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Summer: Week Two

Your #1 Fan post on June 23rd, 2013
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Novalie spent the second week of summer at drama camp.


Off to her first morning of camp.

It went from 9-3 with classes in acting, singing and dancing.  The last hour they got to swim.  The first day they received their scripts and their parts in the play.  The play they performed at the end of the week was The Little Mermaid Meets the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Novalie was a pirate named Winnie Witch.  She loved her part.  She had just enough lines to make it fun and not too many to spend hours trying to memorize a whole bunch.  She also had a small solo during one of the songs and a duet.  My favorite part was her small solo and her line, “We’re doomed!  DOOOOOOMED!”  She performed it with perfection. (it was her favorite part too)

I wish I could describe how proud I am of Novalie.  She amazes me!  She played her part in the play with so much confidence.  She said she was super nervous, but you never would have known it.  She tries hard and scary things and does it with much bravery and confidence.  She was clear when she spoke and she had her character down and was just so good.  So good.  And she had a blast!  And she made new friends.  Can’t ask for more than that out of a summer camp.


Her Winnie Witch costume.


Laughing at something Jack Sparrow said.


Fake fight scene.


During one of her speaking scenes.



During her duet with Elizabeth from Pirate of the Caribbean.


One of the characters yelled, “hold your tongues!” to the pirates and they all grabbed onto their tongues.  Funny.


Sword fight.  I didn’t get a picture, but they did a cool dance with their swords which ended with their swords forming a star.  It was neat.


After the show with the girl who played Elizabeth.  Novalie and her became fast friends the first day of camp and spent the rest of camp together.


Novalie’s BFF came to watch her.  I wish everyone could have seen her, she was so great!

I was impressed with how the directors of this camp pulled off a great play in a week.  My expectations were pretty low given the time frame, but all the kids did great!  It looked like a play they had been rehearsing for months.

Novalie loved the whole experience.  I am grateful that she had the opportunity to grow and learn during this past week.  I think I see many more plays in her future!

The rest of summer has a lot to live up to.


Summer: Week One

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We have one week of summer under our belt and Novalie already looks like a little Indian child.  Which means we are deep into our swimming fun.
The first day of summer vacation was spent doing our morning summer chore list.  Included in her household chores are her educational chores (they aren’t really chores, but in the summer they feel like chores to Novalie).  She did great going through her list with a great attitude.  She knows from summers past that in order to earn her fun time for the day, she has to get those chores done first and with a good attitude.  She was doing so well until I handed her the math worksheet I wrote out for her to do.  She has to do math during the summer or she just forgets too much.  Boy howdy, she did not like that!  She had a little meltdown where I was the meanest mother ever and I was ruining her WHOLE summer because of this short math worksheet.  Her performance earned her an Oscar and a day without being able to play with friends.  I hated that on the first day of summer, but I had to be strict that first day for her to know I mean business about the good attitude part.  It took her sooooo long to get that worksheet done.  The second day, she did it right away.  And told me I was the best mom ever.  Ha!

After the long morning of chores, we did all our errands for the week.  Then we played Hedbanz all day.  It reminded me of when she was 3 and we played Candyland about 50 times a day.  I didn’t mind, I love playing games.  It is one of my favorite things to do with Novalie.


The rest of the week was spent swimming the afternoons away with one day for a break from the sun.


Still white..


Getting darker..


Dark girl.


My sister and her kids came down to swim with us one day.  We loved spending time with them!


This is what I do when Novalie brings a friend along to swim.  Work on my tan, people watch (my favorite) and read lots!  I can’t keep up with Novalie and her friends because they are always buzzing from place to place and I cramp their style anyhow.  Lazy days in the sun…I can’t complain.


This was the day of rest from the sun.  Novalie and her BFF wrote comic books and then watched “Oz, the Great and Powerful” while enjoying snowcones.


Back to swimming.


On the last day of the week swimming, I got pooped on by a seagull.  Disgusting.  I moved my chair under some trees where the pesky seagulls don’t fly over.  I was cold for some reason, so I wrapped up in my Wall-e blanket.  I am sure I looked funny for those other people watchers as it was close to 90 degrees.


We ended out the week Saturday night at iHop.  Jelly donut pancakes?  Ridiculous.  As in ridiculously delicious.

♥Happy First Week of Summer!♥

Summer is Here Party!

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Novalie wanted to invite her girlfriends over after school on the last day to welcome in summer vacation.  Her BFF and her planned it all, I just had to buy their list of food items.


When they first arrived home from school, Guinie was an immediate hit!  They oohed and aahed and squealed.


Guinie was grumpy from her nap.  She is such a diva.


Being silly.  They loved all the snacks.

They did the slip n’ slide until it popped at the end where most of the pressure is.  I first tried duct tape and it held together for about 5 minutes.  I made a mad dash to Target to pick up another one while Kevin (who was home recovering from dental work) managed 8 loud (super loud) girls.

This is what happened while I was gone:


A snake hunt.


They found a little snake named Reggie.  I am glad I missed all the snake action.

The new slip n’ slide held together for the rest of the afternoon.


Such a great fun super group of girls!

♥Happy Summer!♥

End of 4th Grade

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IMG_20130607_082830Last day of 4th grade!

Another school year has come and gone.  Someone told me when Novalie was much smaller that as your children grow up, each year goes by faster than the last.  Man alive, I believe it.  I feel like we were just bracing ourselves for another school year and here it is already over.  Fourth grade was a good year for Novalie.  Sometimes it felt like a bumpy ride, but for the most part I would call it a success.


Novalie has really lucked out on teachers the last two years.  This is her 4th grade teacher.  She was the best.  Strict, yet caring.  Novalie was almost as tall as her by the end of the year!


A little surprise for the last lunch of the year.


I brought Novalie Chick-fil-A the last day of school and had lunch with her and her friends.

Here are some things that stand out to me about 4th grade:

~While some of her friends flip-flopped back and forth between friends, Novalie remained fiercely loyal to her friends.  Even when they decided to go with a different “group” for awhile, she remained consistent and loyal.

~We had daily (I kid you not….daily) tears over math homework.  Novalie is good at math, she just has to do 100 problems to get it…which means lots of practice…which means lots of math meltdowns.  We survived and she ended up with a 2.75 grade in math.  (grading is weird at this school, 3 is the highest you can get).  She deserved that 2.75, she worked hard!  (even if it was with a bad attitude!)

~She got 3’s in every other subject expect typing.  She got a 2.75.  The 4th graders were supposed to type 20 wpm and Novalie consistently typed 18 wpm.  Typing is right up there with math on the dislike scale.

~Her creativity soared.  Any time they did projects or creative writing, Novalie was the best.  (in my humble opinion)  The stories she brought home just overwhelmed me with pride because she just amazes me with what she comes up with.  She came home many times and told me that the class liked her story the best and I believe it.  She is a creative genius (again in my humble opinion!)

~Her handwriting is awful.  Just plain awful.  It drives me CRAZY! Like crazy train crazy.  Because she brings home final drafts of writing and it is beautiful.  So, I know she can write nicely.  But, true to her personality she does stuff fast including writing and it is so messy and sloppy and uneven and floats way above the line.  Crazy, I tell ya.

~She tried hard things.  She did hip hop when she has never taken a minute of dance before in her short little life.  She participated in her 1st 5k.  She skied for the 1st time and loved it.  She resolved problems with her friends by confronting them and talking through it.  She said sorry when she did wrong at school.  And can we just talk about math again….hard things.

~4th grade is the 1st year of no strep throat all year!  That horrible, awful tonsillectomy experience paid off.

~Her body started changing which meant big talks and new clothing items.  That is all I will say about that out of respect for her privacy, but I want to record it here as it was a big part of 4th grade.

~She learned the butterfly and flip turns at the wall in swimming.  I wish she loved competitive swimming.  She would be so very good at it with her strength and muscly upper body.  Maybe later on in life she will develop a competitive bone in her body, but for now she takes swimming lessons for fun.  Every new instructor she gets tells me they rarely see someone with such good form and alternating breathing.  Thank you Pullman Aquatic Center for starting her off right!

~Her Rendezvous costume that I previously wrote about.

~Many, many times, Novalie came home and said something like this….”I was really mad because she (a friend) hurt my feelings and I wanted to say mean things back, but I could feel the Holy Ghost inside me telling me to walk away and calm down, so I did!”  OR…..”there was trash all over the playground, so I spent my recess picking up trash and I felt really warm inside, so I know the Holy Ghost was telling me I did the right thing.”  Novalie gets really nervous when she is having conflict with friends and she likes to talk the scenarios out with me over and over and over and over again.  I endure it with her because I know it is how she works things out in her mind, but at the end of the night when she can’t sleep because she is thinking about it still, the only thing to calm her down is to tell her to trust in the Holy Ghost.  He will be your guide.  And she has and it works.  (chills and tears)

It is so very hard to watch Novalie grow up, but it is also so exciting to see who she is becoming.  She grew a ton in 4th grade (physically, emotionally and spiritually)!

I am so proud of her!


With one of her BFF’s on the last day of 4th grade!

♥Way to ROCK 4th grade my Sunshine T-Rex!♥

4th Grade Rendezvous

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All year long, Novalie looked forward to the end of the year Rendezvous.

A day going back in time to mountain men and pioneers.  The kids earned beaver pelts for a couple months leading up to the rendezvous to use in bartering at each others stores.

I volunteered for outdoor games which included old fashion games like arm wrestling, leg flipping, tug of war and I was in charge of sack races (there were many more, those are the ones that come to mind).  Indoor activities included candle making, weaving, making butter and quilt tying.


Novalie sack racing.

After the games, they read some tall tells and had a visit from a mountain man, The Gray Fox.  At the end of the day, they set up their businesses, which they had to buy a business license for.  Novalie brought old toys, books and the pool bags she sewed for her store.  She sold everything and came home with a handful of new stuffed animals.

It was a lot of fun, however, what I really want to record here is about her costume.  They encouraged the kids to dress up as mountain men/women, pioneers or Indians.  Novalie said she asked if she could dress up like a beaver which her teacher said yes to.  She changed her mind a few days before the rendezvous to a hunting dog because mountain men usually had dogs with them or the husky’s that pulled the sleds.

We made her a tail and ears and a tee-shirt that said hunting dog on it.  She was super cute and LOVED dressing up as a dog.  I loved it because I was pretty sure no one else would think to dress up as an animal.  I love that Novalie is unique, stays true to herself and thinks outside of the box.

We got to school and I had to check in with the office and the secretary went crazy for Novalie’s costume.  She loved it and said that she has never seen a kid dress up like an animal for the 4th grade rendezvous before.  Novalie was beaming.

We headed down the hall and saw some girls in her class which gave Novalie weird looks.  They didn’t get her costume.

I pulled Novalie aside before she went to line up for school and I went out to get ready for the games.

I asked her if she loved her costume.  She said yes, a lot.  I explained that some kids might not understand it and could possibly say mean things about it.  I told her to be confident in it and not let anyone get her down.  She loved it and that is all that mattered.  She said that she knows that and she loves that she is unique.  Melt my heart, that’s my girl!

As I guessed, no one else dressed up like an animal.  There were only pioneers, Indians and mountain men.

When Novalie came outside for the games, she told me some kids were hissing at her and laughing.

I asked, “do you still love your costume?”  She said, “yes, don’t worry mom, they didn’t get me down.”

I said one of those deep, pleading mom prayers that everything would go okay and she would have a great time on this day she looked forward to all year.

After the games, I left for the day.

When Novalie got home she was over the moon happy and excited.  She told me that in the middle of The Gray Fox’s presentation he stopped and said,

“I just have to stop right here and point out this adorable girl in her hunting dog costume.  I love it.  Great idea.”

Tears stung my eyes.

She went on to say, “I stayed true to myself and I got the best reward.  The Gray Fox, I mean the ACTUAL Gray Fox loved my costume and he pointed me out.  Only me, out of the whole 4th grade!”

Thank you, Gray Fox, whoever you are.  For being the answer to this momma’s prayer and recognizing something in my beautifully unique daughter.

And you know what else?  She won the best costume award.

I am so in love with this girl and the person that she is.