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St. Patrick’s Day 2014

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While Novalie was off enjoying school decked out in green, a little leprechaun came to play.  She had a tea party with some of Novalie’s build-a-bears, knocked her posters off the walls and toilet papered her room.


She hid the traditional gold chocolate coins throughout the house and set up the traditional treasure hunt.




This leprechaun treated herself to a Shamrock shake.

Novalie got home from school and collected her coins (there is still one she hasn’t found 10 days later…hee).  I handed her the first clue and off she went running all over the house and outside.



Her treasure.  The candy shop from the new miWorld toys.  They are the cutest!!


It is a tradition to have green mashed potatoes with dinner.  This year, I made Novalie’s favorite cheesy potatoes and tried to make them green.  Yellow potatoes don’t take to the green food color as well as white potatoes.  I kept trying to add different colors to make it a pretty green.

StPaddy8Yeah….it didn’t work.  If you closed your eyes, it tasted the same, but they were so unappetizing to look at.  Next year, I will be going back to regular mashed potatoes.


Novalie and I picked up this key lime pie on the way to get Kevin from the train station.  It was a hit after the failed green cheesy potatoes.

~Happy St. Patrick’s Day~

Relaxing Weekend

I got a message from Kevin on Friday saying, “Let’s go to a hot springs this weekend.”  And so it came to past.

I started calling around to the few housing accommodations to book a room for Saturday night and I got laughed at by a few people.  Geesh, haven’t you ever heard of a last minute get-away.  Anywho, I was able to get the last room at a small motel right across the street from Lava Hot Springs.  I went there as a child with my grandparents.  I remember going once by myself with my grandparents.  My grandpa and I would soak while my grandma stayed in the trailer.  I didn’t remember much about it, but a few things were very familiar.

First though, Novalie and I had tickets for Disney on Ice on Friday afternoon.  We went to the Rockin’ Ever After show and it was awesome!  So, so much better and more fun than the Disney on Ice show we went to 2 years ago.

DisneyEnjoying her snowcone that cost me an arm and a leg.  😉



The show got out a little after Kevin got off work, so he came to find us.  Which I was glad for because I don’t drive in after event crowds or get out of crowded after event parking lots.  I turn into a damsel in distress and he is my rescuer.


We were going to eat at In-n-Out, but Friday night there was a nightmare (busy nightmare), so Novalie’s second choice was IHOP.  Where she enjoyed cup after cup of hot chocolate.

We got home late, slept in the next morning, loaded our car and headed to our adventure at the hot springs.

headstandNot before Novalie got out some energy and showed us her new trick.  She has been working on holding this head stand and she got it down.

sunshineFeeling the glorious sunshine on our faces.  A little piece of heaven on earth.



24 hour trip requires 50+ stuffed animals.  Check.

(“Don’t worry mom, I have more in my suitcase!”) (good, cause I WAS worried)

frozenA little road trip entertainment.  If you have kids and go on road trips, you need window markers.  Fun and creative entertainment for hours.

motelOur motel.  It was barely standing and Novalie wouldn’t go anywhere near the shower.  We had a group of drunks above us and duct tape covering up holes between our wall and our neighbors wall.  They had a fireplace and in Novalie’s eyes that made it fancy.  It was an experience.

lavasWe went to the hot springs first thing.  There are four different pools getting hotter as you go to each one.  We started going down the steps to the 3rd hottest and quickly got out.  Ouch.  We went to the first pool which we quickly got used to and then skipped the 2nd (it was really small and super crowded) and got back in the 3rd again, this time being able to stand it.  Kevin and I enjoyed distinguishing the different types of people there.  Funny story, when we went back at night, Kevin thought we were following him to go to a different area of the 3rd pool by the steps.  He found himself in the middle of a singles group with them all staring at him.  We didn’t follow him.  Lack of communication.  Led him to a funny spot with lots of blank stares.  Which leads me to this picture:

lavaOh my goodness, we laughed hard at this picture.  It needs a caption that says, “Watch out for the creepy middle aged guy roaming around.”  His face and body language say exactly that.  (he is proud of this picture and thinks it should be shared with all)


lava3In between soaks at the hot pools and dinner, we went to the indoor pool where Novalie climbed and dived over and over.  Kevin and I watched her pool side as we read books and people watched.  Adding to our relaxation.

lava6For dinner we went to a haunted pizza parlor.  We thought this quarter machine was the creepiest thing, but it fit the motel/pizzeria to a tee.  However haunted it was, the pizza was delicious.

lava5Our motel in the background.  (Happy that we survived the night)

The next morning (was daylight savings, so we lost an hour), we had just enough time to pack up and check out of the motel and walk up and down their cute little main street.  We ate breakfast at a horribly slow, over priced, not so good café.


I have a picture exactly like this one when Novalie was three at a different river.  I love it.

lava7We had a good laugh at the Color TV sign.  That tells you how old the motels are there.  Novalie said, “this motel is from the 80’s if they have color TV.”  The 80’s to her are ancient.  I also appreciated the private bath advertisement because many places I called said, “we have one room available that has a shared bathroom across the hall.”  Umm, no thanks.


Novalie loves adventures and this definitely was one.  It was out of Kevin and my comfort zone for sure, but we are glad we went.  I do have to admit that when we saw the duct taped holes in the wall we talked about making a break for Pocatello with their plush hotels.  We decided we weren’t that much of wimps and so we stayed and lived the experience.  I can honestly say we would go back and do it all again.

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine'sValentine’s Day 2014

It was interesting to watch Novalie fill out her Valentine’s for her class this year.  In previous years, she has just pulled out a Valentine and filled it out for whomever was next on the list.  This year, she carefully selected each Valentine for a specific person making sure to not give any of the boys any lovey ones.  They got the, You’re cool Valentine, ones.  Totally made me smile.  And realize she just keeps growing up, darn it.


Vday1Traditional decorated lunch box!

Novalie reminded me at least 10 times to not forget to make the traditional giant heart shaped Rice Krispie treat.  Girl loves her traditions.

Valentine's1Traditional Rice Krispie heart, stuffed animal and surprise in her Valentine’s mailbox.

Another tradition is her Valentine’s Day mailbox which often gets little surprises left in it along with a Valentine a week before Valentine’s Day.  This year, she got little miniature objects to add to her collection of mini toys.  For example, one day I left her a mini red wagon and another mini sand pails.  So cute.

Valentine's2She got this cute polar bear charm for Christmas and I had been wanting to make a bead necklace to go along with it.  She tends to wear those everyday instead of chain necklaces for whatever reason.  I did this one in her two favorite colors.  It is actually really sparkly and pretty which is not captured in the picture.  She loved it.

Valentine's3She came home from school on a sugar high to ingest more sugar.  We dumped out her Valentine’s and read them all.  And ate more sugar.  And more sugar.  She definitely has more sugar on Valentine’s then any other day of the year including Halloween.

I had this bad boy for breakfast:

Vday2and so deeply enjoyed it.  Seriously.  Love an excuse to eat a giant sugary cookie for breakfast.  It is the best.

~Happy Valentine’s Day~