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Your #1 Fan post on October 29th, 2012
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Fall is quickly being replaced by winter in our neck of the woods.  However, we were blessed with another sunny, crisp Saturday which Novalie and I took advantage of.  While Kevin worked away at school, we snuck off to Scary Hill.


Unlimited Scary Hill Miniature Golf, Unlimited Haunted Tractor Rides, Unlimited Bug Bounce House, Unlimited Kid Maze, Unlimited Hamster Haven, Unlimited Spider Aeroball.



Trying to get a self portrait…cut off my head, now that is scary.




Skeletons sunbathing are the coolest.

♥Happy Scary Hill♥

First Snowfall of the Season!

Your #1 Fan post on October 26th, 2012
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I am so glad that we went to the fall harvest festival last weekend.  The temperature has dropped 30 to 40 degrees in a week.  Brrr…..  I wish the snow would have held off until after Halloween.  However, I do love the first snowfall of the season.  I was surprised to wake up to snow because I was awake when a thunderstorm blew by around 4 in the morning.

I was not prepared to send Novalie to school in the snow.  I couldn’t find her snow boots from last year, so she ended up wearing mine.  We had to dig out gloves and hats.  Her snow pants just barely fit.  It was a frantic morning.  When I returned home from walking Novalie to school, my feet were soaked and freezing.  Note to self:  buy Novalie snow boots ASAP so she doesn’t have to wear mine.

The trip to school to walk Novalie home was a lot better because by then the sidewalks were clear so I wasn’t trudging through the snow in my tennis shoes.  I did, however, shovel a ton of heavy, wet snow in my keens.  That was interesting and slippery.  Novalie was itching to play in the snow, so homework was a breeze.

Novalie’s friend came over, so I was glad to not have to go out into the freezing, wet snow….at first.  As I watched them through the window, I knew I was missing out, so I joined them….in my tennis shoes.

I said to Novalie, “let’s build a snowman!”

She replied with, “Mom, I am too creative to make just a snowman.”

Yes, yes you are.

Working on her polar bear slide.

Busy making their creations just right.

Even though we weren’t prepared for the snow, we had a fun day in the first snowfall of the season!

Painting Pumpkins

Your #1 Fan post on October 23rd, 2012
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“Painting pumpkins is fun to do,

fun to do, to do, to do!

Painting pumpkins is fun to do,

to do, to do, to do!”

Two cute cat pumpkins.

These are two of the pumpkins that Novalie grew in her pumpkin garden.

♥Happy Pumpkin Painting♥

Fall Festival Fun

Your #1 Fan post on October 22nd, 2012
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I love this time of the year when fall festivals are going on.  I love the crisp autumn air and the pumpkin patches.  We found this great fall harvest festival last year and we were excited to go again this year.  Novalie was a little more mellow about it this year, but she still ran around and had a great time.

The giant slide we fell in love with last year.  I still want one of these in my backyard.

Queen of the hay stack!  That is until she got cut by the hay, then she didn’t want anything to do with it.  Luckily, that happened towards the end of the night.

They got me into the corn maze.  I am not a fan of corn mazes because of being claustrophobic.  I am glad that this one didn’t effect me.

Novalie and I got caught running through the cornstalks not on the path.  What can I say?  It was more fun and adventurous that way, but I guess it was against the rules.

The stalks were full of old rotten corn.  It seemed like such a waste to me.  Novalie liked carrying it around.

Our favorite part of the festival.  You can’t beat a hayride to a pumpkin patch where you search for the perfect pumpkin for you.  Novalie was going for a BIG pumpkin this year and she was successful.  Kevin wanted a perfectly round pumpkin.  He spotted one right away and I had to guard it for him while he hunted around the rest of the pumpkin patch.  He ended up picking the first one he spotted.  I got a tall pumpkin which are my favorite.  We love pumpkins!

♥Happy Fall Harvest Festival♥

p.s. We got a deep fried twinkie as we were leaving.  We sampled a bite and all reported it as being delicious.

Fall Hike

Your #1 Fan post on October 20th, 2012
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A little bit ago we went on a hike scavenger hunt.  While on that hike, we saw a sign that said “Upper Waterfall” with an arrow pointing to the trail.  I didn’t know how long it was to get to the waterfall, so I told Novalie would we come another time and do the rest of the hike to the waterfall.

That time came yesterday.  Novalie and her friend, Kayla, wanted to go on the hike and have a picnic at the waterfall.

Starting the hike on a nice sandy trail.

Some of the trees were a beautiful red.  The trail was covered in brightly colored leaves.  It really was beautiful.  And walking through crunchy leaves in the fall is such a happy thing.

By this point, we are deep in the woods.  This bridge was so enchanting.

Testing out the water temperature.  Everywhere I looked was a beautiful backdrop for a picture.  I wish I had my good camera and not just my phone, but you can still see the beauty all around us.  (and seriously, at this point in the hike, my legs were so tired I had to stop and rest often so I used taking pictures as an excuse!)

At this little bridge built upon two tree trunks, we had not seen a human for awhile.  We saw several families earlier and asked how far to the waterfall and they all responded with the same, “oh, we have small children, so we can’t go all the way to the waterfall.”  That should have been a big clue.  A lady coming down the mountain stopped and talked with us.  She told us we were half way there, but the rest of the way is really steep and rocky.  I told the girls that it had been a beautiful hike and we should have our picnic by this little bridge.  I honestly didn’t know if I could go any further and it sounded hard.  They were determined to get to that waterfall, so on we went.

And that lady was not lying.  It was steep.  It was rocky.  We scaled some huge rocks on cliffs.  (That sounds so dramatic, it was safe….sort of) I somehow found it easier to climb rocks then to walk up hill at a steady pace.  That was a blessing because it was hard.  The girls didn’t complain once.  They just wanted to get to the waterfall.

See that little waterfall in between the rocks?  It was pretty and I tried to make the girls satisfied with it, but they said “no, we can do it, let’s keep going.”  I knew I couldn’t quit on them because I know the feeling when you finally reach the end of something oh so hard.  I wanted them to feel that.  Two teenage girls came by and said we were almost there.  Just about 15 minutes longer.  It was more like 30 minutes longer.

We made it to the waterfall!  It was a beautiful waterfall and the girls felt that proud feeling.  The reward of finishing.  The reward of the beauty at the finish line.

Eating their well deserved picnic.  I would have packed a better lunch had I known what we were up against.  They didn’t care.  They were just happy to be at the top.

We missed this cool tree branch on the way up.  Coming down we spotted it and had to stop for more pictures.  She is just as beautiful and energetic as the world around her.

We had to get in a silly shot.

That smile on my face is because we were headed DOWN the mountain.

Celebrating by playing in the leaves because they DID IT!

It took us 2 hours to get to the waterfall.  It took us 30 minutes to get down.  It was just so beautiful this time of year that it makes me think I could do it again.  The girls said they would do it again….when they are 15.

♥Happy Fall Hike♥