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A Thanksgiving Poem

Your #1 Fan post on November 23rd, 2013
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Along with the treasure of Novalie’s Jesus’ birth poem, she gave me this Thanksgiving poem.  She writes many, many things….short stories, chapter books and poems.  These are just too sweet not to share.  I just love them and her for writing them!

We give thanks to Heavenly Father and Jesus.

We give thanks for a home.

For a mom and a dad,

Pets, beds and snow,

Rain, Christmas day and love!

Heat and warmth too.

Socks and food,

Water and life,

Grass, flowers, animals and trees!

What would you give thanks for?

CTR, church, or the temple?

Or the Holy Ghost, Jesus or land?

I am thankful for all those things too.

I am thankful for many, many things.

Red, blue, pink and white.

Polar bears, dolphins, honey dew and more.

I know that He loves me.

I hope He knows that I do too!


Jesus was Born!

Your #1 Fan post on November 23rd, 2013
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Novalie presented me with this treasure last night.  She wrote down her version of the story of Jesus’ birth.  I am in love with it.

Once upon a time, a lady and a man set out for a hotel.

Every hotel they asked, a man would say no.

They set out to Jerusalem to meet some land.

Donkey mild.

They made a cradle.

Hay so soft.

A lot of sheep and pigs.

The baby was born.

The mother so sweet.

The father so meek.

All the animals were around.

Some wise men brought a present of gold.

The little Jesus small.

In a bed of hay and wood.

In a tiny roofed barn.

They should have listened to the man on that wall.

For Jesus was born.

The star so bright.

The night glowed.

All of them loved Jesus so.

Jesus loved them.

He helped and loved others.

He shared and cared.

Jesus never let us down.


The First Snowfall

Your #1 Fan post on November 23rd, 2013
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We had our first snowfall of the season.  I wasn’t ready for it.  It didn’t have the same magical feel that it has it the past. (due to my poor attitude, I could have had a good attitude about it and it would have been beautiful)  I will admit, I was not excited to go out in it.  Especially not to play in it.

But, it only took about two minutes to catch Novalie’s pure joy and excitement of playing in the snow.  I forgot about being cold and just let myself enjoy the moment with my Novalie who is growing up way too fast.  We built a snowlady.  Then we got to work clearing off the driveway, sidewalks and car.  Novalie cleared off the whole car, top to bottom, and she was quite proud of herself.



Later on in the day, we went out in search of a sledding hill.  The first one I knew of had too many weeds sticking up because there wasn’t enough snow.  The second one was super slick and muddy, but Novalie and her BFF had a blast!



It feels good to have the first snowfall out of the way.  It turned out to be a good day even with my bad attitude in the beginning.  😉

~Happy First Snowfall~

Halloween 2013

Your #1 Fan post on November 6th, 2013
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Novalie wanted to be a dolphin trainer in the months leading up to Halloween.  I got her a super cheap wetsuit (I couldn’t believe how expensive those things are!) on ebay that she hated the moment she put it on.  It was tight (which they are supposed to be) and the neck was too high, so she thought she was choking (which she wasn’t, something was just touching her neck).  She couldn’t get that thing off fast enough.  Novalie and any clothing item that isn’t comfortable is not a good combination.  (I hope she grows out of that by college since she wants to be a marine biologist).

She was wearing her fuzzy cream slippers that her Aunt Janell gave her last Christmas, when she exclaimed, “I want to be a polar bear for Halloween!”  She had everything except pants, but I am a wizard at sewing pants.  Perfect.  It was a week before Halloween and she was under no circumstances to change her mind.  You know how kids do that, right?   After I sewed her polar bear pants in a nightmare of a fabric, I was covered in white fuzz, I couldn’t stop it from getting in my mouth, anyway, after that there was no way she was going to be anything other than a polar bear.  She was wearing those pants!!

Kids aren’t allowed to wear their costumes to school here, which is a shame.  One of my favorite parts of Halloween as a kid and in Pullman was seeing all the kids in the school parade.  Anywho, I went to lunch with Novalie and her friends at school which is always interesting to hear the chatter and smell the smells.

Halloween 2013 (13)

She sure loves anytime I am at the school with her.


Cutest polar bear you ever did see.


Halloween 2013 (14)

Kevin was Alan Wake.  (I have no idea who that is, btw).

Halloween 2013 (16)

She is a pro trick-or-treater.

Halloween 2013 (17)

The streets were bare of kids.  We maybe ran into 20 kids total the whole 2 hours we were out.  Spooky.


Our traditional picture of her ridiculous amount of candy.

~Happy Halloween~

Halloween Eve 2013

Your #1 Fan post on November 2nd, 2013
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Novalie went to our ward’s trunk~or~treat and invited her BFF along.  (this didn’t happen Halloween Eve, but I wanted to get it in)

She also went with her other BFF to her trunk~or~treat.  By the time Halloween got here, she already had a lot of candy.

Halloween 2013 (10)

When Novalie got home from school on Halloween Eve, I had pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies ready to be frosted and decorated.  She hurried and did her homework and then we got busy having fun decorating.

Halloween 2013 (11)

Decorating cookies is a good time for a good conversation and some laughter, both of which we did.


This is Novalie’s favorite cookie, a ghost in chains.  She had fun delivering some cookies to her favorite neighbor.

After dinner, we carved our pumpkins.





This is the 5th year that Novalie has had a cat pumpkin.  The past 4 years, it has been a cat face.  This year she wanted to try one of the cats out of those pumpkin pattern books you can buy.  It turned out cute.


Kevin always manages to pick out pumpkins that are so thick.  It is a workout trying to carve.

Pumpkin Carving (4)

Kevin’s sad pumpkin.

Pumpkin Carving (11)

I set out to carve a hippo, but I kept making everything bigger and longer and it just didn’t work.  It looks more like a bear.


~Happy Pumpkin Carving~