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So Much Snow

Your #1 Fan post on February 28th, 2013
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We have gotten so much snow this winter.

While I was shoveling snow during yet another snow storm, Novalie was playing in it and knocking snow onto the sidewalk and driveway just as fast as I was clearing it.  That is so annoying.  After telling her once again that she needs to play away from the edges of the piles (and making her shovel what mess she made…ha!… had to get some parenting in)  and piles of snow, she said, “I am sick of the snow, I am going to ride my bike!”

She dragged her bike from the backyard to the front yard through many feet of snow which was a workout in itself.  She had to ride in the street where the plows had cleared the snow already.  She needed studded bike tires.  🙂  Novalie was the only child I have seen ride a bike in the neighborhood for many, many months and for some reason that just made me proud and I told Novalie what a cool child she is.  Needless to say we are really, really ready for spring and more ready for summer so we can go on long bike rides.




3-Day Weekend

Your #1 Fan post on February 21st, 2013
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This past weekend we were treated to a 3-day weekend thanks to President’s Day.  We did a lot of relaxing.  We did a lot of crafting.  Novalie even slept in until 9:30 one morning which means I slept in until 9:30 one morning.  Bliss.

SAMSUNGWe saw “Escape from Planet Earth” for Novalie’s BFF’s birthday.

SAMSUNGCrafting fun.

SAMSUNGAnd a trip to Five Guys were Novalie had her first BACON cheeseburger.  And no one does bacon better than Five Guys.  She loved it.

Thanks to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln we can celebrate their births with a good ole’ American bacon cheeseburger.  😉

Valentine’s Day 2013

Your #1 Fan post on February 16th, 2013
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I love giving Novalie surprises.  She loves them so much which makes it so fun.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for surprises.

SAMSUNGWhen she woke up she checked her Valentine’s mailbox and there were these giant paperclips waiting for her.  I knew they would be just her thing when I saw them in the Target $1 section.  She loves them.

SAMSUNGDecorating her lunchbox has been my favorite since she started 1st grade.  She loves feeling so loved and close to me at school.  She tells me so.

While she was at school, I cleaned her room for her.  Service =love.

SAMSUNGI got her some craft supplies for her Valentine’s surprise this year.  They were waiting for her on her bed when she got home from school.

SAMSUNGLoving her surprises!

SAMSUNGAt her school Valentine’s Day party.  25 kids on a major sugar high for 1 1/2 hours = crazy awesomeness.

SAMSUNGThis is her current cluster of kids at her table.  I love how messy her desktop is.  So true to herself.

SAMSUNGOne of her BFF’s.


SAMSUNGAll her Valentine’s from classmates.  I was more excited to read them than she was.  😉

SAMSUNGHer traditional heart rice krispie treat was waiting for her in her mailbox.  Love traditions.

SAMSUNGAs I was shopping in Walmart, I saw this cutie.  She was the last of her kind.  I told Kevin I was NOT getting Novalie a stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day.  She just gave away a ton of stuffed animals and I didn’t want to add new ones.  Look at that thing, though.  She won.  I couldn’t just leave her on the shelves alone.

While Novalie was in hip hop we tucked that sweetie in the back seat.  Last surprise of the day and she was in love.

♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

50 Stuffed Animals

Your #1 Fan post on February 10th, 2013
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Novalie asked me for three weeks straight if she could get a new Build-A-Bear.  Darn those mailers with coupons they send to me.  After telling her no 63 times a day for those three weeks, I finally had a different response.

“If you give away 50 stuffed animals, I will buy you one Build-A-Bear.”

Yes, she easily has 50 stuffed animals to give away.  Don’t judge.

She busily got to work right then sifting through her bins of stuffed animals.  When she was at 35, she came to tell me that it was really, really, really hard.  Good.  Then she said, “just 15 more to go, I CAN DO IT!”

And she did.  82 stuffed animals await their fate at D.I.  Yes, 82.  Don’t you dare judge me.


She said it was worth it.

Cakes and Haircuts!

Your #1 Fan post on February 8th, 2013
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My Mom gave Novalie a cake decorating book as a Valentine surprise in her Valentine mailbox.  She immediately picked out the pool cake  to make.  True to Novalie’s way, she looked at the cake and we got the basic structure for it, but then she closed the book and said she wanted to make it her own.  She is awesome that way.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere she is busy putting all the details on the cake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATile so no one slips on the wet pool deck.  A diving board made from a stick of gum.  A sour belt beach towel and lifesaver pillow.  In the back there is the lifeguard chair with an umbrella to block the sun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA slide made out of a sour belt.  A lifesaver made out of a lifesaver and licorice.  I sour belt raft in the water (jello) and a lifesaver tube.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy creative genius.  In love.

We had a family haircut night.  Novalie needed a trim.  As we were sitting there waiting for our turns, Novalie turned to me and said, “I think I will cut my hair up to here.”  Which was just under her ears.  I said, “go for it!”  She wanted to make sure it was okay and I told her she is in charge of her own hair and I will support what she wants to do.  She is brave.  She did indeed cut it.  And it is super adorable.  She looks older.  It is heavenly to comb…no more screaming wrestling matches trying to get the snarls out.  She loves it which is the most important.



SAMSUNGWe headed to Red Robin to celebrate.

SAMSUNGI finally, FINALLY, let these two order the tower of onion rings.  I am always a party killer and said no to that thing.  They were overjoyed that we got to order it.  What can I say….we had to celebrate Novalie being a brave girl who just goes for things!

♥Happy cakes and haircuts!♥