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Spooky Hill 2013

Your #1 Fan post on October 30th, 2013
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Last Saturday was a beautiful fall day.  For the third year, Novalie and I went to Spooky Hill.  Miniature golfing, haunted tractor ride (but, when you go during the day it isn’t too haunted), trampolines, ball pits, mazes and it is all unlimited.  We took the tractor ride twice and played two rounds of miniature golf.  It was the perfect mommy/daughter date.





I spy Rainbow Dash.


I spy Rainbow Dash.


I spy Rainbow Dash.


I spy Rainbow Dash.



Fall Beauty.

Her Goodness

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She can be moody and crabby as the crabbiest crab in the sea.  She can talk back and sass talk.  She can whine and complain.  She can have a meltdown worthy of an Oscar.


Her goodness.

Is good.

A deep good that comes from the deep part of her heart.

“Mom, I noticed there were a lot of leaves at the church.  Can I go rake them?  I want to feel warm in my heart.”

She recruited her bff and they raked for 2 hours.

When I went to pick her up, she got big tears in her eyes.

“What is wrong?”

“I haven’t done enough.  There are still so many leaves.”

Break my heart.



The next day, she went right back after her homework was done.  Her and her bff worked for an hour and a half this time.  They got the front lawn areas cleared.



We were going to get garbage bags, but by the time we got back, the leaves were gone.  Someone else stepped in and bagged the raked leaves.


 She was so happy.

Her heart was definitely warm.

Her goodness takes my breath away.

Fall Break

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Novalie had a four day weekend in October.

She played with three different friends on three different days.


Novalie and BFF at the Fun Park.

We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.


In a fancy theater with reclining seats.  It felt strange, but I can get used to it.

We took our traditional trip to our favorite fall festival.  Complete with giant slides, animals, corn maze, bouncy house, deep fried twinkies, kettle corn, tractor rides and a pumpkin patch.







Eddy and Charlotte, the pumpkins.  They found the pumpkins for them.  Novalie is always worried about finding the right pumpkin.  We tell her she will always know which pumpkin is hers and it has always worked.


Proof I was there.




Novalie was guarding the pigs.  They are supposed to have pig races with the piglets, but it never happened.  Any time a child would come to look at the piglets, Novalie was there to make sure they were nice to “her” piglets.



~Happy Fall~

This Moment in Time

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I want to remember how she tells her guinea pig every morning before school that she loves her and will see her soon.

I want to remember that she has great comedic timing.  When at the right moment, she turns to me and says, “yeah, that just happened.”

I want to remember how she wrote me a joke in church.  It said, What did the beet say to the other beet when he asked where his pillow was?  I want to remember how she wrote the answer upside down at the end of the paper.  Beets me.  I asked her if she heard that before because I know that joke has been around forever.  She said that she just thought it up.  Clever.  Creative.

I want to remember how she started going into her room and closing the door when she gets dressed or changes.

I want to remember that when she saw a little girl hurt, she hurried over to her to make sure she was okay.  She was a stranger, but she couldn’t stand seeing her hurt.

I want to remember that she stood in the store deciding between buying what she wanted at that moment or saving her money for our upcoming Oregon trip.  She saved her money and I could tell how hard of a decision that was for her, but the right one.  She is learning.

I want to remember that I heard her in her room talking to her stuffed animals and telling them memories that the two of them had together and ending with, “you and I, we have had a good run.”

I want to remember that she told me she was happy being an only child.  I know that will change again and the ache I feel in my heart, she will feel too.  But, at this moment in time, she is happy just to be us.

I want to remember that she pushes the boundaries.  When she pushes too hard, she gets grounded from friends.  Nothing shapes her up like that.

I want to remember that she asked me to straighten her hair and then curl her hair for her school pictures.  I didn’t even know she knew such a process existed.

I want to remember that she wrote her dad the sweetest letter ever.  Just because.

I want to remember coming down the stairs and seeing her two current chapter books she is writing on display in the curio with the other treasures my dad had collected from all over the world.

I want to remember that she asks for extra hugs and kisses every night.

I want to remember how she smells like grape when she comes to snuggle in the mornings.

I want to remember how she turns back for a final wave each morning after she turns to go to her line at school.

I want to remember how she hides under her covers for her 10 minutes of phone time/ds time each night.

I want to remember the look of joy and pride on her face when I told her she could have 15 minutes of phone time because I was so proud of her for her behavior lately.

I want to remember walking to school and how she oohed and awed at the beautiful red leaves.

I want to remember her teacher telling her to grab her math book to show me her lastest math score while I was there volunteering.  How she beamed with pride in herself that we were praising her together in her classroom.

I want to remember that she was so grumpy that she said something mean to me and then I found her crying in her room because she felt so bad.

I want to remember looking into her beautiful blue eyes and just soaking her in.

Her beauty.

Her goodness.

Just her in this moment of time.

First 1/2 of October

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Among the stress, worry and headaches, we have had some fun during the first half of October.

  As Novalie and I were driving home from dropping Kevin off at the station one early morning, we found an awesome house with zombies covering their front lawn.  It was an awesome Halloween display which caused four nights in a row that Novalie was too scared to sleep. (oops)  We had to show Kevin it because it was awesome.  It was raining when we drove by with Kevin and the zombies heads were covered in black garbage sacks.  Freaky.  Seriously freaky.  Awesome freaky.

We went to the circus.


circus1We all decided it wasn’t the greatest show on earth, but pretty darn good.

Lots of forts have been built.  A Halloween fort in the living room.  Outside forts.  Forts in Novalie’s bedroom.

fortsOur neighbor has a pear tree and put out a big sign for free pears.  Novalie and her BFF picked a bunch of pears.  They were very yummy.

pear treePicking fruit off tress just screams fall!

Lots of math homework has happened.  Novalie actually has had a great attitude towards homework this year.  I hope I didn’t just jinx it.


School projects have been brought home, displayed for a few days, picture snapped to remember it and in the trash they go.  Volcano

This is her volcano.  I remember when we moved when Novalie was 3 and how bad it hurt my heart to take down her arts and crafts wall in our hallway.  I took a few pictures of it all and then sadly took each piece down with the memory attached to it.  It has gotten easier over the years, maybe because there are so many arts and crafts that go through our house just by her.  We take pictures of everything which helps.

walkinghomeI watched two of my sister’s kids (which was so fun) and Novalie was over the moon when we met her at school.  She loved walking home from school with them.  It hurt my heart that Novalie doesn’t have little siblings.  We won’t go there though because it is ugly in that space.  So thankful for cousins!

sleepoverNovalie begs me every weekend to have a sleepover with her in the living room.  Every few weeks I oblige and we pop popcorn and watch a movie.  It is one of our things and I hope she will always remember the memories of our sleep overs.

cupcakesWe have baked a lot.  Cupcakes, cakes, brownies, zucchini bread.

PlaydohI had the play-doh out for my niece and nephew, which stayed out for a couple of days.  Novalie and I sat down one afternoon and spent two hours creating with play-doh.  There is something healing and soothing in playing with play-doh.

cartMy shopping buddy.  And just because it is a sweet picture.  When you are cold and tired, you get a ride in the cart.  Even when you weigh 80 pounds and it is a work out pushing that thing around.

We have a lot of traditions and Halloween/fall stuff to do during the second half of October.  Can’t wait.