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Goodbye 2012

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My favorite picture of my Sunshine T-Rex in 2012.

Looking back on 2012 in pictures sure does show me that we had a lot of fun in 2012.  Here are just a few (just a few because if I did all my favorites, this would be the longest blog post in history) of my favorites things from 2012:

January – Novalie hit the super duper jackpot at the arcade and won 1,000 tickets!

February – Celebration dinner at Olive Garden for passing off all of her multiplication tables.  If you know Novalie and her struggles with math, you will know this was a HUGE accomplishment!

March – Kevin surprised Novalie with a 3DS.  She sure loves that thing!

April – A trip to Washington to visit Kevin’s side of the family.

April – While in Washington, we got to meet Myra and Will!  Novalie loves her new baby cousins!

April – Also on our trip to Washington, we got to visit with great friends.

May – Novalie’s last day of 3rd grade.  Hello summer vacation!

May – Last day of 3rd grade with the best 3rd grade teacher EVER.  We loved her!

June – Novalie spent the month of June recovering from her tonsillectomy, but she was well enough in time to go camping for her birthday!  My grown-up beautiful 9 year old!

July – I big heart love the 4th of July!  From the parade to the fireworks, I love celebrating America!

July – Two fabulous weekends spent at Bear Lake at my sister’s cabin.  Serious fun was had by all.

August – Another fun visit to Washington.  Uncle Keith taught Novalie how to shoot a bow and arrow.  She was a natural.  (Keith said so)

August – Brigham City Temple open house.  Such a neat, special experience that I hope Novalie remembers forever.

August – A lot of swimming happened.  We triple ♥ swimming.

September – First day of 4th grade!

October – The most beautiful hike I have ever been on.  It was a hard one and I was so proud of Novalie for getting to the end where a beautiful waterfall was.

October – My creative vampire mermaid.  Best costume creativity to date.  Halloween was a near perfect day for us.  As Kevin’s favorite holiday, we had a great one!

November – We said goodbye to iCarly with a spaghetti taco party.

December – Christmas day.  We had a blessed and happy Christmas season.

I have a list of things that I want so badly to happen in 2013.  Big things.  But, looking back through 2012, it is the little things and the experiences we provide for Novalie that make a great life.  My little family of 3 have each other and we are healthy.  With those two things, we can face anything.

♥Goodbye 2012♥


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We love jammies in this house.  Seriously LOVE.  These have got to be among my top 5 favorite pair of jammies that this cutie has owned so far.

She loves them too.

And I found them in the boy section which makes me love them all the more.

Our Christmas

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We gave Novalie a 7:00 am time minimum to wake us up.  I thought she would sleep in a bit because of the late bed time and being sick.  But, her internal alarm clock must have been working because she woke up at 7:04 am and was ready to go.

Santa came.

Overjoyed with all her goodies from Santa.

“Santa knew what I meant by a reindeer slinky!!”

Santa left Guinie some treats too.

Novalie is very lucky that Santa took some time to write her a letter.  In her doll house that she had prepped for the Christmas mouse, she left a note telling C.M. that he could relax in the tub if he wanted.  Novalie was absolutely thrilled, like really really really over the moon excited that she found water in the tub.

Trash pack squinkies were the top thing she wanted for Christmas.  A garbage truck and little squishy monster trash.  So cute and so like Novalie to want something like that.

A really warm, soft, fuzzy polar bear hat from Aunt Janell.

I was as happy as can be with my waffle maker.  It was exactly what I wanted.  Our big traditional Christmas breakfast was that much more yummy with belgian waffles.

Novalie was just as happy as can be playing with all her new toys all Christmas day.

I got to watch The Sound of Music.

Kevin’s feet were toasty warm in his new slippers.

We snacked on Christmas goodies all day.

That night, we read stories about our Jolley ancestors.   Novalie especially liked the story of her great great Grandfather that spent one Christmas camped by the Colorado River where he received an apple as his Christmas gift.  And I now have permission to name a girl Pippen after Sarah Pippen Jolley.  Love that name.

It was a happy and blessed Christmas.

Build-a-Bear Nativity

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On Christmas Eve, as I was busy making sugar cookies, Novalie excitedly called me to come see something in her room.

I walked in and she said,

“I made the Christmas story out of my build-a-bears!”

It was the cutest thing ever.

It was the sweetest thing ever.

This girl loves presents, but she also really just gets it.


Christmas Eve

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Our Christmas Eve went something like this:

After our traditional lasagna dinner, we watched a movie about Jesus’ birth.  It warmed my heart.

Novalie opened up her traditional Christmas Eve jammies.

She read two stories that she wrote just for the Christmas Eve program.  They were sealed in a box not to be opened or read until that night.  They were super cute.

Then we snapped glow sticks and read, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Novalie set out all the things she had been busy making for a month before Christmas.

Bells and ornaments for each one of the reindeer.

Novalie made Rudolph a pillow and some little toys.  She also had a wrapped present to Rudolph that I have no idea what was inside.  She fixed up her doll house for the Christmas mouse and left notes and instructions for him. She left him her strawberry shortcake house to take with him and some other wrapped presents along with a piece of cheese and an itty bitty mug of milk.

Cookies and a note for Santa.  Novalie had a bad sore throat all of Christmas Eve.  That didn’t stop her from enjoying the day.

She was in bed by 9, but didn’t fall asleep until 11.  She really struggled to fall asleep.  I ended up in her bed trying to calm her to go to sleep and we both eventually fell asleep.  The excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning was just too much.

♥Happy Christmas Eve!♥