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Your #1 Fan post on July 20th, 2014
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This is the story of how Olive Flash Violet Jolley joined our family.

I had been looking for a dog for Novalie for quite some time.  The problem is Novalie is highly allergic to most breeds.  The breeds that people told me would work with her allergy were more then I was willing to spend on a dog.  I checked the shelters often and the local ads often too.  Two weeks before her birthday, I sent Kevin a link to two separate set of puppies for sale just to give him an idea of what kinds of dogs Novalie could have.  A little black puppy with a white nose caught his attention.  He named her white nose.  I first said, “NO WAY!  I am not getting a puppy with all the stress I am under and extra kids I am caring for!”  He kept going back to white nose and said he was going to call the lady to see if she was still available.  She was.  Novalie’s birthday was in two weeks and she has asked for a puppy for the last few Christmas’ and birthday’s.  I thought, what an awesome surprise.  I also thought, my life is so chaotic right now, why not?

We went to visit white nose with the very strict understanding that we were just seeing if Novalie had a reaction to her.  We told Novalie we would probably have to go through many puppies before we found one that she wasn’t allergic to.  We visited with white nose and I knew that was our puppy.  Just like Kevin knew it was our puppy when he kept going back to her picture in the ad.  Novalie did not have any reaction to her at all.  She was so calm and cuddly and sweet and it was a match made in heaven.  White nose is a border collie/cockapoo mix.  When we told Novalie that white nose was going to be our puppy, Novalie was happier then I have ever seen her.  She was jumping up and down.  She texted all her friends.  She tried to call her cousin Kelli whom she has a bond with over dogs.  She ran in the house and screamed, “I got a puppy!”  She couldn’t sleep.  It was perfect.

Novalie thought of the name Olive.  She thought she looked like an olive with her black hair and white nose.  We loved it and she was instantly Olive.  And in true Novalie fashion, she gave her a long pet name like she has done with all her pets.  Olive Flash Violet Jolley.

We had to wait two weeks to bring Olive home because she wasn’t old enough to leave her mommy yet.  I was glad about this.  I have never had a puppy and I had to feel prepared.

Olives room

Novalie and I cleaned out our storage room so she would have a room.  We got Olive’s supplies.


Her cute, very girlie collar and name tag.

I read everything I could about bringing home a new puppy.

The breeder said we could bring Olive home on Novalie’s birthday.  Another confirmation to me that this was the puppy for us.


Getting home with Olive.


Letting her out in her room for the first time.


As you can see, Novalie was over the moon excited to finally have her puppy home.


Olive was so sweet and just cuddled up to the stuffed animal Novalie got for her.  She belonged.


We gave her a bath right away.  When we were visiting Olive, her momma rubbed up against Novalie’s leg and she instantly broke out in hives.  So, we wanted to make sure she didn’t have any of her momma’s hair on her.  Olive likes her baths.


So happy.


I LOVE this picture!  Novalie and her puppy relaxing in the backyard.



How cute are they?!


We took her to the vet right away for her first check up.  She is healthy and such a cutie.

She is a lot of work.

I was so tired that first week we had Olive.  So tired.  So. tired.  I have never felt so tired in my life.  It was crazy.  It was hard.  It was tiring.

But, we sure love Olive.

Novalie said it was the best birthday ever!

Welcome to our family Olive!