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Fifth Grade

Your #1 Fan post on August 26th, 2013
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I have so much of summer left to blog about for Novalie’s personal record, but today was the first day of 5th grade.

and I feel like being in the present today.

5th grade.

I feel speechless.

I feel like I could say a million things.

I love this girl.

I am proud of this girl.


My big 5th grader!

p.s. don’t let that smile fool you, she was a grumpy grouch about starting school!

Novalie didn’t fall asleep last night until 11:30 and she only fell asleep then because I climbed in bed with her to calm her down and make her feel safe to go to sleep.

She woke up at 7:30.   She was super nervous.

She ate nothing for breakfast except a kids pepto to help calm her nervous stomach down.

She got dressed in her snazzy new outfit she picked out for the first day of school.

We walked to school.

When we got to the blacktop where the classes line up, she said, “okay, Mom, I am good from here.”

Hahaha…nice try, do you know who your mother is child of mine?

We walked to her line and there was lots of squealing and hugging friends she hadn’t seen all summer.

I stood back and each time she greeted a new friend, she gravitated back to me for one more hug.

Ha!  And she wanted to ditch me earlier.

A few more hugs, a few more reassuring words of wisdom and the bell rang.

I was good.  Really, I was.

She came back for one more hug and told me she was going to miss me.

The tears stung my eyes.

Drat.  At least I remembered my sunglasses this year.

And then she was gone for the first day of 5th grade.

My brave, outgoing, loving baby girl.

Once again, thrown into the pack of wolves to prove she will come out on the winning side.

Once again, on her own to tread through life.

Once again, the pit in my stomach saying, “have you done enough to prepare her for this day?”

I know I have.  She is a rockstar.  At so many things.

On the way to school, I asked her what the most important part of the day was going to be.

“To make sure everyone feels welcome and look for those who need a friend,”  she replied.

Oh my goodness.  That girl.

She is ready.

She amazes me.

I want to be just like her.