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This Moment in Time

Your #1 Fan post on November 24th, 2014
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This Moment in Time……

~I want to remember how you had your last Primary Program and you sang a beautiful solo.  So, so, so many people told me how beautiful it was.  You are so brave.  It made me cry because it was beautiful and I was so proud of you.

~I want to remember how sweet you are to me and how responsible you have been since I began working.  You clean the house, have pedicures waiting for me and take care of your puppy.  It breaks my heart when you are off school and I have to go to work.  You, however, are taking it like a champ.

~I want to remember how you flooded the toilet and we (finally, finally) ripped out the carpet.  Carpet doesn’t belong in a bathroom, so thank you.

~I want to remember how excited you are to go to your acting class.  You love it.  You love when the other students laugh at your performance.  Again, you are so brave.

~I want to remember how you love to write stories.  This is nothing new, but I love to watch you evolve as a writer.  Your stories have dialogues now.  They are funny.  They are touching.  You always end with a good message.  You work on them every single day.

~I want to remember how you love to draw.  Again, nothing new, but you are getting really, really good.  It is a God given talent that you have and it amazes me.  You love drawing Elsa right now and her hair and braid are done is such good detail and form.

~I want to remember how hard you think 6th grade is.  It is the real deal.  You recently told me, “I feel so much pressure, I am so overwhelmed and stressed out.”  I have never heard you say that before.  We cut everything out after school except acting because it was just too much for you.  No volleyball and no more piano lessons for now.  I listened.

~I want to remember how you think Primary is sooooooo boring now.  I get it, I remember being 11 1/2 and being so bored in Primary and wanting to go to Young Women’s badly.  It will be here before you know it.

~I want to remember how you now wear my shoes.  Your wore my boots to church yesterday and when you couldn’t find your tennis shoes, I said, “here, just wear mine.”  Weird.

~I want to remember how you love Hallmark Christmas movies this year.  We have watched 5 so far and it is not even Thanksgiving!  (those 2 days you had that nasty stomach bug we watched some)

~I want to remember how much you and your BFF, Kayla, laugh together.  I don’t get it most of the time (which is normal), but you 2 are always laughing…..loudly.

~I want to remember how you love to play with your toys still and use that insane imagination you were blessed with.  It is why when you ask if you can go play in your room for a while, I always always say yes.  Even if your homework isn’t done yet, which I know will lead to tears later (and zero patience on my part), I know how important that time is to you and your soul.  You need it to recharge.

~I want to remember how we just went winter clothes shopping and you still will not wear jeans or any pants that confine you.  Nor will you wear henley’s because they are itchy.  If any clothing rubs your skin the wrong way, you will get angry and have it yanked off as quick as possible.

~I want to remember how I just had your first 6th grade parent/teacher conference and all 3 of your teachers said you were a delight and sweet.  Your grades were only so-so for the first time ever, but your teachers said that you try hard and stay focused.  I always ask if you think you did your best and if the answer is yes, then I am happy even if the grade is less than I expect.

~I want to remember how you are going through a Spongebob Squarepants phase again.  It has been a long while since we have recorded any Spongebob episodes, but lately that is the only cartoon you want to watch.

~I want to remember how good you are getting at rolling your eyes, stomping off and slamming doors.  You are getting the hang of this preteen girl attitude thing.  (bahahaha)

~I want to remember how you now sit in the front seat of the car.  Weird.

~I want to remember how you can’t go to sleep without the same 6 songs sung to you.  And a hug.  And another hug.  And how you hold my hand until you can’t reach anymore.  It warms my heart.

~I want to remember your prayer in Primary on Sunday and how you specifically named the leaders names and thanked them for what they did during sharing time.  Such a grown up prayer.

~I want to remember how my heart can burst with pride watching you in life right now.  That same heart can burst with frustrations when you are sassing me.  But, boy oh boy, am I proud of you.  You do hard things.  You are brave.  You are sweet.

~I want to remember how I still want to be just like you.

Halloween 2014

Your #1 Fan post on November 13th, 2014
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This is as pinterest-y as I get (as far as cute food goes).  Hot dog mummies for Halloween dinner.  They were actually tasty.


Novalie and Olive ready to go out trick-or-treating.  Olive lasted half a street.  She was C~R~A~Z~Y.  Home she went.


I put about a 10% effort into Novalie’s costume.  I went looking for sky blue sweats one morning to start putting her costume together.  I saw this Rainbow Dash sweatshirt at the second store I checked and I was sold.  When Novalie saw it, she was in love.  Squealing crazy in love.  Her cousin had given her some old clothes and in those were these sweatpants.  One quick stop at Michael’s for a feather boa for the tail and I was done.  I had plans.  Sew pants.  Blue face paint.  Wings.  Those were good plans.  That didn’t happen.  Such is life around these parts lately.  As evident from the 2 different socks Novalie has on.  But, you know what?  Novalie loved her costume.  All the frills were not even necessary.  That sweatshirt is all she cared about.  And she is the cutest pre-teen Rainbow Dash around.


She loves Rainbow Dash.  I love that she loves Rainbow Dash.  You stay young, Novalie.  You stay innocent, Novalie.  You stay awesome, Novalie.


Olive was less than thrilled to have wings on.  She tolerated it long enough to get her photo taken.  She is a good sport.  sometimes.


Kevin and I saw a big shift in Novalie this year.  In years past, she trick-or-treats her little heart out.  Scary houses?  No problem, mostly (sometimes we had to go to the door with her).  Freezing temps?  Who cares, she would trick-or-treat until we were literally icicles.  Sore feet?  Blisters?  Phish…I can go to just ONE more house.  This year?  She was done trick-or-treating in an hour.  Maybe it was 45 minutes.  She just said, “I’m done.”  I said…”WAIT, did you get enough candy for me to eat  for yourself?”  Kevin and I were talking about this change in Novalie.  It was probably her last year trick-or-treating.  At least with us.  It makes me sad.  But, like all other things changing around here, I get it.  I’m still allowed to feel sad.  We are entering a new season of life with Novalie.  Little changes, but not too big of ones yet.  She was Rainbow Dash which is so true to who she is, but the trick-or-treating thing surprised us, but like I said, I get it.


The legendary Halloween Bush of Wisdom gives The Answer but once a year, and only to whom it chooses. 2014 was the year it chose Novalie. Only she knows.  (Author:  Kevin Jolley.  Facebook post 10/31/14)


One of Novalie’s pumpkins and Kevin’s lit up on Halloween night.


The traditional picture with her loot.  Kevin counted her new blue toner as a Halloween goodie.  That girl goes through toner super fast.  She likes to write books with full color print outs.  Everyday.

We sure love Halloween.  We sure love our cute Rainbow Dash.

Halloween Traditions

Your #1 Fan post on November 10th, 2014
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It felt like a race to get our Halloween traditions done in time.  I was working more hours than I thought I would be (and subbing on my days off) and I didn’t expect my job to be so physically demanding.  I was exhausted.  Like ready for bed at 8 exhausted.  So I kind of ran out of Halloween steam before Halloween even got close.  Anywho….the Saturday before Halloween after I got off work, we headed to our traditional harvest festival.  Which this year just equaled really expensive pumpkins.  You see, the first year we lived here, Novalie went on the big man made slides out of hard, long white plastic with hay bales shaping it, a million times.  Over and over and over she went.  She loved it so much we went back at night after Kevin left for work.  The second year, she still loved it, but loved the big, tall tube slide more.  Last year, she went down a handful of times.  This year, once.  She went down the slide once and was done.  She was so over the courtyard full of fun activities.  It made me a little sad, but I get it.  She is growing up.  So, we waited in line f.o.r.e.v.e.r to go on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch.  By the time we got on, it was late dusk which made for a cool hayride, but not so cool trying to pick out a pumpkin with a cell phone light.  When we got back from the pumpkin patch it was dark and Novalie did NOT want to go into the corn maze in the dark.  I convinced her to go because…..hello…..expensive pumpkins and all, we were going to do one of the other activities so the cost didn’t sting as much.  We made it about 2 minutes into the corn maze when Novalie was literally jumping at every single sound and every single corn movement from the wind.  She was scared.  Terrified scared.  We ruined her when she was little with scary things because she loved it so much, but now she is scared of so many things.  So, I painfully stopped thinking about how much money we just spent to get pumpkins and remembered how important traditions are and I would spend that much all over again.  Traditions are so important to Novalie.  They shape and make your childhood.


Waiting in line for the hayride.


Novalie hanging on me while we were waiting in line.  She likes to do that.  Even though she is almost as tall as me.  I let her.  Because as much as she is pulling away from me, she needs me close.


Hayride in the dusk.


Traditional picture of Kevin and Novalie with their pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.  Novalie said, “I think it is sad that people just pick the first pumpkin they see.  You have to search until you find the right one for you.”  She always knows which one is meant just for her.


Stopping for a second to snap a picture in the corn maze.  She was not happy about having to stop for a picture, she wanted OUT of the corn maze.

The night before Halloween, we carved our pumpkins.  Another tradition that we definitely had to get in before Halloween.  Novalie carved her pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and another one that our neighbors gave to us.







I painted my pumpkin this year.  (Kevin took this picture which is why the Mt. Dew is part of the pic)


My pumpkin


Kevin’s pumpkin.  He threw up his guts.


One of Novalie’s pumpkins.


Both of her pumpkins.  The one on the right is a cupcake and a donut.



~Happy Halloween Traditions!~