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Pesky Leprechaun

Your #1 Fan post on March 20th, 2013
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As I was saying good night to Novalie on Saturday night, she asked me, “Mom, what time do I get to do my treasure hunt tomorrow?”

That girl and holidays and traditions.  This lazy leprechaun forgot all about the traditional treasure hunt on St. Patrick’s Day.  So Daddy leprechaun got to dash to the store at 11 o’clock to get some treasure (as the next day was Sunday).  Phew.

Our leprechaun DID remember the chocolate gold coins that get hidden all over the house.

Novalie woke up to discover we had a visit from the pesky little leprechaun during the night.


Apparently, he likes to play with toilet paper.


And sneak into Novalie’s room and throw her stuffed animals down the hall.  I do see some of those gold coins mixed in.


Novalie said to me with so much exclamation in her voice , “Mom, that leprechaun is mocking us with his messes!”  I fell in love with her just a little bit more and tucked that enthusiastic, happy little girl deep into my heart.

She went on to find a ton of chocolate gold coins hidden all over the living room.

After church and a meltdown and some outside fresh air to recover from the meltdown (Novalie, not me, although it could have been me after her meltdown), I got the clues in place for her traditional treasure hunt.


Reading the first clue.


Somewhere in all those bows is a clue.


At this stop in the treasure hunt, Novalie told me that she guesses she is older now, so that is why I made the clues harder to find.  Exactly right.


I had her running all over, it was fun to watch!


And inside the roller skates…..


Her gold at the end of the rainbow!

Thanks sweet girl for reminding me of the traditional treasure hunt.  I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

♥Happy St. Patrick’s Day!♥

Life Lately

Your #1 Fan post on March 15th, 2013
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Life is just tick-tocking away one second at a time….

1.  Novalie was home sick from school for two days.  She had a sore throat, fever, cough, cold, flu, ect…junk.


We did a lot of game playing and we watched “Wreck it Ralph.”  Love that movie.

Missing two days of school = several math worksheets to make-up=many tears.  Not just mine, either.

2.  Novalie and I went on a mall date.  We like walking around the mall which is surprising because I hate shopping.  But, I do enjoy some mall walking.  And it always cracks me up what clothes Novalie likes.


All that shopping made us hungry.

3.  My niece stayed with us last weekend.  Novalie loved it.  I realized what a wimp I was when I had to wait up for a teenager to come home from a party one night and a dance the next night. SAMSUNG

Some Chuck-e-Cheese fun.

4.  Novalie and I decorated a bunch of eggs and turned them into Easter egg wreaths.

SAMSUNG  We have a couple of these hanging up.  Simple, cheap and cute!

5.  Kevin gave Novalie his old cell phone so she could chat with him and I through her e-mail address.  The only time she wants to use it is when she is supposed to be going to sleep.


But, I get sweet messages each night.

6.  Novalie’s bike of 4 years just didn’t have another year left in it.  As well as doing weird things like stopping in the middle of riding for no reason, when I looked at Novalie on that bike I had to laugh (or cry) because she was just too big for it.  I was giving up hope at finding one for a reasonably cheap price, but the last store we stopped at, had one left that was just perfect.  Novalie rides her bike a lot.


How many kids do you know that after getting a new bike, they have to decorate it to make it their own before riding it?  I know one and she is pretty amazing.

This week the weather has been beautiful.  The sun has been shining.  Novalie’s freckles popped out.  Let me tell you, the warm sun beating down on my face is heavenly.  Novalie has been on her bike right after her homework is done (which makes homework as smooth as ever).  She takes a break to eat and then she rides again until it is time for bath and bed.  It has made her nights a little later, but we are loving being outside.  It does everyone’s soul some good.  And there is just something awesome about calling Novalie in from riding her bike with the neighborhood children at night.  I love when she comes in dirty, tired and freckled face.

Life isn’t all shiny Easter crafts and happy, sunny bike riding.  “Normal” everyday life has been tick-tocking on too.  You know, the friend drama, the bedtime antics which leads to consequences that makes a 9 year old act like a 2 year old being told no, talking back, moodiness, attitudes, ect.  It happens.

♥Happy Beautiful Spring Weather♥

Fun Center Fun

Your #1 Fan post on March 6th, 2013
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Last weekend, I took Novalie and Sarah, one of her really good friends, to our fun center.

They skated, jumped, slid, and arcaded it up for three hours.  I wish I had the cash to open up my own fun center.  Dreams.



Before Pinterest

Your #1 Fan post on March 5th, 2013
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Sometimes I like to look at these photos and remind myself that I am a pretty cool mom.  I sure make a lot of mistakes, but I get an A+ for doing crafts with my daughter.


2/3 year old art projects.


4-7 year old art projects.

How I miss those walls, but the memories make me smile.

Magic is Near

Your #1 Fan post on March 4th, 2013
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As I was pulling clothes out of the dryer, a piece of paper fell to the floor.  Boy howdy am I glad that the writing was not ruined because this gem was written on it.


Magic is Near by Novalie Jolley

When I see the stars come out I run to the sky.

Because I know magic is near.

I twinkle in the sky.

Magic is near!

Just like a snowflake coming towards me.

Magic is near.

When the sun comes out I run towards it.

A sunny day beats a rainy cloud.

Magic is near.

Just like a true friend is magic.

Magic, I know I may be happy.

Just like snowflakes coming near my nose, I can be magic!

Magic, magic, magic.

Magic, magic, magic.

Because magic is near.


You might want to get an autograph now because I am telling you people, Novalie is going far in this world.