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Dear Santa

Your #1 Fan post on November 30th, 2012
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I have heard many different gift ideas that Novalie wants from Santa.  I told her she needed to write her letter to Santa.  Her FINAL letter.  Her ironclad list.

What made the list, you’re wondering?

I could not have guessed one thing on the list.  It was surprising.

1.  Mini surprise toy

2.  A squishy octopus

3.  A wooden/diamond mouse

4.  A slinky reindeer

5.  Wooden dinosaur

Oh my goodness, how I love this girl!

I told her I loved her list and she replied with,

“Well, I am a unique girl, so I want unique things.”

Unique, indeed.

Santa better have a chat with his elves because this list is tricky.

Banana Facial

Your #1 Fan post on November 29th, 2012
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Anyone up for a banana facial?

Yeah, me neither.

These two girls were all for it.

They may just open a beauty spa one day.

Our Thanksgiving Break

Your #1 Fan post on November 26th, 2012
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Our Thanksgiving break was great.

It started on Wednesday with Novalie being out of school.  She spent the day with her BFF.  We went to the mall for lunch, some pants shopping (where I got in an argument with the cashier….I miss retail arguments) and my Mom treated them to a BFF necklace.  And then big news….Novalie sat on Santa’s lap!  The only other time she has done that was when she was 2 1/2 years old at Kevin’s work party.  She has never wanted to get near Santa.  It took some persuading from her BFF, but she did it (nervously).  What did she ask for?  An ipod and her BFF asked for an ipod touch.  Santa is still thinking about it.  He/she just isn’t convinced that she will use it.  Then I took them swimming.  After swimming, they came home and watched Rudolph.  All that fun and I didn’t take one picture!  🙁

My sister hosted Thanksgiving this year.  It was great to get together with everyone and eat some yummy food.  My contribution to the dinner:

Novalie had a blast playing with her cousins.

Kevin and Novalie added their designs to my sister’s tablecloth.

It was a nice Thanksgiving.

On Friday, as much as we didn’t want to go out and about (it being Black Friday and all), Novalie really needed a new bedding set for her bed.   By the time we got to the store, it wasn’t bad at all.  We didn’t even have to wait in a line and Novalie found a set she liked at the first store.

That afternoon we went to my nephew’s hockey game and afterward Novalie and her cousins ice skated.

Friday night was a sad night as it was the last iCarly episode.  We celebrated by having spaghetti tacos.  (if you watch iCarly, you know why spaghetti tacos).  I have to say that they were half way decent.  I may or may not have shed a tear while Carly said her goodbyes.

Saturday was cleaning and decorating for Christmas day.  Novalie loves getting out the decorations.  My favorite are the ones Novalie has made through the years.  As soon as the decorations were in place, Novalie played for a good hour with our carousel.  All of her mini stuffed animals got turns on it and taking a ride in her sleigh.  All we need now is our Christmas tree!

Saturday night, we decided to try something new and went to a light parade.  They had the Coca-Cola Polar Bear on one of the floats, which we loved.  The last float with Santa on it with his reindeer and Rudolph was amazing with the twinkling lights.  I love the magic of Christmas.

 Sunday after church, Novalie set up a salon for me and her stuffed animals.  She gave me a wonderful manicure.  I think Iceburg enjoyed his manicure too.

Here is Iceburg at the counter telling Novalie what services he would like at her salon.

Iceburg’s claws are getting a soak in a nice hot rock bath.

It was a great break.

♥Happy Thanksgiving!♥

A Carnival and a Scripture Tote

Your #1 Fan post on November 16th, 2012
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Our house was a busy place today after school.

I sewed up this scripture tote for Novalie:

Novalie and her BFF asked me if they could make a carnival.

“Sure!” I said enthusiastically.

They got right to work creating games and collecting junk prizes.

Of course they needed kids to come to their carnival when it was all ready.  They went door to door asking the kids in the neighborhood if they wanted to come.

They had two tennis ball toss games, knock the cups over game, bug popping game, pin the tail game and guess how many beads are in the jar game.

Pin the tail on the…ur….boy(or clown?), I guess.

Novalie working the prize table.

After the carnival was over and they all collected their prizes, they all wanted to hold Guinea.

Guinea (really Crystal Caramel Fluffy Jolley, but we have always called her Guinea) tried really hard to find some place to hide.  After everyone had a turn holding her, I rescued her and gave her a big pile of hay.

Judging by the laughter and the fact that the neighborhood kids came back for a second round of  the carnival, they all had a fantastic time!

Homework and a Guinea Pig

Your #1 Fan post on November 15th, 2012
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Look how happy that girl is!  Such a great smile she has!

Normally, Novalie has her homework done by the time Kevin gets home in the evenings.  Last night, we had a different schedule and as I walked downstairs this was the picture I saw.  Daddy and daughter doing their homework together.

Too sweet.