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I Wish

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I Wish

by Novalie Jolley

written on this Easter Sunday.

I wish I could see Heavenly Father create the earth.

I wonder what it was like?

Not like life today.

I wish I could see what the bright star told, I wish I could see!

I wonder what it was like?

Not like life today.

I wish I could see when Jesus talked to Joesph Smith, when He said His words.

I wonder what it was like?

Not like life today.

I wish I could see when Heavenly Father and Jesus helped others in need,

answered prayers too.

I wonder what it was like?

Not like life today at all!

But, I know that He is living,

And He knows the right.

And now he gave me a family so dear!

Life in Pictures

 There are too many little things that make it onto Instagram that I would normally blog about.  So here is a post of pictures of happenings around here the last couple of months.

wouldyouratherWe got the game, Would You Rather?, and it is a lot of fun.  Some of the questions really make you think, some are silly and outrageous and some are just funny.  We play it a lot.

trophyWhatever it takes to make you feel like a winner.  Novalie’s friend got this for free at a yard sale to give to Novalie.  It was super funny.

trainingtableNight out to The Training Table.  They were proud of their jackets.

tennisNice days to start the outdoor tennis season.

surfnswimSeveral trips to swim to beat the cabin fever.

sunshinePulling out the summer toys on sunny, warmish days.

president5th grade field trip.  They have studied the American presidents and the states this year.  They went to the Treehouse Museum were they have a whole floor dedicated to American history.  Novalie is sitting behind a replica of the desk in the oval office.

plaayThey also put on a play during their fieldtrip.  Novalie was chosen to be in it.  She was Slue-foot Sue.

obamaCover for her president’s report.  The whole class groaned, including Novalie, when she pulled President Obama for her president.  She got a 200/200 on her report and learned a lot about the current president which was a good experience.

lemonadeLemonade stand.  This is their most favorite thing to do and would do one every single day if I let them.  They are not shy at all and flag down cars.  They are going places, these two.

lambCute spring baby lambs!  This baby was lying on its mama’s back.  It was super cute.  You are never too old to stop and admire baby animals.

IMG_20140220_122346_982Good Luck Charlie ended.  We were sad.  We had a little party.  We miss the Duncan’s.

drivewaytennisWhen tennis balls are worn out, we send them to their death.  Past our house is a big steep hill and somewhere down there a dog has a collection of our tennis balls.  Or a sewer drain has a collection.  Where ever they end up, we hit them as hard as we can from our driveway down that hill.  Even in our Sunday best.

cookieNovalie and I went to a cookie convention.  We thought it was going to be a big, huge thing, but really it was a small room with probably around 200 cookies decorated.  They had some beautiful cookies that were much too pretty to eat.  And they had a bunch of fun ones like this dragon.

bookreportLate night book report.  I have to say this was Novalie’s first night before forgotten school project.  Having one child, I usually stay pretty well on top of things, but this thing just snuck up on us.  She got it done and got a 100%.

beachThese two really wanted it to be warm enough to swim outside, but it just wasn’t.  They set up a beach inside.  Problem solved.

LegoWe have seen the Lego movie twice.  It is a cute and funny movie.  Novalie has always wanted Legos, but besides some as gifts, I have never wanted her to have them because I wanted them to be something special she looked forward to doing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Kevin and Novalie both wanted her to have some being inspired by the movie and have you seen the girl Lego collection now?  Super cute.  We got her her first kit and they had so much fun putting it together.

Spring Break 2014

Back in February, Novalie’s teacher sent home her newsletter saying that they were going to spend the next 6 weeks learning the states and their capitals.  Her teacher separated the states into 5 sections, doing one section a week with a final test at the end of all the states and capitals.  I knew that it was going to take a lot of studying and hard work to learn all these.  I asked Novalie if she wanted to make a deal with me because homework sometimes with Novalie is a fight and she gets frustrated easily.  I wanted to think of a way for it to be a good experience.  I asked her if she worked hard and studied hard with NO complaining for the whole six weeks with a GOOD attitude, what did she think a good reward would be?  She thought about it for awhile and came up with staying at her favorite hotel and going to Build-A-Bear.  I agreed and the timetable worked out close enough to spring break for us to do it during then if she earned it.


Novalie worked so hard!  She not only had a good attitude with no complaining, but she made it fun.  She made up music beats to go through her flashcards and thought of funny clues to help remember which capital went with which state.  And as you can see in the picture, she got 100% on all her tests.  She worked really hard, I am so proud of her.  She was proud of herself too and felt so good about her 100%’s because she knew she worked hard to earn them.  She definitely earned her reward.

elevatorIn the outside elevator going up to the top floor.  She was so excited that we got to stay at the top.  We got to the hotel in the early evening, Novalie swam for awhile, hit up the vending machines and we went to bed at a decent hour.


The first day, we dropped Kevin off at work and went to Build-A-Bear.  She got the cutest bunny to add to her collection.

We picked Kevin up for lunch and dropped him back off, then Novalie swam for 2 and 1/2 hours.





That night, Novalie and Kevin swam a little bit then we got our traditional (tradition when we stay at this hotel) Olive Garden.

The next day, Novalie and I swam for a short time in the morning and checked out of the hotel.  We spent the day at the zoo, eating at our favorite place ever, Benihana’s, and walking around temple square.  Novalie is so much fun to be around, so full of life and energy, we had a great day.



Getting up close and personal with the grizzly bear.



Her polar bear friend, Rizzo, was out and putting on a show again on this visit.  We spent a good 45 minutes watching Rizzo.


She always picks the polar bear on the carousel ride.  She loves polar bears.



temple square

It was fun for Novalie to see how many sister missionaries there were on temple square.  We sat down to look at the Christus and a couple with really thick accents sat by us and Novalie got to hear the sister missionaries at work.  She thought that was pretty neat.

temple square1

Temple square was so beautiful despite it being a cold, rainy day.  The spring flowers were in bloom all around.

It was a great, relaxing (short) and well deserved spring break.