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It’s a Mouse!

Your #1 Fan post on January 24th, 2013
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It all started while Novalie and I were running morning errands.  We ran into Petco to pick up some food for the guinea pig.  We looked at all the small animals and then Novalie found the mice.  She loves mice.  We started watching a little girl mouse who was super hyper and funny.  She said, “Mom, can I get her?  Please, please, please.”  No way!

Novalie loves all living creatures.  I said no, Kevin said yes.  We picked him up from the bus and I told them I would not be involved with this mouse at all.  At all.  I don’t like mice.  Their tails freak me out badly.  Novalie promised she would be responsible and take care of her all by herself.  I dropped them off at the pet store and I went and bought shoes.


Oh my goodness….look at that face!   I am glad that Kevin said yes!

She loves her mouse.  A lot.



She has been very responsible.  At least for the last 4 days she has been inseparable from her mouse when she is home.  She named her Honey Daisy.  She loves that mouse!

Staying the Same and Changes

Your #1 Fan post on January 22nd, 2013
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Time is passing by faster than the speed of light.  I hate when I get that feeling because it literally knocks me off my feet and takes my breath away.  Like when I was hanging up Novalie’s shirts this morning and realized that they were all falling off the hangers.  I knew in that moment that we had to switch to adult size hangers.  A pain shot through my heart.  I fought back tears.  Because Novalie needs bigger hangers.  Something so small, yet it is significant to me.

I think age 9/10 is a hard age.  Your body starts changing.  Sleep patterns change.  I no longer get to sing her the mandatory songs before she will fall asleep.  Girls get more moody and new attitudes come out.  Interests swift.  Toys get pushed aside more often.  Cartoons are replaced with tween shows.  School gets real real fast.  Like real projects and reports and tests.  If you play with toys, you get called a baby at school.  If you play imaginative games during recess you get called a baby.  (I sure would love to have a heart to heart Mom style with a few girls while I am reading with them at school and they act just as sweet as can be).  Novalie is strong and confident, but she also has a tender heart.  It hurts her feelings, but when I ask her if she wants to do what these other girls do during recess, she responds with, “all they do is play football and chase boys.  Why would I want to do that?”  So, it hurts her feelings but she doesn’t stop being who she is.  And I love that about her.  These kids who are born with strong personalities are so needed in the world today.  While I would say most girls in 4th grade have passed on their toys and started being into clothes, boys, computers and cell phones, there are a few that are still very much little girls and I say, stay that way as long as possible.  My sweet Novalie, play on.

Novalie did a report on raccoon’s for school.  She had to gather all the facts at home and then at school she put it all together in 5 paragraphs and typed it on the computer.  She got a 3+ on it which is the highest she could have gotten.  I was so proud seeing that report come home.  I also had to fight back tears looking at that thing.  It is real grown up and again significant to me.

Change is hard.

As much as things are changing, a lot is staying the same.  Novalie had Monday and Tuesday off of school this week and she wanted to do what she has always loved doing.

SAMSUNG Swimming with friends.


Roller skating with friends.


It was 18 degrees out, but knowing they would get super hot and sweaty during 3 hours at the Fun Center, they dressed like it was summer!  (There was a lady roller skating today that had on short short shorts and a tiny tank top (she wasn’t skinny minny either).  She didn’t stop for 3 hours!  She could really bust a move.  It provided much entertainment for me.)


Doing crafts.

She is still the same, yet she is different.  Changing, evolving, maturing into a little young lady.  I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around it.  I know soon enough, a smooth rhythm will return with what will be the new normal.  I am trying to enjoy each phase and squeeze everything out of her that I can.  I want to remember every moment, the good and the bad.  I want to memorize her face in this moment of time and etch it in my memory forever.  I love being a Mom more than anything else in the whole world and the time is passing too fast.  I am trying to keep up and be very present every step of the way.  Man alive, I sure do love my little young lady.

Bitter Cold, Playdates and Homework.

Your #1 Fan post on January 18th, 2013
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Here is how our January is going so far…

*My resolution to eat more waffles is going strong.  Our resolution to run a 5-k is going nowhere.  It is not our fault.  It is freezing.  The waffles are winning.

*Oh my tarter sauce, it has been bitter cold.  Cold like the kids at school have not been allowed outside for recess in two weeks cold.  Those poor teachers  kids.  The news says you can not be outside for longer than 30 minutes or you are guaranteed to get frostbite.  That is too cold for this hot, summer loving gal.  Beyond too cold.  I dropped Kevin off at the bus station for him to get into the city and the bus didn’t come.  He waited until the next one came.  I think it was longer than 30 minutes.  Oops.  Thank goodness he still has all his fingers and toes.

*Can we just go back to Christmas vacation where we did not have homework everyday?  And speaking of homework, Novalie is on the long division unit in math.  They started it on Monday.  Wednesday when Novalie came home, she was upset about long division.  They had a worksheet of it in class and Novalie did not finish hers and her teacher said, “you had plenty of time to do this, you should have been able to finish the whole worksheet.”  Moments like these make me angry and my desire to homeschool comes back.  I thought her teacher and I were on the same page when it came to Novalie and math.  We have had numerous conversations about it and strategies on how to help Novalie with new math concepts.  Ummm…..I think she forgot.  It is not acceptable to me to say that to my child when she just learned the concept of long division two days prior.  Where it might take one child 10 problems to catch on to the concept, it takes Novalie 100 problems to understand it and do the steps with confidence.  Her teacher knows this and like I said, we have talked about this before.  After Novalie told me what happened on Wednesday, she followed it with, “I am so dumb at math.”  Ugh.  It took all afternoon/evening and a page of long division for me to undo that feeling with much praise and showing her she could in fact do it, she just needed more practice.  Novalie is good at math, it just takes her A LOT of practice to learn new math.  You better believe it will be the first topic of conversation at her parent-teacher conference coming up.  NOT ALL KIDS LEARN AT THE SAME RATE!!

Phew….that was a little tantrum….

*I finally put away the Christmas decorations.

*Novalie and her BFF decorated our tree for Valentine’s Day.  It is so pretty.

*Novalie’s BFF is here 3-4 days a week.  They come home from school and immediately go into Novalie’s room and change into either jammies or shorts and short sleeve shirts.  When I ask why, oh why are you creating extra laundry for me, they respond with…”it is so hot and we have to be able to mooooove.”  Silliness.  But, I see their point because they buzz around like bees.

*Novalie is taking swimming lessons.  She is learning the butterfly and flip-turns at the wall.  Cool and exciting and makes me smile.

*Novalie’s jazz shoes for hip hop are creating such a problem.  Novalie has super wide little feet and those skinny little things are painful.  I almost have her convinced to wear them every few days for 10 minutes to get them stretched out.  She has until May for her performance.  If all else fails, she can put up with the pain for a 3 and 1/2 minute routine.  Right?  Let’s hope so, but no one understands Novalie’s persistence like I do.  Has anyone ever quit hip hop because the shoes hurt?

*Novalie has her BFF and then two other really, really good friends.  The problem?  Her three BFF’s are all in different “groups” of friends at school.  Novalie has always had a wide variety of friends and she could play with a different friend each day and be happy as can be.  But, the three friends all want Novalie to themselves.  It would be great if the 4 of them could create their own little group, but jealousy is stopping that from happening.  Navigating friendship with my passionate, intense, sensitive, need to talk everything to death child is fascinating.  After many, many talks while Novalie relaxed in a hot bath and I sat in the bathroom talking this situation into the ground with her, she had the confidence to tell the three of them something like this, “I really like all three of you and I am not going to stop being friends with any of you because the other wants me to.  It is up to you if you can live with this and still be my friend.”  Isn’t she amazing?  And you know what, her BFF has been here three times this week, she is playing with the 2nd friend today (and can I just say, their laughter and loudness is awesome!)  and she is going swimming with the 3rd friend tomorrow.  I don’t think it will be the end of the jealousy, but Novalie is courageous.

*Novalie and I are reading, “The Care & Keeping of You, The Body Book for Girls” from the American Girl Library.  My baby girl is growing up.

*”House of Anubis” season 3 started.  We are having a hard time adjusting to Nina being gone, but it is a great little show on Nickelodeon.

*I took Novalie to another new eye doctor for the millionth eye exam and everything to do with her eyes is excellent.  This eye doctor recommended a neurologist to get answers for why Novalie turns her head completely to the left and watches t.v. out of the corners of her eyes.  I guess it makes sense because the brain tells the eyes what to do.  The eye doctors seem to think it is a quirky habit that is comfortable to Novalie.  They all assure me it is not damaging to her eyes at all and are not concerned.  I guess we will wade into the waters of neurology.

*We have had an up and down January.  But, at the end of the day, my family is warm and we are together.  There is no one else I would want to go through this bumpy life with.

♥Happy January!♥

Non Resolutions

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This year I resolve to not resolve the following:

1.  I will NOT stop eating cinnamon sugar pretzel bites at the mall.  So good.

2.  I will NOT stop playing  It is really hard to beat me at Diner Dash and Swap It.  Like hard, hard.  I have won my family close to 30 dollars, so I look at it like a part-time job.

3.  I will NOT start to shop more often.  It took me 2 + years to go shopping for a much needed pair of jeans.  Two years people.  I recently bought a pair marked down from $50 to $15.  I am good for another 2 + years.

4.  I will NOT stop being a smothering Mom to Novalie.  She is my only child and I don’t care if she needs therapy, she is stuck to me like glue.  Nor am I going to apologize for it.

5.  I will NOT start talking on the phone.  Never. gonna. happen.  I have a major anxiety attack to call for a doctor’s appointment.  When are they going to get with the times and accept text messages for appointments?  Geesh, so inconvenient.

6.  I am NOT going to stop drinking Diet Coke.  Yes, yes, YES…I know it is horrible, the worst, but you know what?   The small simple joy of taking that first sip of a perfect ice/cup/straw combo from Sonic is not going to be taken away from me.  Maybe next year, but not this year.

7.  I am NOT going to stop wearing jeans/sweatshirt/tee-shirt/tennis shoe outfits.  Every once in awhile, okay…every week when I volunteer at school…I think I should get some trendy boots and snazzy tops to not feel so out of place while I am at school.  But, then I come back to reality and know that 1.I am never ever going to go shopping for trendy anything and 2.I love my sweatshirts and tee-shirts so, why change?

8.  I am NOT going to stop watching Dance Moms.  OR the Bachelor.  OR the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I make no excuse, I love me some reality t.v.

9.  I will NOT stop reading books with hot pink covers.  While in the library, Novalie brought me a book and said, “Mom, I found a book that is just your style!”  Hot pink cover,  you ask?  You bet!

10.  I will NOT stop loving One Direction.  That’s right…I love a boy band.

Rockin’ 2013

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We are getting serious.

We are getting down to business.

2013 is going to be our year.

We have an official binder.  There is no way we can fail with a binder.

And we have a family theme/motto/goal/definition of “home.”

We rock.