tickets for the rodeo.  We had a great time.  I told Kevin, I have a cowgirl inside me just waiting to burst out.  I love all things country!  The girls favorite thing about the rodeo?  President Monson was there and they got to see him pretty close up.  They were giddy with excitement over him being there.


They have had a lot of fun together.