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Bear Lake

Your #1 Fan post on September 26th, 2012
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My sister has a cabin at Bear Lake that we were able to go and enjoy twice during the summer.  It is a beautiful lake.  The sand is so soft.  You can walk out pretty far without it getting deep and the bottom is all sand, no rocks.  It is a perfect, fun relaxing place to be.  My sisters cabin is beautiful and one of my favorite things to do is stay up late and play cards and board games with my nieces.  Novalie loves playing with her cousins and loves the lake.

Just chillin’ on their rafts.

Working on a sand creation.  It eventually turned into a huge turtle.

Taking a mud bath.  They had soft skin.

Working on some sand mermaid tails.

Cute back view.

Novalie with three of her cousins taking a foot soak in the mud.  They came up with all sorts of things to do!

Beach Beauty!

On the second trip to the lake, my brother and his family came as well.  It was FUN!

My sister rented a boat and Novalie had a blast on it!

Jumping off the side of the boat.  The water was so beautiful out in the middle of the lake.  I didn’t last too long on the boat because I got motion sickness, but I am glad I was on for a little bit to see Novalie enjoy it so much.

Novalie and Tristan getting ready for their turn on the tube.  They loved it!

Beautiful kids!

Some of the Vernier cousins.

Thanks to my sister for letting us come and enjoy Bear Lake with them!  I can’t wait to do it again!

Mommy/Daughter Days

Your #1 Fan post on September 22nd, 2012
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Novalie and I had two special mommy/daughter days this year before school started.  We wanted to do too many things to fit in one day.

Day One:  We went to a local waterpark.  It is so funny to me that I went to this waterpark when I was Novalie’s age.  They have added a river raft ride and a lazy river since those olden days, but it was so fun to take Novalie on the dragons that I have been on numerous times.  Although, this time I got motion sickness from a waterslide.  Pathetic old age.  Besides that….we had so much fun.  Total summer lovin’ water fun.  We swam and swam and swam and swam.  We got a little crazy going around the lazy river.  I can’t tell you how many people I bumped into.  I felt like one of those obnoxious teenagers that don’t look where they are going.  I didn’t care though because Novalie and I had so much fun (and I apologized a lot).  We were in our happy place.

Day Two:  We got up and went into the city.  Our first stop was Build-A-Bear.  Novalie gets a back to school stuffed animal each year to help her feel safe and brave on the first day of school.  I am sure one of her other 5,172 stuffed animals would do the job just fine, but it is a tradition, so what are you going do?  Go to Build-A-Bear, that’s what.

Seriously, how cute is this?!

After the purchase of “Crumbles” the dog (this is one of my favorite names Novalie has come up with for a stuffed animal, I love her creative brain), we headed to our favorite restaurant.

Benihana, how we love you!

After our delicious lunch, we went to the movies.  Going to the movies the day before school has been a tradition since kindergarten.  I am feeling lucky that there has been a kid movie out each year for us to see.  This year’s movie was, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”  Novalie thought it was too sad because Timothy had to go back in the garden.  There were so many scenes that mirrored my own experiences.  There were some really sweet scenes.

On to the pet store we went for a collar and name tag for Crumbles.

Watching the name tag being engraved.

Our last stop of the day was to get school supplies.  I was disappointed in her school supply list.  I wanted to buy notebooks, binders, markers, pencils, erasers and pencil boxes.  We didn’t get to buy any of that.  Her list consisted of things like baggies, kleenex and hand sanitizer.  I snuck some of those other things in just to get that giddy back to school sharpened pencils feeling.

I love this daughter of mine so much.  I love these special days we have just the two of us where we can do whatever we choose.  No friends along, no to-do list, no cleaning, no chores.  Just one on one awesomeness.  I cherish days like these and tuck them away in my special memory spot.  It is so important to me to have these special days where we laugh all day and just soak up each others goodness.

♥Happy Mommy/Daughter Days!♥

Mediocre Fair

Your #1 Fan post on September 22nd, 2012
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One of our favorite things back on the Palouse was the county fair each year.  Novalie would enter artwork and she loved to go see it with her ribbons.  She would equally love the check for a few dollars she would get in the mail based on her ribbon placement.  She would ride the carnival rides until her heart was content.  We would enjoy the evening rodeo and we would enjoy elephant ears, snow cones, cotton candy and anything else that was unhealthy fair food.  We would stroll through all the animals and visit with friends.  I LOVE the county fair!  Seriously love.  The atmosphere, the smells, the confidence in the air of the kids participating, seeing all the ribbons, the baby animals, little kids in cowboy boots and cowboy hats.  Love it all.

Enter our new county’s fair.  I will just say that they could use some advice and lessons from the Palouse County Fair.  Novalie could have entered artwork, but the fair here is a lot earlier than the one we were used to, so I thought we had time.  Not until her friend said that she would be at the fair did I realize that it was here.  I will remember that for next year, so she can enter something.  They had one barn with animals.  What?  One barn?  It was tiny.  Novalie could have entered artwork and that would have sent the number of entries to 5.  The carnival rides were just the toddler ones.  What did the fair have?  Every home business under the sun had a booth set up to SELL you stuff.  It was a strip mall in a cow pasture.  So disappointing!  I am not even sure why I am recording it here.  Probably because I am feeling nostalgic for the Palouse in September.  I did however get cute pictures!

Next year, we are going to try out a neighboring county fair and hope it fulfills my love for county fairs!

I Love to See the Temple

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Novalie and I took the opportunity to go through the Brigham City Temple during the open house.  I wish Kevin could have come too, but the weekend and evening tickets were all sold out.

Waiting to go in.  Don’t let that smile fool you, she did not enjoy all the waiting and waiting and waiting in line.  (neither did I)  (and that was on a Thursday morning during their non-busy time)

Another thing she didn’t love?  The plastic booties.  She was having some major issues with those things and complained about them the entire time.

What she did love, however, was:

*The details.  She touched everything and commented on how interesting, beautiful, smooth, bumpy, clear, shiny, amazing it all was.  I am telling you, she loved the details.  At the beginning of the tour we were at the front of the line.  By the end, we were at the end of the line.  Everyone else kept a steady pace and we stopped at anything and everything.  This behavior is not normal for Novalie.  She is not a details person (except in her art and stories).  She is not a slow pace person.  When we are sight seeing, she is in and out in 10 seconds and done.  Super done.  The temple was different.  She knew she was somewhere special.  She treated it with interest and respect.  I was, once again, impressed by her behavior.  I loved every minute of it.

*The sealing room.  We stepped aside and talked about the last time we were in a sealing room together.  Novalie doesn’t remember it, she was only 7 months old, but I sure do remember it.  She has heard the story many times, but it was special talking about it standing in the temple.

*The celestial room.  Novalie oohed and awwed at the chandelier.  It was stunning.

*All throughout the temple, they had peach blossoms everywhere.  On the carpet, on the ceiling, on the door knobs, the light fixtures and the most beautiful peach blossom stained glass windows.  I loved the peach theme throughout.

*The baptismal font.  Novalie can’t wait until she is old enough to start doing baptisms for the dead.  She has talked about it so many times since touring the temple.

♥We loved our experience!♥

Fourth Grade

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First day of 4th grade!

Novalie is now a 4th grader!  It seems so much older than 3rd grade.  K-3rd are the little kids while 4th-6th are the big kids.  She is now a big kid.

Feelings are deeper.

Friendships are stronger.

Decisions are harder.

Thought process is maturing and deepening.

Novalie is still very much a little girl in her play and imagination and her creativity.  I have just noticed slight changes in the last couple of weeks.  Listening to music a little more, being in her room with the door closed a little more often, choosing shows with real people over cartoons a little more often.  When she says, “Mom, let’s talk,” which is pretty much nightly, her questions have more depth and I can provide a more in-depth answer as well.  I am gearing up to have the big “talk” with her (after I get done reading a book about it so I don’t mess it up big time).  I just feel a transition into more maturity.  And it is fun.  I like it.  I have always been so open with Novalie.  We have always talked about anything and everything.  I am seeing the benefit of that more and more as she gets older.  As the topics get harder, the conversation and the communication is easy and smooth.  I have built that foundation of honesty, trust and openness with no judgement, just complete acceptance and love for her.  It has always been so important to me to have that depth with her and I know it will just continue to grow.

I am so confident in Novalie facing 4th grade.  She is confident in herself.  I think it is going to be a good year of growth and development.

Showing off her backpack.

The first day of school went smoothly.  She was eager to get up (that only lasted one morning, I have to tickle her awake each morning until she can’t stand it any longer and gets up).  She did her morning routine that we planned out the night before.  She had a scrambled egg with cheese and then we walked to school.  No tears (by either of us)!!  Her teacher is super nice and I think Novalie is really going to like her.

Her backpack hanging in her classroom.

Getting right to work!  4th grade means business!

I confidently left that first day of school.  That feeling was new for me.  In all the years past, I had so many different scenarios of what if’s playing through my mind and the thoughts of…did I prepare her for that what if?  Novalie is a creature of habit and routine.  If something new is in front of her, I always worried about how she would handle it.  Will she be scared and I won’t be there to guide her?  However, time and time and time again she has been faced with difficult/different unforeseen situations and she is a true shining star in those moments.  By her actions and example, she has taken that fear away from me.  Because of that, I was able to walk away from the first day of 4th grade feeling good and excited for her.  She is going to rock 4th grade just like she did K-3rd.  I love this time in her life.  I am proud of her.  I love witnessing her growth.  She really is just exceeding any expectations I had and she is going to keep on doing that during 4th grade.

Special after school cookie!  Every time we go to the grocery store Novalie looks for a cookie with a dolphin pick in it.  This time, I took the cookie to the bakery and asked them if they could put one on the cookie.  It was the perfect surprise and celebration of completing the first day of 4th grade!

♥Happy 4th Grade, my Sunshine T-Rex, you are going to do AWESOME!♥