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Diving Board Shots

Your #1 Fan post on July 23rd, 2013
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Novalie is in love with the diving board this summer.  And I am in love with watching her and trying to capture pictures of her going off the diving board.

I just think they are so cool looking.

SurfnSwimwithKenzie (4)

SurfnSwimwithKenzie (2)

LoganAquaticCenter (9)

NorthOgdenAquaticCenterwithKayla (6)

LoganAquaticCenter (21)

NorthOgdenAquaticCenterwithKayla (12)

LoganAquaticCenter (11)

NorthOgdenAquaticCenterwithKayla (8)

LoganAquaticCenter (10)

LoganAquaticCenter (23)

♥Happy Diving Boards♥

Summer – Week Six

We had a swimming packed week!


Monday:  Novalie and BFF Mackenzie

SurfnSwimwithKenzie (8)

It was Mackenzie’s first time off the diving board.  She was nervous, but we cheered her on and she finally jumped!

SurfnSwimwithKenzie (13)

My little diver.

NorthOgdenAquaticCenterwithKayla (9)

Tuesday:  Novalie and her BFF, Kayla.

We tried a new aquatic center.  It was a little too far away (especially when I missed the turn….the girls just laughed and said they are used to me getting lost).  A little small and the chlorine was so strong.

NorthOgdenAquaticCenterwithKayla (16)

Proof that I was there.  I even went off the high dive and did a bunch of dives off the low dive.

VisitwiththeLees (6)

Oh, how I love all these girls!

On Wednesday, our good friends from Pullman were in town visiting family and they had a few hours to spare to visit with us.  It was so great to spend time with them.  We miss them like crazy!

VisitwiththeLees (5)

Being silly.

VisitwiththeLees (4)

I so wish these two could grow up together, they just click.


More silliness.


Thursday:  We went to the Logan Aquatic Center with my sister’s family.  The last time we were there was 8 years ago!

LoganAquaticCenter (15)

My nephew diving off the high dive.  I can’t believe I used to do that.  I jumped off it to amuse them and did some dives off the low dive.

LoganAquaticCenter (5)

My nephew again.  I love diving board shots!

LoganAquaticCenter (21)

Novalie going off the high dive.

RiverdaleWaterslideswithKayla (11)

Friday:  Novalie and BFF, Kayla at the waterslides.RiverdaleWaterslideswithKayla (10)

They would go super fast.

RiverdaleWaterslideswithKayla (8)

Ha!  Trying to recover from their landing.

RiverdaleWaterslideswithKayla (4)

These two cuties made friends with this lifeguard.  They kept running over to me and talking about her and talking and talking about her.  It was so funny.  Novalie told me, “she is the nicest lifeguard EVER!”  After her shift was over, she raced them on the slides.

RiverdaleWaterslideswithKayla (3)

Novalie and her favorite lifeguard ever.  She now has a lifeguard role model for her future lifeguarding teenage career.

Novalie has been taking tennis lessons through the city.  If I am honest, they are a joke.  I am on the hunt to find really good tennis lessons for her.  After having the WSU women’s tennis coach give Novalie lessons, it is hard to find someone who compares.


Kevin got Novalie those sparkly heart vibration dampeners and she just had to put both of them on to make her racquet pretty.

Novalie lost two teeth this week!  She is almost all done loosing teeth.  Which makes me sad because then the tooth fairy won’t get gems like this:

IMG_20130710_235404_794 IMG_20130710_235416_472

First letter to the tooth fairy.  I LOVE her p.s……I am impressed with your work.  So in love with this child of mine.


Second letter to the tooth fairy for her second tooth.

Our tooth fairy, Tianna, LOVES getting Novalie’s letters.  Loves, loves it!

Man alive, my girl is a sweetheart.

I wish I could use some of Tianna’s fairy dust and slow down time.

♥Happy 6th Week of Summer!♥

Summer – Week Five

We got home really late on Sunday night from Richland, so I knew Monday was going to be a day to recover.  And it sure was!  I got up early to take Kevin to the bus stop and then came back home and Novalie and I slept until 10:45!  New sleep-in record for Novalie.  We did laundry, some errands and a lot of lying around resting.

Tuesday, Novalie started tennis lessons.  After tennis,  she spent all day playing with her friend, McKinley.  After playing at our house all day, her family invited Novalie to go night swimming with them.  Novalie got home at about 10.  After a hot bath, she fell right asleep and slept in until 10 the next morning.   I love how swimming makes her sleep so well and so long.  She needs it.


Getting home from her late night swim with a giant drink McKinley’s family bought her.  🙂

Wednesday, we continued our waterpark tour with a trip to Seven Peaks.  It hasn’t changed a bit since I was Novalie’s age going to this waterpark when it was Raging Waters.  There were some waterslides that Novalie would not go down and I was explaining how my Dad MADE me and the rest of my siblings go on every single waterslide.  She asked me about it a few times throughout the day.  She found it interesting and couldn’t believe it.  We had so much fun sliding our day away.  After a few hours, my eyes were burning badly and I couldn’t stop them from watering, so I had to take a break and let Novalie go down for awhile by herself.  We ended the day, going down our favorite waterslide, the Cliffhanger, twice before we dashed across town to pick Kevin up from work.



Going solo while I rested my stinging eyes.IMG_20130710_162922_456

The blue slide was our favorite out of these three.  We went down several times in a double tube and we sure went fast.

Thursday, Novalie had tennis lessons in the morning again and then played with her friend McKinley all day again.  They sure had a party.


Novalie and her friend McKinley.

Friday morning, I noticed Novalie’s tennis shoes had two big holes in the soles.  I asked her about it and she said, “oh yeah, my tennis shoes have holes in them.”  Silly girl.

We went to the mall and had lunch.  Then, we went shoe shopping.  I measured Novalie’s foot and it she was a 6 1/2 in women’s!  When did that happen?!  Man alive, that girl grows.

She picked out the shoes she just had to have!  It is the first time she was dead set on a pair of shoes and would not be swayed even though I tried (they were a little pricey considering how often she goes through tennis shoes).  I have to admit I loved them too, they were fun bright colors and they had an N on them.  While I was explaining that maybe we should consider a different shoe because these were too expensive and you will wear them out quickly, Novalie told me, “these have FOUR layers of sole, so they will last me all of 5th grade!”  She is so funny.  And she made a good argument.

She tried on the size 6 1/2 and they were a little snug, so she tried on the size 7 and they were perfect.  Size 7!  I about fainted in the store.


Her new snazzy tennis shoes.  These are her back to school shoes as well, so she has been taking extra good care of them.

We played a lot of tennis this week as a family.  Novalie really is loving tennis and I love that.

We played a lot of card games as well.  Mostly Skip-bo.

♥Happy 5th week of summer!♥

4th of July in Richland

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My in-laws where having a 4th of July gathering at their house, so as soon as Kevin found out he had the 4th and 5th off of work, we decided to drive to Richland for the long weekend.

We drove all day the 4th.  (I definitely missed going to the 4th of July parade!)

It took us a long time, maybe because of this:


This little pit stop at the Twin Falls Barnes and Noble sure took up some time.


As did this pit stop for some ice cream.

We arrived just in time for the picnic and to do some fireworks.


Roman candles!IMG_20130704_214711_332


Sparklers with Grandma!



Kevin’s backyard was the place to be to watch fireworks.  All the neighbors around us put on a great show!

The rest of the trip was spent playing with cousins, swimming, having a game night, playing tennis, going to the movies and out to eat.


Novalie pushing her cousin, Will, on the swings.


Going down the slide with her cousin, Myra.


Novalie has been going to this park for 10 years now!



Swimming at Uncle Keith’s pool.


Playing legos with cousins, Shelby and Erin.  These two took Novalie to swim for a few hours on Saturday and Novalie loved it!



Game night.  I was on the two winning teams.  (just sayin’)


Her lego city.



Red Robin dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Janell.


We saw Despicable Me 2.  It was funny!  (and clearly Novalie was SICK of me taking her picture!)


Kevin and I were walking through Fred Meyer before our tennis date and we saw this WSU pillow pet.  We didn’t even have to think twice, we knew it belonged to Novalie.  She wants to be a WSU cougar and she has wanted a college pillow pet ever since we got her Grandpa a BYU one.


I got in some relaxation too.

It was a quick trip, but we are so happy we went.


Summer: Week Four

Your #1 Fan post on July 15th, 2013
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June went by so fast.  So fast.  Sigh.  Summer always is that way.

Novalie and I decided in July we would do a waterpark tour of the waterparks within reasonable driving distance.  We started at a little waterpark that I had a free coupon for.  When we found it, I wasn’t so sure of it.  It looked run down and it was located beneath an underpass and it just kinda gave me the creeps.  Ha!  Novalie and her friend were not going to turn back at my hesitation, so we decided to give it a try since we had the coupon.  We could just leave if it was indeed too icky because it was free.

It turned out to be perfect.  They had 3 water slides and you didn’t have to wait until the person before you got to the bottom.  You could just use judgement when to start.  Because of this, the line was so fast.  They also had a huge blow-up water obstacle course and slide.  They slid without a break for 5 hours!  It turned out to be great for them.



The next day, Novalie and her two best friends played all day long.  They swam in my sister-in-laws pool for a couple of hours, played with their build-a-bears, played Wii and then had a late night watching Coraline.


On Wednesday, we decided to go to Richland for the 4th of July the next morning, so it was a day of cleaning, doing laundry and running a bunch of errands.  That night we went to the Real Salt Lake soccer game.




We choose this game to go to because of the firework show after the game.  It was an awesome firework show!  We contemplated about selling our tickets to leave for Richland on Wednesday after Kevin got off work, but I am glad that we decided to go to the game.  I think the fireworks soccer game will become a tradition.

On Thursday morning, we left for Richland, which deserves its own post.

Summer is flying by, but we are having a blast!