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One Busy January

Your #1 Fan post on January 16th, 2014
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I find January to be long, cold, dark and dreary.  You are coming off your Christmas high and New Year’s optimism and for me personally, I just want the cold and snow to go away.  I feel this way every January as I settle in for a long and cold winter.  It just lasts for what feels like forever.   This January, however, is going by quickly thus far.

We started off the year with a new insurance deductible, so I thought we might as well start getting that ridiculous amount down a bit.  I noticed Novalie holding her back a lot during tennis lessons and during breaks in hip hop.  She was complaining of lower back pain at night so I would rub some Aspercreme into it.  I made her a chiropractor appointment not knowing quite what to expect as I have never been to a chiropractor.  I am so glad that I did.  The first test he did showed me that her left leg was shorter than her right leg.  X-rays revealed a titled pelvis that was pulling her spine in a curved line with it.  I found it all to be fascinating.  The adjustments were intense at first.  Three times a week, now three weeks later, we are at one adjustment a week.  Novalie hasn’t complained of back pain since the first treatment.  Success!


After her adjustments, she gets 10 minutes on this hydro-therapy bed.  Heated waves, so jealous.

Novalie also went to the dentist.  No cavities.  Lucky girl.  We are really close to braces though.

Novalie has long been plagued with stomach issues.  She has been tested for everything under the sun and treated for several things that have not worked.  I decided it was time to drain the bank account with another visit to the pediatric gastroenterologist (those specialists are e~x~p~e~n~s~i~v~e!).  She is now being treated for a spastic intestine.  If that doesn’t work, she gets to have a gastroscopy.  Not fun, but I am determined to get her tummy figured out.

After having a dentist appointment, 3 visits to the chiropractor and a visit to the tummy specialist all in the same week, she deserved to play hooky from school one day.  Really, her tummy appointment was 45 minutes away in the morning, so she would have missed half a day anyhow, so why not just make a day of it?!  And we did!

Novalie collects Build-A-Bears and they are always coming out with such cute new ones.  She has to buy them herself now with money that she earns, but after the week she had, I decided I would contribute half to a new one.  I mean, they just put out their new Valentine’s Day ones and they are cute!


Making her wish.  I am sure it went something like…..stop with all the doctor appointments!


She choose the lion.  Which she made into a girl.  Female lions with a mane, it is a new breed.  This fluffy cutie is Theresa Onion.


We were out and about during a snow storm and the flakes were coming down fast.  I am glad she still stops to catch a few.


After lunch at In-n-Out, we went home and played in all the new snow.  While I was shoveling, Novalie made a sunkist snowcone.  I let go of all my reservations about eating snow (because she really, really, really wanted me to try it) and it was tasty.  I did put my foot down when she wanted to sell them on the corner.  I will not be responsible for someone getting a disease from eating snowcones made from the snow, sorry cute little entrepreneur.




We made a snow castle with a minion ruling it in front.  Why he had to be holding a banana, I am not sure of.  But, Novalie insisted on it.

We played in the snow for a good 2 hours and we were soaked to the bones.  Minus the doctor’s appointment, it was a perfect day playing hooky.

In other happenings thus far in January, Novalie started piano lessons.  I have always wanted her to learn the piano, but I know her personality well and I knew if it was coming from me it would be a nightmare.  I have patiently waited for her to say she wanted to learn how to play and she finally did.  We found the perfect piano teacher for her whom she adores.


I don’t even have to tell her to practice.  I love hearing her pounding out little songs.


Novalie is not a real girly girl, but she is going through a painting nails phase.  She likes to come up with little designs. These are her nails with flowers on them.  I am currently sporting a cupcake on my fingernail and a sun on another.


It has been a rough week for Novalie’s social scene.  Friends one day, enemies the next which all confuses Novalie greatly and breaks her little heart.  Novalie’s last 2 teachers both told me that one good thing about Novalie is that she is a loyal friend.  While other girls flip flop back and forth, Novalie is consistent and loyal.  I knew this about her, but it is always nice to have an outsider observe the same thing.  Because she is like this, she doesn’t understand the behavior of her friends that are flip floppers.  She is so brave though and doesn’t shy away from confronting the problem and having face to face conversations about it with her friends.  I listen to her everyday and help her work things out in her mind and let her come up with solutions.  Sometimes, though, the only thing that can help is to get giant blizzards.  Ice cream always makes everything better.

Now, we are looking forward to a 4 day weekend and catching up on missed sleep because of the above friend situation.

~~Happy 1st half of January!~

Mom Moment

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Tonight as I was going through the bedtime routine with Novalie, she clearly was still upset about friend happenings of the day that we had previously talked about.  I knew she needed to talk it out again and practice what she was going to say tomorrow.

We spent 40 minutes going over sample conversations and I just let Novalie talk until she felt confident.  Inside I was worried about the time and her not getting enough sleep, but I let it go because I knew talking was more important than sleep at that moment.

When she was done and said that she was ready and felt brave to have a certain conversation tomorrow, we said our prayers and then the moment happened.

“Mom, thank you for listening to me and helping me to know what to say.  I knew I could come to you because you would understand and help me.  I love you.”

This moment in time I got right.  I got it so right.

Novalie’s New Year Goals

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I usually share my New Year’s resolutions on the blog, but I thought it would be fun (since this blog is all about Novalie) to share hers.  (with her permission).

~Improve my handwriting.

~Improve in math.

~Keep improving in tennis.

~Keep working on my back-bend in hip hop to do it faster and stronger.

~Learn to play the piano.

~Help my classmates when I can.

~Listen more and do as I am asked more.  (so kind of her)

~Clean the guinea pigs cage.

~Make new friends.

~Smile more at friends at school.

~Help my friends when they need it.  (she is already a rockstar at this)


~Help endangered animals.

She is the sweetest.

Winter Recess

Your #1 Fan post on January 8th, 2014
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After Christmas was over, we spent the rest of Novalie’s winter recess (as they call it) from school relaxing, playing Clue and Name 5(A LOT), Novalie played with friends, swimming, reading books, sleeping in, going to the movies, having living room sleepovers, spending a day with cousins, traditional trip to Chuck E. Cheese and eating much too much.


We have a tradition to go to Chuck E. Cheese on December 26th.  It started back when we would go to Richland for Christmas each year and they had a Chuck E. Cheese, so it was a special treat once a year to go there.  Our current town has one, so the tradition lives on.  7th year going.


Novalie is not allowed to have sleepovers with friends, so one of her favorite things is to have a sleepover in the living room with me.  We have been doing them for years.


Pretending to be polar bears.  Seemed like a good idea.


Until it wasn’t a good idea anymore.  Novalie’s nose met her BFF’s forehead.

IMG_20131227_124637 IMG_20140101_163211 IMG_20131227_170618

Playing Clue and Name 5, our current 2 favorite games.


Swimming to burn off some of their energy.


While they swam, I replenished my energy by reading this whole book.  It was very interesting.


Starting off the New Year right.  Walter Mitty, we are your fans.

It came and went much too fast, but it was a fun winter recess.